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June 2019
George and I would like to share some thoughts with you about our wonderful trip with Captain Ivan, his sweet wife Maja and the outstanding crew on the boat Angelica.
We chose the boat because the photos on your website showed a charming well-maintained wooden boat with lots of areas on the bow and stern to relax. We imagined ourselves having dinner at the gorgeous wooden table in the stern and lounging on the front cushions in the sun. The reality was even better than the pictures, because of who the Captain was and how he ran his ship.
He and the crew did an excellent job of giving us our space, while totally taking care of us. They were very professional and completely knew what they were doing. They made sure that we had everything that we wanted - paddle boards, great food and wine; and an exciting itinerary.

The consistent effort at meal time and the quality of the food and how it was prepared made a huge difference. There was always a clean white table cloth laid for us at meal times and the table set beautifully. The main mid-day meal was a real Croatian feast, coming in 3 courses. As we got to know the chef he started explaining to us how and why he put things together and what was typical of Croatia. His seafood appetizer and main course fish was always well-prepared. The deserts were dangerous - I always ate them, even if I was full. Maja made sure are glasses were full and on off times, she made sure there was always drinks and snacks put out as well.
I loved that Maja was on board. She brought such a warm presence - and made sure that we were well fed and had enough to drink, cabins were cleaned & clothes were picked up. Ten people for 10 days is a lot and she never grumbled even when someone asked, for the 3rd time, for another cappuccino. She was very kind - and really worked hard so that the main area of the boat was clean and orderly - a real feat with 10 people.

Finally, Captain Ivan is knowledgeable and capable. You know he loves the Angelica. Everything on board is in working order and if it stops working - he fixes it immediately. He is engineer so the moment the air conditioner started sounding funny - he just figured it out. Also, he retrofitted the bathrooms, so that they look like (and smell) like luxury bathrooms you would see at a hotel - not boat bathrooms. The cabins were simple in a nice way - lots of teak and fresh sheets.

Captain Ivan treated the crew with respect and kindness so you felt that they whole boat was very harmonious. Even during the anchoring, there were no fireworks - they somehow managed to make the Med mooring seem simple.

Most importantly, Captain Ivan is serious sailor - his early career was spent at sea and he loves Croatia, so we got to share his appreciation and passion for sailing from island to island. Once he understood that we wanted to explore things off the beaten track, he brought us into isolated coves in remote places, a hilltop monastery and other magical spots.

All and all it was a fantastic trip.

Best Regards,

September 2016
Dear Sasha,

I knew that you would ask us that question and it is one that we both have been pondering as both gulets and their crews were equally superb.

There is a danger in reliving an experience which has been one of the stand-out holidays but in this case, the location, quality of the crew and of the boat were equal but the experience was different. With young children, the nature of the trip must change – and ‘Angelica’s’ crew were so good to our grandchildren. I never felt anxious about them on the boat or in the water. In fact, the youngest, Mikey, thought that the highlight of his trip were his chats with Nico – and the treats which Maya (excuse my spelling) supplied unceasingly. All children spent so much time in the sea, swimming, kayaking, on the paddle board that I thought they would grow fins!
At the same time, Ivitcha (excuse once again, my spelling) made sure that we saw different places to those which we visited last time and so our interests were also considered. The food was delicious and Matteo catered beautifully for Alex who is a vegetarian. In fact, we all suffered from ‘food envy’ with some of the dishes he prepared.
At no time was anything too much trouble and everything was done with a smile and a sense of wanting us to have a truly relaxing holiday. And we did.
Our middle grandson, Ben, wants to do it again in two years’ time . . . have to start saving.
Our daughter-in-law, Catherine, said, two days into the trip, that she had never felt so relaxed on a holiday before.
Our daughter, Alex, has not stopped thanking us and said that she didn’t realize how stressed she had been at work until she was on the gulet.
Sometimes as a parent, it is appropriate and rather nice to say,” We told you so.”
For ourselves, friends have commented on how relaxed and well we look.
So, we can’t compare the two boats – both have left us with brilliant memories but we shall talk often and fondly of our trip on ‘Angelica’.
With our thanks to you for organizing everything and for your recommendation of ‘Angelica’,

Summer 2020
"We all had a wonderful week on ANGELICA.
Fortunately for us, there were fewer people so everything was easier: the visits, the anchorages ... But unfortunately, for the local economy, it is more complicated! it was pretty strange in some places, it felt more like an end of the season.
The trip was perfect for a first discovery of the Croatian coasts which are absolutely superb! The islands are lovely.
We were also able to make quick visits to the small ports where we made stops. Each time the Captain suggested the points of interest to us and sometimes accompanied us to facilitate our departure of the excursion.
The whole crew was both discreet but always present if necessary. The lovely captain and his wife.
The chef offered us very good meals! In fact, we congratulated him on his prowess in a limited space of the galley.
The boat, very comfortable.
The outward transfer went smoothly as well as the handling of the rental cars (the coastal path between Split and Dubrovnik is absolutely beautiful).
Thank you for our various exchanges and all your support."

Thank you again for looking after the Guests and all your help making this charter a success.
Warm regards,

Sneed Yacht Charters.