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~Sample Menu~


tea, coffee, juice, milk, hand made bread and toasts, hand made cakes, pancakes, greek yogurt, jams, honey, cerials, eggs all types, cheese and cold cuts, fresh fruits, porridge


-Eggplant rolls with feta cheese, dried tomato and basil

-Bruscettas with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, capers and olive oil/or salmon, cucumber and cream cheese

-Various dips

-Portobello mushrooms in the oven with olives, peppers, tomato sauce and herbs

-Haloumi cheese with tomato, zuchinni and mint oil

-Fava with caramelized onions and capers

-Bougiourdi with tomato cherrys, red onions and feta cheese

-Gazpacho with hand made crutons

-Anchovy with cucumber and peppers


-Greek salad

with capers , fresh onions, sauer mizithra and fresh parsley

-Quinoa salad

with rocket, avocado and ginger vinaigrette

-Beetroot salad

with walnut, yogurt and garlic

-Rocket salad

with beetroot, finochio and orange vinaigrette

-Black-eyed pea salad

with red onion, carrot, orange slices and celery

-Green salad

with grapes, pear and roquefort or

with strawberrys, avocado and olive-lemon-orange vinaigrette

-Colorfull salad with lentils

with beluga-red-green lentils, manouri and cherry tomatoes



seasonal vegetables with herbs and feta

-Octapus with pasta and tomato sauce

-Skiufihta (cretan traditional pasta) with mashrooms

-Stuffed peppers with rice and herbs

-Steamed mussels with onion and carrot

-Pork chops with vegetables

-Stuffed squid with feta and herbs


-Linguini with shrimps and tomato sauce

-Chicken fillet with rosemary and vegetables

-Lamb in the oven with baby potatoes

-Various white-fishes “en papillote” with herbs and vegetables

-“Imam baildi”

eggplants with onions and tomato sauce

-Risotto with leek and sigklino Manis

-Beef fillet with carrot puree


 -Orange pie with ice cream

-Cheese cake

-Chocolate salami with biscuits

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