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November 27, 2022
Syl & Anne Marie,
Thanks so much for helping our family make some terrific memories this past week! So much fun with pond hopping with you both! White sand & turquoise waters to you both!
And the very best!
Jeff, Barb, Ryan, Kyle & Julia
April 2022 - broker provided survey
Skipper: 5/5
Comments We thoroughly enjoyed our time on Interlude, Andrew was fantastic.

Rest of the crew: 5/5
Comments Renata, prepared amazing meals for our entire family!

How would you qualify the yacht (comfort, features, general maintenance, etc) 5/5
Comments Very nice new boat!!!

How would you qualify the itinerary 5/5

How would you qualify the sports and leisure activities/equipment on board 5/5

How would you qualify the food and drinks 5/5

How would you qualify the entire experience of your trip 5/5

March 2022 - broker provided survey
Charter rating: 5/5
Destination: Bahamas

How did you enjoy your cruising vacation?
It was spectacular!!! It was a dream vacation.

How is the yacht?
The yacht exceeded all of our expectations!! The boat was brand new and the
space was beautifully decorated! We had plenty of space for our party of nine!
The crew was incredible… our favorite trip yet!

Were your meals excellent and fresh?
The meals on our trip were absolutely amazing!!! I felt like we were at a 5 star
restaurant.. The table was set beautifully and Renata's presentation of the meals
were gorgeous... my family hasn't stopped talking about to food and how they
want to go back! Renata was so friendly and we loved getting to know her! She
payed attention to every detail and the taste was incredible!

How would you describe your Captain and crew?
Andrew and Renata were the best! Andrew was so knowledgeable about the
boat and the places we went. He took the kids on many adventure... tubing, knee
boarding, snorkeling and on boat rides!!! He was so friendly and we really
enjoyed getting to know him... we highly recommend Andrew and would love to
sail with him again!
Renata was an incredible chef! Her food was absolutely delicious and she went
above and beyond to make our trip special! She was so friendly and our family
loved her ... we can't wait to back and have Renata and Andrew as our crew!

Was it easy to get to your yachts destination?

How do you feel now after your vacation?
I want to go back!

How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?
It was perfect! Just the right amount activities and sailing time!
February 2022
We have just enjoyed the most incredible week with Captain Andrew and the lovely Chef Renata. We have been blown away with the 5 start service and will remember this trip forever. Renata's food is just incredible, I will miss it the most! We have been so well looked after and completely spoiled. Thank you so much to Andrew and Renata
-Rosie & Rob

I loved the inflatable, it was really fast and bumpy!
Love, Evie (kid review)
January 2022
...Where to begin? I suppose we'd first like to thank Captain Andrew and Chef Renata. You two delivered an experience we will carry with us the rest of our lives. Not only did we enjoy first class treatment, but we also enjoyed your company, and we have made a special friendship with you both. I think we will see each other again. This was such a special trip, it's difficult to properly put it into words. The music, the water, the views, the breeze!!

We relaxed fully
We laughed heartily
We filled our cup up
And you both made our trip truly, a once in a lifetime (well, maybe twice or three times?) experience. Until next time, Interlude, safe travels, and much love and respect!!
January 2022 - Broker provided survey
Skipper: 5/5
Comments Andrew was fantastic! He was personable, Welcoming, patient, and overall amazing. He really Helped to make our trip special!
Rest of the crew: 5/5
Comments Our 2nd crew member was Anton, and he was equally fantastic. He was a great chef, personable and friendly, and we really enjoyed his company.
How would you qualify the yacht (comfort, features, general maintenance, etc) 5/5
Comments The boat was brand new. Super clean.
How would you qualify the itinerary 5/5
How would you qualify the sports and leisure activities/equipment on board 5/5
Comments My kids and I had fun. Really enjoyed snorkeling, tubing, knee boarding.
How would you qualify the food and drinks 5/5
Comments The food was much better than I expected. The crew purchased a lot of snacks, and I feel bad we didn’t eat them all.

February 2022
To the owners of this fine vessel and to ALL guests who will sail her in the future. Being a naval officer, I can appreciate the leadership, professionalism, and capabilities of both Captain Andrew and our Chef, Anthon. Both these gentlemen displayed the highest degree of proficiency in ship handling in addition to spending time with each of us making us all feel right at home. Our chef has spoiled us with the best meals we have ever had. In summary, these two gentlemen are an asset to this ship.
January 2022
First we thank God for blessing us with a son and his wife that loved us enough to host us on our vacation of a life time. Our memories will last for us a lifetime as we celebrated our 50th anniversary on this adventure. There was a perfect Captain Andrew, a perfect Chef Anthon, perfect sunsets and each day our hearts were filled to the brim with joy. The Interlude was our pause in our lives to share your dream and make our dreams come true.
Thank you!
Sara and Paul
The Woodlands, TX

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