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Variety of baked goods (fresh bread, cake, croissants, tsoureki)
Fruit marmelades
Greek honey & butter
Hazelnut praline
Local cold cuts & cheeses
Greek yogurt with walnuts & honey
Traditional Greek milk rice pudding (rizogalo)
Eggs (omelets,boiled,fried,scrambled)
Fresh summer fruit platter
French toast with maple syrup & crispy bacon
Coffee, Tea, Fresh orange juice, Greek cow milk

Traditional Greek salad with feta cheese
Cretan "dakos" with rusks, cherry tomatoes, myzithra cheese,
olives, origano & capers
Green mixed leaves with grilled goat cheese, pistachios of Aegina
island, green grapes & citrus dressing
Tabouleh super salad, with kinoa, crushed almonds & dried hurma

Traditional yellow fava with marinated anchovies
"Spetzofai", Greek sausages cooked with peppers, in tomato sauce
Handmade spinach pie with feta cheese
Roasted octopus with caper leaves and lemon vinaigrette
Tzatziki sauce
Eggplant salad with Greek pita bread


Crispy calamari with saffron aioli sauce
Traditional fish soup with egglemon sauce
Fresh baked whole fish on platter (sea bream, sea bass etc.)
Shrimp spaghetti pasta with bisque & ouzo
Beef tagliata with rocket leaves and parmezan flakes
Traditional Greek "gemista", stuffed vegetables with rice and herbs
"Soutzoukakia", traditional beef meatballs cooked in tomato sauce,
served with rice and Greek yogurt.


Greek Ravani, served with kaimaki ice scream
Constantinople semolina halva with raisins & cinnamon
Chocolate brownies, with vanilla ice cream & salted caramel sauce
Bitter chocolate panacotta with passion fruit glazed sauce

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