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June 2022 - broker provided survey
Rating of Yacht & Crew:
(5 Being the Highest) 5

Was the yacht comfortable and clean?

Was the yacht well ventilated?

Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Jeff and Dani were amazing!

Was the food good and well presented?
The food was outstanding. We loved the healthy and fresh options Dani provided.

Additional comments about the yacht and crew?
Dani and Jeff were the perfect crew and the getalong was quite comfortable. We loved lounging about in the covered upper flyboard which was shaded and breezy and provided perfect vantage point for taking everything in on our sails.

Jeff took us to some fantastic snorkeling spots and the perfect out of the way bays for the night.
Jeff and Dani were great hosts and could tell when we wanted to socialize and when we wanted to chill and relax without saying a word. We all feel like we hit the jackpot with this PERFECT crew.

Cruising Area
Did you like the area you chartered in?
yes USVI full of wildlife, fun beach spots and interesting terrain.
Thank you so much for an amazing trip! Seriously, you always have a place at our house - we are not joking. Dani, we are expecting you and your friends soon, seriously! You two are absolutely awesome. Your partnership and openness are just amazing. Thank you for bringing us into your lives, it was amazing to get to know you personally and you all made this trip amazing.
Wow! Wow! What a lovely trip led by 2 lovely people. The beauty of these islands is breathtaking, the sea life is awesome, but what stood out to me the most was the opportunity to connect with others. To spend time as family and to spend time with new friends - Jeff and Dani. It was a pleasure getting to know them both. Amazing last hurrah before I go off to college and in some ways a celebration of the slow and end of this pandemic (knock on wood). Thanks Jeff & Dani and goodbye beautiful islands!
When planning this trip for my 50th what I hoped for was a beautiful location, lots of activities to engage all 5 of us and a travel experience unlike any other we have had. Mission accomplished! This was an incredible trip and Dani and Jeff were the perfect hosts - you guys made this adventure fund and comfortable and delicious! Dani you made everything special and Jeff, your napkin folding is an A+! Also the boat setup is so good. Thank you for a magical 50th!
This trip was wonderful. Dani & Jeff did such a good job in leading us in what we wanted to do. Every day was a new beach adventure from snorkeling to hiking to meeting islanders! Every meal left me wanting more. Not only that, but Jeff and Dani are two lovely stand up people. Thank you for this once in a lifetime trip!
When I closed my eyes and pictured what this trip might be, I never dreamed it would be as full and beautiful as it actually was. Every day was full of what we wanted it to be. Jeff & Dani we now proudly call you our friends. Thank you for everything. You helped us create a 1000 new memories and mad love!
I can't say enough good things about Jeff & Dani! When I forgot a few essential items at home, Jeff didn't hesitate to provide me with what I needed. Chef Dani's food was FANTASTIC! She creates such big meals out of such a small space, I will never understand. AMAZING experience. 10/10
Orlando, FL
Such and incredible week! So thankful for a fun and knowledgeable Captain and and awesome Chef who made INCREDIBLE food!! This is the first trip where nobody wants to go home at all thanks to the most relaxing vacation ever. We'll never forget the beautiful scenery, the hike, volleyball, games and sailing adventures plus all the fun times on the beaches, snorkeling, and scuba diving. We'll miss y'all. Thanks for everything!!
Peter, Debbie, Sam, Sarah, Hannah & Ellie
San Antonio, TX
Our first cat trip and charter trip. Our family had a great time and will always remember Jeff & Dani. Thanks food the good times
Awesome time had by all. Thanks Dani & Jeff!
Tom & Sandye
My first cat trip and never to be forgotten. Beautiful boat and great food. Love to come back again. Thanks Dani & Jeff!
Atlanta, GA
Great 50th! Awesome boat, amazing food, fishing and first trip to St Croix. Tubing at Magens, so great!
Thanks Jeff & Dani!
Atlanta, GA
Great time at sea on the Get Along! Loved the trip to St Croix and around St John! Special meal times around the table and great convo up above!
Thanks Jeff & Dani!
Ben & Gwen
Brentwood, TN
Absolutely amazing! Once in a lifetime experience. More than a vacation - we made lifelong memories. The crew felt like family by the end of the trip! The food was exquisite, the views mesmerizing, and the company awesome. Came as guests, leaving as family!!
Chris & Kay
The Woodlands, TX
Rejuvenation of body, mind & spirit. Joy, love, laughter! Beauty under the sea, marvels on the islands, mysteries in the star studded sky! Impeccable service, care and hospitality by Jeff & Dani. Food and cocktail extraordinaire! Can't wait for out return trip.
Thank you!
Amazing week aboard Get Along! Dani & Jeff made us feel right at home, ensuring we had a fabulous time. Fly bridge on the boat is the best seat in the house and Dani's food it OUTSTANDING! Thank you both so very much. It feels like we are leaving as family!
Jena & Adam
-Houston, TX
Thank you Dani & Jeff! This was one of the best vacations I have ever been on thanks to Dani & Jeff.
-Wilson (12)

Thank you Jeff & Dani for all the fun!!
-Ava (14)
What a week on Get Along! The kids LOVED all the beach time and tubing on the open seas, snorkeling with all the scooters was a hit with all the great under water sights! We loved our time together and look forward to another adventure on St Thomas and Get Along.
2021 (kids)
Thank you for all the fun boating!
-Jim Bob Joe

The trip was amazing besides the sea urchins. Be careful folks, just remember I warned ya.

Hi, it's fun going to beaches, swimming, it's amazing.
We were so grateful to be among the first guests to sail on the beautiful Get Along. The crew was fabulous! Dani provided 5 star meals and impressed us every day. Everything was top notch and she made the trip extra special. A treat of a lifetime!

Shannon & Chris
Eagle, CO
Wonderful place. Cook Dani was awesome and Jeff was thrilling!

What a glorious week on the Get Along! Dani prepared amazing meals and Jeff took us to all the best spots while we relaxed and all of our worries drifted away! This is a trip we will never forget. Many thanks to Dani & Jeff for showing us a wonderful time!

-John, Sally, Ethan, Heather, Ana & Addie
St Louis, MD

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