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CaptainStéphane Levieil French 1969
Chief MateDamien Ritter French 1990
Number of Crew: 4Languages: English French

Crew Profiles:
Stéphane Levieil

Stéphane is a born traveller, spending almost 10 years of his childhood living in New Caledonia and West-Indies and traveling around in the Indian Ocean.
He has built an impressive career starting over 30 years ago. He worked on a wide range of charter vessels and even participated in several famous Sailing regatta's such as Swan Cup Porto Cervo, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, Antigua Race Week, etc... Stéphane's great sense of humour and his charming smile makes him very easy approachable by guests. He takes great pride out of his work and loves to provide the guests a first class experience on board LEVANTE. When away from the ship, he loves canyoning, skydiving, (wind) surfing and scubadiving.

Damien Ritter

Damien is a jack of all trades. He has excellent egineering skills, is a competition skier, a very experienced diver and has many more skills. He even did more than 400 dives in all types of water. Damien is a hard-working and proactive person and offers an enthusiasm that blends well with the positive attitude of the entire crew. He loves to share his knowledge and to teach the guests how to wakeboard or how to dive.

Agnès Molinari

Agnès started working as cook / stewardess on yachts in 1994. She traded her life on board ships for a life on land. In 2004 she started her career as a school teacher and after six years, she decided to go back to where she started. Agnès is very good with kids, cooks amazing diners and loves to bake pastries. She prefers to cook her meals using products that are seasonally and locally available. Besides cooking, she loves running, reading and doing yoga.

Xavier Forain

Xavier is new to yachting but a perfect addition to LEVANTE's crew. Xavier learned to multi-task through his extensive experience as manager in several hotels, restaurants and bars. That is definitely one of his strongest characteristics. Xavier is hard-working and very dedicated and he is the type of deckhand every captain wants to have on board. As a PADI dive instructor, he loves to show the guests the wonderful world underneath the water surface.

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