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CaptainJeffrey FittingUS & New Zealand1982USCG 100 ton,
Chef/First MateJessica MeyerUS1994STCW
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania and an Airforce veteran, Jeffrey "Inki" has had an exceptional life of travel. In 2008 he turned down his job promotions in the IT industry to sail from Mexico to Marquese Island with two strangers. His life changed drastically during the six months of island hopping across the South Pacific. Inki quickly became a citizen of New Zealand (2014), then spent years as delivery crew between NZ and the islands of the Pacific Ocean, obtaining nearly 30,000 nautical miles. He currently holds a USCG Master's Near Coastal license rated at 100-tons with auxiliary sail as well as assistance towing endorsements. As a PADI RescueDiver, he loves to spend time beneath the surface whether it be to admire coral or hunt for his next meal.

Growing up in rural town in Norther Kentucky, Jessi's childhood was basked in open-air exploration, and boating on lakes and rivers. She discovered the big mountains and deep seas when she moved to New Zealand in 2016. Jessi holds a degree in Environmental and Sustainability. She has worn many hats including outdoor mentor for children, hiking guide, conservation officer and first mate. Jessi's love for food began at a young age, always involving herself with the responsibility of sous chef. Inheriting her families love for shared dinners and delicious food, Jessi has worked in kitchens learning from professional chefs to self interest in local, nutrient dense whole foods; her menu is a reflection of all the places she has traveled.

Captain Inki and Chef Jessi have been traveling the lands and seas together since 2015. They met in New Zealand and consider the South Island their home. In 2019, they were married in the Appalachian Mountains. They have experience working on yachts as well as the tourism industry throughout the Caribbean, South Pacific, New Zealand, and the Eastern Coast of North America. They have transversed parts of the Southern Alps as well as the Andes of Peru, and have a strong affinity with the Amazon Jungle.

They are an adventurous couple that have made a lifestyle of their passions. Jessi and Inki have worked together as hiking guides, conservation officers and sailing crew. This dynamic duo share a strong work ethic, are community-minded and incredibly professional-all while ensuring a good time is had. They love sharing the wonders of the world with guests, with the intention to share a life of adventure and integrity. Be it under the water or on land, they are both natural leaders at guiding.

Captain Jeffrey "Inki" Fitting


RYA Personal Watercraft License
RYA Powerboat Level II License
USCG Master 100-ton License
USCG Auxiliary Sail Endorsement
USCG Assistance Towing Endorsement
PADI Rescue Diver Endorsement
PADI AOW Licence
CMAS 1-Star Licence
STCW-95 Basic Training Certificate
Maritime NZ MROC License
NZTA P-Endorsement Endorsement
Red Cross Comprehensive First Aid
First Training Outdoor First Aid

*will be a Dive Master as of Sept. 2023

Chef Jessi Meyer


STCW Basic Training
PADI Advance Open Water
ENG1 & Food and Safety Food Hygeine II

Jeffrey "Inki" Fitting

Jessi Meyer
Chef/First Mate

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