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CaptainAlejandro castilla Spanish 0
Number of Crew: 2Languages: Spanish

Crew Profiles:
Skipper Alejandro Castilla
Alejandro was born in 1974 years old, he has his skipper licence since 1990. sailing every
type of boats. such a Motor boats, sailing boats, catamarans...He loves sailing.
Due to his large experience dealing with all sort of clients, he can make a pleasant trip to all kind of groups, families with childrens , friends...from people who loves sailing to people that prefers a bit of sailing and to spend more time enjoining life ashore....
He knows all the Balearic islands very well so he can advice you for a great itinerary to enjoy this wonderful Islands.
He also loves cooking, so when he is not busy with sailing you will find him in the kitchen preparing his famous "Arroz Con Bogavante".(Lobster paella)
He also can help those guest who are interested in learning sailing manoeuvres , he is always willing to share his
sailing knowledge and experience with everybody
His hobbies are sailing , vintage cars and motorbikes restoration.
Alejandro speacks Spanish, Italian and English.

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