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(All breakfasts are served with a selection of breads, spreads, jams, fruits, yoghurts, cereals, homemade granola and eggs to order)

Crushed avocado on toast with crunchy asparagus and a poached egg with a side of crispy bacon

American style blueberry pancakes and maple syrup

Mediterranean style scrambled eggs on toast with a side of breakfast sausages

French toast with cinnamon, maple syrup and parma ham

GF Caribbean fruit muffins served with a selection of over night oats

Cheese and bacon quiche with a side of sautéed vegetables

Smoothie bowls topped with fresh fruit, coconut flakes and homemade granola

Fried eggs with bacon and country potatoes





Honey roasted duck breast on a chickpea, beetroot and cilantro salsa

Grouper goujons served with an arugula and avocado salad and a rustic tartar sauce

Seared scallops served with a quinoa and apple salad on a butternut squash puree

Seared tuna and niçoise salad served with fresh bread

Beef taco salad served with fresh guacamole, salsa, sour cream and jalapeno's

Lemon buttered salmon with herbed cous cous and a feta mint arugula salad and cucumber ribbons

Grilled steak and caramelised onion salad with a chimichurri sauce and fresh bread




Vietnamese spring rolls

Loaded nacho plate

Charcuterie Board

Hummus, crudité, olives and pita

Quesadillas with salsa & sour cream

Deep fried breaded cauliflower bites with a cool dipping sauce

Artichoke and parmesan bake with crudité and crackers




Carrot and cilantro soup

Tomato bruschetta with balsamic glaze

Sweet caramelised red onion and brie in crunchy phyllo pastry on a bed of lettuce and soy sauce

Mahi ceviche with avocado puree and a lime wedge

Cucumber, avocado & basil gazpacho

Goat cheese and beetroot salad with rocket and Dijon sauce

Spinach & mozzarella stuffed portobello mushroom




Spiced duck breast on a date puree, roasted butternut squash, braised baby turnips and a duck jus

Sweet and spicy Mahi Mahi on coconut rice and herbed lentils served with aubergine caviar and balsamic pearls

Spice rubbed pork tenderloin on wilted kale served with sweet potato mash, shallot puree and sautéed apples and raisins

Creamy garlic butter Tuscan shrimp tagliatelle with sun-dried tomato, spinach and big parmesan shavings with a side of garlic bread

Garliky butter lobster topped with parsley and served on a bed of coconut rice and pineapple salsa

Mahi stuffed with salmon mousse and rolled in pancetta on wilted spinach and a maltaise sauce

BBQ baby back ribs served with potato salad and Asian slaw




Rumfudge pie with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and strawberries

Carrot cake with an orange zest

Chocolate mousse

Oreo cheese cake

Chargrilled pineapple with caramel and cream

Keylime pie

Chocolate fondont


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