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17 - 24 AUGUST 2019
Dear crew,
Here we are finishing our sailing trip. We had a very good time and enjoyed the comforts and first rate commodities of TWIN PRIDE. Thank you very much Mattias for such a great experience and for sharing your wisdom of the Aegean Sea with us!!
13 - 20 JULY 2019
What a wonderful, beautiful journey! We couldn’t imagine a better trip. Thank you for your patience with us. The ports and coves were all perfect and the food exceptional. Now we are going back home full of memories that we will never forget! Thank you so much. It has been a vacation of a lifetime!! Best wishes for all of your future journeys and we hope to sail with you again.
22-29 JUNE 2019
Dear Mattias & Aliki,
Thank you so much for a really wonderful week. We had an amazing time exploring parts of Greece that we couldn’t imagine. Mattias you are an incredible captain always calm and in comfort. Aliki thanks for all of your excellent and delicious meals during this fabulous week. It would be a pleasure to sail with both of you again in the future.
Wishing you all the best and fair seas,
Tony, Sharon, Andrew, James & Victoria
18 - 25 MAY 2019
Dear Mattias and Alica,

Thank you for this week of sailing where we were able to rest and visit the Cyclades. Weather has not been favorable but it let us time to discuss about various topics.
Thank you for tolerating my pour English. It was nice to practice it where we have not a lot of opportunities to practice it. We cannot say anymore that we do not know Mykonos!!
Anyhow, thank you for your kindness and your attention!!
2 French people living in Switzerland.

Pierre & Christine
11 – 18 AUGUST 2018
Dear Mattias, What an awesome relaxing week! We enjoyed your boat and you are a terrific Captain! I can’t wait to come back to the islands we missed!
Thanks a lot Mattias for this unforgettable journey!
dream team!!!
We all took 10kg while tasting all fresh creations… Impossible to resist... We hope to meet you again for our next trip (Corfu or Kos) … next year!
So friendly, so welcoming atmosphere! Thank again for everything!!! And especially for our last night in Aegina
30 JUNE – 07 JULY 2018
What an amazing journey! Twin Pride was a perfect home for our week of island hopping and Mattias thank you for taking great care of us. Mattias, Thank you for an amazing work. This boat is so comfortable and well equipped. Tnx for keeping your promise of taking me water skiing. Until next time :)
23 -30 JUNE 2018
Thank you for the best vacation ever. Thank you for being the best captain and first mate. <3

Everything was really great. The food was really delicious. My cabin was awesome, the sailing was fun and the islands we went were super. Also, you Captain were super funny and you Miss Ria were super nice.

Thank you so much for a fantastic week. Everything was wonderful! <3

9 -23 JUNE 2018
What a wonderful holiday you created for us! So many precious family memories.
On the best for a great summer season!What a fabulous wonderful holiday in the summer. It was just amazing. The food was good, the holiday amazing and this was the best summer ever! Thank you so much for everything! The food was terrific and each island presented new experiences. Thanks for all the care you put into making this vacation so great! <3

A heavenly week – thank you so much!!

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