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BVI - We loved every minute
We loved every minute and adults alike. Tracey and Mark are excellent hosts/skipper. They took our trip form excellent to over the top amazing.

The Baylin Bunch
BVI Charter - Very satisfied
Tracey and Mark were absolutely stellar. We can't thank them enough for a wonderful week. It was full of wonderful touches, warmth and friendliness, and their special combination of kindness, grace, good humour and professionalism were absolutely unbeatable. Highly recommended and we'll be back.

The Moore family.
Dear Mark and Tracy,
We’ve been looking forward to this trip for months and months and it did not disappoint. Everything about this experience was top knotch, most especially your friendly and caring service. Not only did you keep us all deliciously well fed but you did so with a smile while also planning an exciting perfect itinerary. Each stop was better than the next – and each had its own unique flavor.
We enjoyed your company – and you allowed us to enjoy the company of each other. We have not been able to be together to relax as a family in way too long and this provided the perfect setting. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm for the BVI with us. And thank you for coordinating some of the silly little details – like a table at Hendos – to watch the Cotton Bowl – a priority for our son Jack whose school (USC) was playing in the game but sadly was defeated.
The boat is a special, warm, inviting place and we are so very sad to say goodbye to it- to you- to the 80 degree temperatures – to the beautiful sunsets and all the relaxation this vacation provided for us. Among all other awards you deserve – BEST CREW!
Thank you form the bottom of our hearts, Jill, Paul, Jack & Mason, David and Bobby
BVI Both relaxed and exciting
Thank you for the most amazing trip. Somehow it was both relaxed and exciting – the perfect amounts. I enjoyed y’all’s company so much and every little thing you both did to make the trip nicer meant the world to our family. The meals and chats with Tracy throughout the day were wonderful. I know Jack and I will never forget our knee boarding experience with Mark! All the best Anna
Dear Tracy and Mark, I don’t know how to thank you for everything you did to make our trip so special. You keep the boat so beautiful, all the snorkeling and sightseeing was so exciting and the food – AMAZING! We all feel the love in everything you do. You go above and beyond and we are very appreciative, we had a perfect vacation and feel the best part is gaining 2 new friends. Thank you Lauren
BVI A Life Changing Experience
Mark and Tracy,
Thank you for a wonderful life-changing experience, making our anniversary so special. This was the first time we had our entire family together, and we are so grateful that you helped us make this week a “You Only Live Once” adventure.
Tracy’s award winning cooking was phenomenal in the variety, taste and presentation of her meals. We appreciated her sharing some of the tips and tricks.
Captain Mark is so knowledgeable and would be a great hands-on instructor. Thank you Mark for sharing, and also for your patience as we got ready for our dinghy adventures.
The boat is beautiful and so nicely organized and equipped with everything we needed. You two put together a perfect itinerary of memorable places, great snorkeling, and lovely relaxing vistas.
Thanks to both of you for all your hard work and kindness. Your delightful stories added to the charm of what was the best family vacation ever!!
Happy Sailing! Sharon, Terry, Katie, Ian, Jess & Stone aka “the cats” 😊.
The Crew was Wonderful
The crew was wonderful! So friendly and knowledgeable! We never realised how much work goes into looking after guests on a crewed yacht. We really enjoyed our trip.
July 2022 What a Lovey Time BVI
The trip was one of a lifetime! The boat was wonderful and comfortable, but the absolute best piece of the holiday was the crew. Mark and Tracey are just splendid. The food was thoughtful, so perfectly and beautifully prepared and ridiculously yummy. Mark even pitches in and makes fruit animals each morning! We felt cared for and safe as the crew is clearly experienced and competent. What a lovely time!
BVI Perfect for our Family
Tracey and Mark helped to make this vacation better than we ever could have imagined. yolo II was perfect for our family and we can't wait for next time.
Xx Sam and Adam Silver
May 2022 BVI Charter
Yolo II
What was the highlight of your charter?
The Baths and our crew Tracey and Marc.
Best anchorage?
The Baths
Favorite memory?
Snorkeling. Also Marc coming to pick us up in uniform
Best snorkeling / Dive site?
The first one we went to was the best. I forget the name.
Favorite activity?
Best shore excursion?
It was such a cool and unique experience.
How was your boat?
Best things about your crew?
Everything was great. Great sense of humor, food was fabulous and Marc shared his knowledge of the boat.
Anything special to mention: -
They prepared a special birthday dinner, complete with a cake and decor!
January 2022 BVI charter
How would you describe your crew? Were they courteous, helpful, friendly, attentive, knowledgeable?
[Bob W] yes very attentive, and anticipated our needs. Happy to interact as much or as little as we wanted. Great sailing experience

Was the yacht comfortable, clean and well maintained?[Bob W] yes

How would you describe the quality and presentation of the meals served on board?[Bob W] excellent. Anna is a great cook, and timing the meals so everything was hot is not easy. We’ve been on many of these trips, and the food was as good as any. This may sound weird, but there was too much food. Every meal was about twice what we could eat. Not really a problem, just wasteful.

Did the crew pay close attention to your Preference Sheets?[Bob W] very, and they really made an effort to find a few odd requests

Would you be interested in taking another yacht vacation in the future?[Bob W] for sure

If so, would you like to charter the same yacht and crew?[Bob W] yes we would

Christmas 2021 - BVI Sailing - Best Family Vacation
We worked with [Broker] to create a wonderful family vacation from beginning to end. She connected us with the YOLO crew. Every part of our trip was perfect and the crew planned everything out beautifully. The trip was just what my husband and I needed to spend a memorable week with our ten year old twins. We will be returning.
Jennifer C.
Summer 2021
The crew takes their jobs very seriously. Anna is meticulous about preparing meals and snacks that satisfy ones specific tastes. Getting it right is important to her! Her Greek restaurant background and chef experience add that Mediterranean flair to her cooking. Her presentation was just as lovely as the flavors!
The boats was meticulously clean, and our bed and bathrooms were made daily.

He takes full responsibility for all aspects of the Yacht operation. He is open to input as to what a charter guest wants, where they want to go or even where they’d like to anchor for the evening. He has many years’ experience on many types of Yachts and is a very knowledgeable guide. From deploying the various toys on board to keeping the clients safe Julle is very professional.

They are a very professional Crew.
Christmas 2020 in St Martin
Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing holiday! We were so ready to escape COVID and enjoy some sunshine.
We got that and so much more. You made this home and such amazing food. WE truly could not have imagined anything better.

All the best,
Stacy, Tom , Abi and Josh

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