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Captainchristian Klopper South Africa 0 rya/mca yacht master off shore commercially endorsed
Chef/mateLida Fourie South Africa 0
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English & Africans

Crew Profiles:

Christian Klopper
Having grown up by the sea, on South Africa’s Western Cape, a career on the water seemed a natural step for Chris whose first role in yachting was with a sailing academy. After completing his captain’s qualification, he conducted deliveries and worked as a bosun before joining the charter industry with his long-term partner Lida. Chris is an all-round water sports enthusiast who enjoys surfing, kite surfing and wakeboarding. He is also an experienced Dive Master who loves to spend time leading guests on tours of the underwater world.
Over the last four years, Chris and Lida have worked on charter boats in some of the most luxurious destination in the world, including the Maldives and the Caribbean, and they are particularly knowledgeable about the BVIs. The couple enjoy working together as team, easily anticipating each other’s needs, and sharing a desire to take the best possible care of guests to ensure their holidays exceed expectations.

Lida Fourie
Lida grew up in the same town as Chris and primarily worked in hospitality as a waitress, bar manager and chef before she joined him in yachting. Professionally trained in fine dining catering, by the Ashburton School in London, Lida is an experienced yacht chef who strives to meet her guests’ wide-ranging culinary requirements. She enjoys sourcing the best quality ingredients from local ports to produce creative and well-balanced menus and is always keen to meet individual guest needs. Whatever style of food she’s asked to cook, Lida is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure memorable meals for all.

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