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Sample menu by Alexia BRIZI


Each day:
French Breakfast – Bread, Butter, Marmelades, Pastries
Continental Breakfast – Omelette, Scrambled eggs, Bacon

Also, Monday:
Farandole of cut fruits
Apple pear ginger celery stalk smoothie with vegetable milk or cottage cheese

Assortments of ready-to-eat fruit, apricot, passion fruit, pineapple, mango, strawberry, raspberry and blueberries
Plate of slices of toast egg cold cuts red beans with tomato and pan-fried mushrooms

Citrus salad oranges, mandarins, (clementines) grapefruit flavored
with fresh mint from Alexia's vegetable garden
Toast of wholemeal bread with seeds spread with whipped fresh cheese,
slices of avocado, sprinkled with pepper 5 berries and a sprig of thyme

Pineapple, watermelon and melon carpaccio
Pancake with banana and chocolate chips

Gluten-free « brioche perdue » and jam
Chia, cocoa and fruit seed pudding

Provençal tomato sausages baked fried eggs gluten-free toasted corn bread

Fruit salad apple, pear, in its fresh orange juice with some notes of limes
Toast bowl (bread, egg, cream, slices of smoked pork belly)



Parmesan lollipops (with blue poppy seeds, herbs of Provence (Label R),
and Carolina Reaper ground pepper)

Bresaola Di Fassona Piemontese roll (Bresaola, arugula, Red Cow Parmesan)
seasoned with pesto (Basil, Olive Oil, Parmesan, Pine nuts)

Salted butter sofa and truffle chips

Artichoke cream with truffle

Asparagus mousse with truffle

Sweetness of guacamole on its endive leaf

Shrimp skewers marinated in combava flambéed with anise

Chickpeas verrine with cumin, garlic, and parsley

Homemade gluten-free sesame puff pastry

Piadine prosciutto, arugula, and mozzarella


Truffle-glazed split pea soup

Scallops snacked in their ocean emulsion

Fatima's fingers erected on a bed of arugula

Quail eggs on a bed of lemon zucchini salad and its roasted buckwheat seed nuggets

Warm lobster and green asparagus salad

Hot oysters with herb butter

Raviole coeur and her langoustine swimming in her fumet

Crostinis tomato avocado and Mediterranean anchovies

Cevice tuna, mango and coriander

Radish tartlet

Eggplant mozzarella tomato and thyme


Yellow pollack stewed and saffron rice

Saltimbocca and its fresh homemade pasta

Chicken supreme with Bordeaux porcini mushrooms on its bed of quinoa
with green beans roasted and hazelnuts

Seafood tagliatelle (mussels, cockles, squid breast, supions, prawns, langoustines and shrimps)

Lotte curry with its steamed jasmine rice

Pork pluma with leek fondue sprinkled, chia seed
and its mashed potato Lamb of 6 hours and cinnamon semolina

St Pierre (or other) and its barbecued vegetables

BBQ prime rib and Swedish potatoes

Candied pork ribs with spices and its barbecued vegetables


Lemon pie revisited in verrine, broken meringues and zezettes from Sète

Pineapple carpaccio sprinkled with cane sugar flavored with mint from Alexia's garden

Panacotta with Fabbri amarena

Banana flambéed with old rum

Sweet curry

Spicy chocolate fondant with Espelette pepper and its long pepper custard

Apple pie with cinnamon flan

Black Forest

Freshness of melon and raspberry with calisson cream of Aix

Roasted apricots with rosemary

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