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Continental breakfast is served every time. It is essential / every time. It is essential / cream cheese, cereal flakes, dried fruit, nuts, chedder cheese, various jam, prosciutto, fresh fruit, cherry tomatoes, butter, honey, chocolate paste Drinks of a choice: Tea, fresh coffee, Juice, water, milk



Scrembled eggs with tomatoes and bell peppers. Served with Cubano style sandwich with smoked fish (Marlin or smoked salmon preferable)

Guacamole with nacho's or deep fried spicy pita's

Quinoa bowl with Matsuhisa dressing, edamame, vegetables and fresh tuna in black pepper

Japanese Sun Salad with fresh orange, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado and spicy sunflower seeds

Sea bass with truffle oil, fried mini potatoes in soy glaze

Green salad with cucumber, avocado, papaya and parmigiano flakes

Chocolate bisquits with melted marshmellow and fresh berries


Poached Eggs on rye crisps or toasts with fresh saltied salmon and arugula salad with parmigiano flakes

Deep fried cauliflower with blue cheese sauce

Wrap Sandwich with canned or fresh tuna, jogurt sauce, mint vegetables, corn and avocado

Greek salad with pesto seasoning

Golden Dorado fillet baked with olive- tomato salsa served with corn rice and fresh greens

panna-cotta with passion fruit and lichi


Mini cheese cakes with fresh berries and vanilla sour cream

Baked bell pepper mousse with vegetable sticks

Cold spanish style soup with moulles. Served with deep fried spicy pita and Nicoise salad

Lasagna with tuna and truffle oil Served with green salad of fermentated cucumbers, green apple and avocado

Smoothie Frozen with berries banana and chocolate


Oatmeal porridge with anchovy, oyster sauce and greens or sweet one with fresh fruit salsa

Bruschetta's with blue cheese, deep caramelized onion and sun dried tomatoes

Tuna Skewers with cold vegetable stew between crunchy rice chips and couscous

Rose Risotto with Lobster and tomato salad with honey balsamic dressing

Cake style Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate bisquits and fruit (smoothie leftovers)


Fried eggs with tuna&sesam dip sauce and toasts. Served with arugula salad and parmigiano flakes

Sweet Corn in pesto sauce with parmigiano flakes

Creamy pasta with prawns, smoked salmon and caperi. Served with arugula salad with watermelon, pine nuts and feta cheese

Sword fish fillet with warm vegetable stew. Served with warm asparagus with parmigiano flakes and truffle oil

Fruit Salad


Granola cereals with greek jogurt, passion fruit & lichi salsa

Bruschetta's with grilled bell pepper and goat cheese

Pho soup with prawns, egg and soba Served with roasted eggplant, stuffed with couscous, pesto and raisins

Mackerel fillet in honey-mustard glaze and roasted sweet potatoes

Caramelized Plantain with mango chile salsa and vanilla ice cream

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