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July 2021
There are multiple adages that hold true for this vacation. "Good things come to those who wait." "Third times a charm" And hopefully for you, "we saved the best for last." Bob has dreamt - and talked - about chartering a catamaran in the Virgin Islands for 45 years. We had to cancel in 2017 due to the hurricanes and again in 2020 due to the pandemic. Finally we had our chance to board Azuria and help you close out your charter season. We were pinching ourselves the entire trip down to USVI - "was this finally happening?!?!" - and kept having "pinch me" Moments throughout the entire week. Thanks for the expert navigation that helped keep MJ comfortable on the water, the delicious meals that kept us full and super content all week, the great snorkel spots that led to "National Geographic" moments and the sailing experience that felt fitting of "the Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack. From our own Capt. Bob getting a turn at the help to Ash fulfilling his dream of landing a tarpon on the fly to Marcia's many luxurious painkiller induced naps on the bow, this week felt a million miles from home/work and the difficult last pandemic year. Thank you so much for your hospitality and making Azuria our home away from home. Our shared family photo album has nearly 700 photos after the week and we're leaving with as many special memories. We hope you have a great off-season and wedding. Please look us up if/when you get to Charleston.
July 2021
This has truly been a trip of a lifetime! You have done a beautiful job of making us feel at home in your home. The meals were amazing, and the excursions, snorkeling, and yoga were perfect. Thanks for putting up with all of us and Timmy! We will always remember the fun and friendship. Come see us anytime!
July 2021
What an unforgettable trip of a lifetime for us with our great friends. Thank you for the unbelievable patience with us - we're a lot! The "firsts" that a 60 year old got to experience - snorkeling, especially - I love it and will continue thanks to you! We cannot express how fabulous the meals were - seriously we have never had meals that wonderful anywhere! We'll love making Britt's recipes! We wish you a wonderful wedding and future together. Keep In touch and visit us anytime.
June 2021
Thank you for such a wonderful vacation! The food, the drinks, the boat, the excursions, the hospitality, the conversation... it was such a great week! The boys loved it. I'll remember what Harrison said on the hike that he loves the trip but also you both. Such a memorable experience for them and for us. We shall return!

I had so much fun on Azuria with you guys. Snorkeling, kayaking, and the weiner dog were so much fun. The pina coladas and the food and desserts were amazing. I will miss them just like how I will miss you guys!

I had a great time with y'all this week. My favorite part of the trip was the weiner dog. I really enjoyed the food as well and tried some new things! Thank you for everything, you guys are great!.

This has been an incredible week! A dream come true and we cannot thank you both enough for everything! Mike, you are the best snorkel guide ever! And Britt, the food, especially the desserts, were amazing! The boys had so much fun and we made some great family memories with y'all that will last a lifetime. The boys all agree (and that doesn't happen often! :) ) that we need to do this again! Best wishes to you both on your upcoming wedding! Hope to sail with y'all again!
July 2021
This was by far the best vacation ever. You made everything amazing with your kindness, hospitality, cuisine, professionalism, boating skills and knowledge of the area. This has replenished our soul and friendships of 30+ years. You truly have a gift and we are so lucky to have been apart of it. We wish you a wonderful adventure and marriage and hopefully you can be just as happy and ab-normal in 30 years as we are ... haha. Please know you are welcome to visit anytime!! Much love + happiness.
June 2021
This week has been everything we all needed. We are reminded of the importance of slowing down, re-grouping, and feeling revived. Y'all were the perfect crew / hosts to allow us all to do this. Azuria and the USVI was the perfect setting. What can I say about y'alls hospitality?? You both were on step ahead of our every need. Drinks, snacks, delicious meals, and desserts. We have felt totally spoiled. We hope our paths cross again :) Until then -- cheers and best wishes for a wonderful life together. Babs, Jerry, Charlin, Mike, Steve & Jenn
June 2021
We are so pleased we chose to spend the week here celebrating our anniversary. Easy to settle in on the boat. The food was over-the-top excellent! We went to wonderful little coves and had plenty of time to explore via under water and on land. Amazing photo opportunities everywhere we went. Britt and Mike were an exceptional team. They treated us like family. This excursion more than exceeded our expectations. I'm certain that there is no way this can ever be topped. Love + best wishes!
May 2021
We had the most perfect vacation EVER! Thanks to you two. Perfection! The meals, the fun, the weather, the perfect selection of beautiful coves. Attentiveness! I can't say enough. We will come back often! Loved it!

Best charter ever. Thank you so much for giving us the perfect week. Until next time.
May 2021
What an incredible week! I didn't know what to expect being on a boat for a week. You made the week amazing. Thank you for sharing all your special favorite spots. Can't wait to return. Looking forward to meeting up on the Chesapeake!

Thank you both so much for the gift of this week. These trips always seem to come at the perfect time -- when life at home starts to get overwhelming or stressful. This place is so peaceful and beautiful that its impossible not to re-center, reflect, and find that inner peace. It was amazing getting to know you both and being witness, even just for a short time, to your beautiful life together. So cheers to the next trip where we'll toast to this magical place and to the newlyweds! Love, the Millers
April 2021
Um - Cool Ride Dudes! We couldn't have done it without you! No really, it was a blast! Thanks for the greatest vacay EVER! - Mike

This was an indulgent, fantastic vacation! Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. You guys are awesome! I hope we can venture with you again in the future. Pam
April 2021
Our trip to the USVI on the Azuria was fantastic! Could not recommend this trip enough. The yacht was was comfortable, clean and well maintained. The scenery was magnificent! The BEST part was our crew!!! Hands down, Captain Mike and Chef Brittany surpassed our expectations each and every meal. They went above and beyond to deliver 5 star plus meals, cocktails and service. They even decorated the yacht and baked a birthday cake to celebrate one of our friend's birthdays. Truly one of the most relaxing and enjoyable vacations ever!! If you are wondering whether you should book this yacht and crew..... stop thinking about it and just do it!! You will not be sorry.
April 2021
Attention to detail in every aspect.
Michael and Brittany treated us like royalty and catered to our needs every day from 7am until we tucked ourselves in bed each night for 7 nights. They work with a sense of responsibility while enjoying what they do and proud to share their work with you, whether it was a fabulous meal with a Michelin style presentation, cocktails with flair, positioning you on incredible sea life while snorkling, sharing each bay and its history, learning about the boat, I could go on and on about all the great things we experienced. The best advice is for you to experience it yourself .
Thank you again!
April 2021
Mike and Britt!

There aren't words for how grateful I am to introducing us to life on the water. I am officially hooked! Cant wait to come back with adults for another fun week :) I really appreciate all of your patience with a single mom of three crazy high energy kids, and one insanely picky eater! Thank you for showing us all of your favorite bays and ordering the dolphins, turtles and stingrays! Love, the Kirsh family
March 2021
Britt & Mike,

We cant thank you enough for such a wonderful week. Everything was incredible (especially all the delicious meals!) you helped our family make so many new memories - we cant wait to come back next year and hear all about your wedding!
March 2021
What a fantastic vacation with you all! Best crew ever! Every meal A+! Hate to leave y'all. Will be thinking of you all on your upcoming special day. Best, Bill & Kim Mercer
The Connellys
Mike and Britt, 6 March 2021
Thank you so much for an amazing week aboard Azuria. We enjoyed every minute in the beautiful USVI. Your gracious hospitality made everything delightful. Definitely one for the record books. Many Thanks

Mike and Britt,
This is a trip I will never forget. Every second of it was a blast. All of the meals were super yummy. Congrats on your engagement. Can’t wait to come back down. #Best Trip Bridget
March 2021
Michael & Brittany,

Thank you guys so much for showing us gorgeous locations. Blown away by the natural beauty here! You have both been so incredibly kind and if you ever come to Charlotte you have an open invitation to stay at my home!
February 2021
Britt & Michael ,
Thank you for an unforgettable week in which you went above and beyond. Not only did we get tarpon, snorkeling, turtles and more, but you also made a 30th birthday, new pregnancy, and new engagement extra special. Thanks again!
January 2021
Mike and Britt,
Thank you so much for an amazing few days showing us around the USVI’s. We loved all the snorkeling spots you took us to, the beautiful spots and the incredible food. You made this trip unforgetable and we will be forever grateful for meeting you both. Enjoy your time here and we can’t wait to come back. Morgan and Clare
Ferris Family March 7-14 2020
Ferris Family 7 to 14th March 2020
The 3rd time is a charm. Fantastic time on Azuria. Flamboyance of Flamingos, Mexican Train Dominoes. A Brilliant time AGAIN!!! Admiral Sally the food was fantastic, and Captain Mark Cocktails and Chart Chat are memories to remember!
Love this place, this crew, this boat! See you next year!
Love the Fabulous Ferris Family
Gross Family 21st to 28th December 2019 Recommendation from FaceBook
What an amazing week with our boys on Azuria!! Mark and Sally are truly awesome at welcoming you to your home on the sea. They are so warm, and knowledgeable!! The boat is immaculate, spacious and a wonderful place to be for your trip of a lifetime. The craft cocktails flow and the food is so delicious....plentiful is an understatement.... I highly recommend Azuria to anyone wanting a first class vacation!

What an amazing week with our boys on Azuria!! Mark and Sally are truly awesome at welcoming you to your home on the sea. They are so warm, and knowledgeable!! The boat is immaculate, spacious and a wonderful place to be for your trip of a lifetime. The craft cocktails flow and the food is so delicious....plentiful is an understatement.... I highly recommend Azuria to anyone wanting a first class vacation!

What an amazing week with our boys on Azuria!! Mark and Sally are truly awesome at welcoming you to your home on the sea. They are so warm, and knowledgeable!! The boat is immaculate, spacious and a wonderful place to be for your trip of a lifetime. The Craft Cocktails flow and the food is so delicious … plentiful is an understatement … I highly recommend Azuria to anyone wanting a first class vacation!
Kim Gross

Johnson 4th charter with us at Thanksgiving 2019
Mark and Sally, Thank you for yet another amazing week. Every week surpasses our expectations, the two of you are the secret ingredient to make any charter amazing. WE Love you!!
Our hearts are full. The Johnsons;
Schlax charter 16th to 22nd November 2019
"We just got back from a week long charter aboard the Azuria with Captains Mark and Sally and it was amazing! We don’t have the words to adequately describe how fantastic the experience was.
The Azuria is a beautiful boat and a great place to call home for a week. She is comfortable and pristine with plenty of space and toys to spread out, relax and enjoy the surroundings. Surroundings which include sun filled days, white sand beaches, and beautiful blue waters- in other words a picture post card.
That is just the backdrop for Mark and Sally to work their magic! They are warm and welcoming hosts that put us at ease from day one. Their hospitality, attention to detail and mixology and culinary skills have to be experienced to be believed. They had us spoiled. It was like eating in the best restaurants in town every night!! This was meant to be a once in a lifetime trip for us, but this was such an amazing adventure, we can’t imagine not doing it again!!" 😍
Early April
Clark and I are back in Houston; Katia and Austin are in Atlanta. Before I jump into the rat race of life, I wanted to thank you for a beautiful time.
You certainly went overboard in your efforts to make sure everyone was happy aboard the Azuria. The special attention to individual tastes at meals, the work you did to tow the children around on the tube, the fantastic birthday celebration, the emphasis on safety did not go unnoticed. All four of us appreciated the chart talks and the meal planning sessions. While we were in the total relaxation mode, you were working hard behind the scenes. Thank you.
My most precious memories of the trip were the intimate discussions we were able to have with the grandkids. We had lots of time. It was a joy.
Austin’s mother reported that the last thing he said when he went to bed on Friday night was, “I wish I was still on the catamaran.”

Best wishes,
9 to 16 March 2019
Our family just returned from another fantastic week sailing on the Azuria with Captain Mark and Sally. This trip was better than last years, and we were blow away by last years trip. Captain Mark and Sally are very experienced sailors and very knowledgeable about the BVI’s. Our family enjoys the daily “chart chat” with Captain Mark and the history/ trivia about the island we are located at or will be sailing to. Everyday was a new adventure and Captain Mark took us to new areas of the BVI’s we had not seen on our previous trip.
The food to say the least, was amazing. Sally is a talented chef and each delicious meal was thoughtfully prepared and artfully presented. The Azuria is comfortable and very well maintained. Simply put, It was the best family vacation we’ve ever been on, and Mark and Sally’s hospitality has a lot to do with that. We are already looking forward to our next sail in 2020!

Ferris family,
Christmas 2018
Dear Mark & Sally
This was a Chess vacation not to be topped! From the beautifully appointed vessel, masterfully charted course ( accommodating lost luggage!), activities-o-plenty ( you know its a good trip if you can tucker out Connor!), a cocktail speciality each night, to the most truly amazing meals, dancing the night away with you at The Wonky Dog, the perfect Christmas day in Anegada completed with Christmas Crackers and Sally's beef tenderloin treat - YUM!
You have quickly found your way into out hearts most of all. All of your efforts, grace and hard work are so appreciated and never to be forgotten.
Celebrating Christmas and our 25th Anniversary with you on AZURIA was so special. Thank you, thank you! A toast to you for a happy and safe future ahead- "If you can't clink then wink" ;)
All our love.
Taylor,Charlotte, Connor, Catie, Phoebe and Bennett
November 2018
This was a bucket list trip with high expectations. It wildly exceeded all of them! The itinerary they put together perfectly matched our interests (secluded anchorages - snorkeling - fruity rum drinks). What really surprised me were the meals. That is not why we went on this trip - but WOW - everyday something else that was incredible - and every meal. The rhythm of each day was perfect - and Mark & Sally were always upbeat, cheerful, helpful, attentive, and busy. I cannot recommend them and the Sail Azuria experience more highly. When we pulled into Nanny Cay at the end of the week - the comradarie they had with other crews - and the high regard other crews have of them - was evident. Who better than that to know that with Mark and Sally - you're sailing with the best!

Oh, and the boat was spotless, maintained, ship-shape, and spacious. They are both licensed captains and they know what they're doing.
June 2018
I have been very lucky and have spent over a dozen weeks sailing on Catamarans over the last several years. One of my best experiences was spending three weeks this season (2018) on a Cat called Azuria. From the moment I boarded, I could tell this was going to be one of the best experiences I have had sailing. The yacht was so clean and Mark and Sally our crew had paid attention to every detail prior to us even coming on board. Once on board we learned all our safety things and the fun began instantly. Every anchorage to every cocktail to every snack and even every meal was incredible and we could not have needed anything more. Mark and Sally run an amazing operation. They make your vacation relaxing, fun and you learn something new each and every day. I would highly recommend sailing with them for the ultimate sailing charter experience. I will be back in 2019 and if you are considering a crewed Yacht vacation get on Azuria with Mark and Sally, it's superb!! - Jeff
June 2018
HOW DID YOU ENJOY YOUR CHARTER? It was outstanding. Just the right amount of activity and relaxation.
Food was fantastic


WAS THE YACHT CLEAN, WELL-MAINTAINED AND COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR GROUP? Very clean and lots of water sports. Great size for the four of us.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE QUALITY OF MEALS SERVED ON BOARD? Outstanding. Sally and Mark create fantastic meals. Three great meals
a day, fresh fruit, terrific desserts and great cocktails.

May 2018
Mark & Sally
People often ask me why we always seem to return year after year to the BVI. Is it the Sun, the Water, the Beaches, or the Sailing.
But the truth is it’s THE TWO OF YOU.
You have become friends, GOOD FRIENDS and we totally enjoy your company. We love the way you make us ffel so comfortable.
We were both glad we were able to bring our family, to understand why we just love to be with YOU TWO, now they know

April 2018
Mark & Sally –
Talking with Jeff and Laura about this trip – we have very high expectations. You’ve exceeded them all!!
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. We loved EVERYTHING.
If you ever make it to Colorado – we’d love to share our mountains with you!

Jean and Tim
April 2018
Mark & Sally
Where to begin?
ANOTHER incredible, wonderful, delicious week!
It went too quickly. We will take home our clothes, extra pounds, and so many WONDERFUL MEMORIES, but leave behind a part of our hearts here.
You both are very special to us all, and we’ll never forget you. MANY MANY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING – we love you!

Mark and Karen
April 2018
To hate is an easy lazy thing,
BUT, to love takes strength that everyone has, but not all are willing to practice ……….. and both of your strength to love and care for us has made this trip UNFORGETTABLE!!!!

From Karl, Stephanie and Lauren
March 2018
Dear Sally & Mark
This has truly been one of the best vacations we have ever taken!
The food, the weather, the hospitality have all been unsurpassed. We loved getting to know your beautiful islands, and getting to know you!
Now, as we head home to our 4th Nor’easter blizzard this March, we appreciate more than ever what a paradise you have shown us and we are determined to come back again soon!

Fair seas and good winds to you both
The B. family
March 2018

A huge thank you to Captain Mark and Chef Sally, the amazing crew of #sailazuria, for the incredible week we just spent in the BVI’s. The meals prepared by chef Sally were outstandingly delicious! The service was impeccable! Captain Mark and Sally made the entire trip entertaining, relaxing, and fun for all. It was as truly the best vacation we’ve ever had! If you’re looking for an all inclusive family or adult get away I highly recommend this crew and yacht! #bvi #bluewater #bestvacationever

Mark and Sally,
"God Bless you---you are going to die" My new favorite quote. Can't thank you enough for everything!

Mark and Sally, Oh my frick this trip has been speechless. Thank you for sharing stories that seriously intrigued me and keeping us safe and full of food. Please never change because you guys are the best!
P.S. You have also inspired me to travel and really make the most of life

Mark and Sally, you two have given us a memory that tops our adventures! What a CLASS ACT with you - from island to island you have given us knowledge, experience, friendship, good drink, fantastic meals, and the respect of love for people.
Love, Steph
March 2018
How do you improve on Paradise? ADD MARK AND SALLY!!
Thank you both for the best vacation of our lives.
See you SOON!!
Love Ron, Jen, Ronnie, Natalie and Sam
(and they will as they rebooked within 24hrs of returning home!)
March 1-8, 2017 - on previous yacht Viking Dream
I am following the questions on your Post Charter Review to provide you feedback on our recent charter on the Viking Dream.

Let me preface my review by saying this sailing adventure was one of, or maybe the best vacation I've ever taken. Sailing on the Viking Dream was beyond all my expectations.

The Viking Dream is an exquisite boat. Every inch of it is immaculate. It is Mark and Sally's home and they take great pride in it and it shows. The boat is spacious and extremely comfortable. I loved swinging in the hammock chair or lounging in the bean bag chairs and of course sunning on the deck. The state rooms are very good size (for boat living) and are appointed with plenty of cabinets, lockers and shelves to accommodate all of your gear.You want for nothing on the Viking Dream. Sally and Mark make sure you have everything and are always comfortable. Truly, we were treated like royalty. It was the most wonderful experience. On board the Viking Dream are all the water toys and equipment as advertised. My sisters, mom and I had a ball kayaking and snorkeling and tubing and paddle boarding. (There was even more to do like fishing and windsurfing, but we opted for more relaxing!)

Mark was great with making suggestions for activities and getting us to the best places to do them. He was always ready and willing to get our equipment ready for us.

Mark is a captain extraordinaire. Besides catering to his guests, he sails the Viking Dream with amazing skill and ease. Sally is his first mate. Together they work like a fine tuned machine, in tandem, seamlessly sailing and managing the boat.With Sally and Mark at the helm, you don't have a care in the world.

Sally is a chef beyond compare. She treated us to 3 meals a day ( and appetizers at cocktail hour) that dazzled both my taste buds and my eyes. Each was an exquisite masterpiece worthy of a photo in a cookbook. Day in and day out we were awed by Sally's decadent creations. Additionally, Sally considered all of our food preferences. I LOVED every dish she prepared (and was stuffed at the end of each meal.)

With 100% confidence I would recommend sailing with Mark and Sally on the Viking Dream. ( I already have!) If I ever have the opportunity to charter a boat again I would only sail on the Viking Dream.

Very truly yours,

Linda T.
February 2017 (previous yacht Viking Dream)
Mark & Sally

What a way to ring in my 50th year! This trip has EXCEEDED our expectations in every way. We knew whichever port was around the corner or what delicious food would be put on the table, it was all nothing less than perfect.

We couldnt have asked for better hosts and company. We hope to set sail with you both and the Viking Dream again!

Thanks again for the PERFECT FAMILY VACATION

Joe, Christie, Bennett and Hannah

PS: Diet starts on Monday we have NEVER feasted on such amazing food!
Mid February 2017 (previous yacht Viking Dream)
Dear Mark and Sally


We have been pampered beyond our expectations. The three meals each day, and everything else have been fabulous.

The presentation of the food was outstanding. We appreciated and admire the work you do for your guests. Having sailed ourselves before, we know what effort it takes to make everything work.

Anneliese and Erich
January 2017, 3rd visit!
Our second sail with Mark & Sally, and just as wonderful as we remember. The BVI is Great, but would not be the same without them. Thanks for such Great Care; Gourmet Food; Custom Cocktails; & your Expertise. Its as if we are sailing with old friends. SO . NOT GOODBYE, BUT . SEE YOU LATER!
Jim and Marysue
Friday January 20th 2017

As our children still define this sailing trip BVI BEST VACATION EVER!
Thank you again for your hospitality, lovely wine and spirits, awesome food, and allowing us to come this week. (changing your own travel plans!). You have a wonderful home on the sea, and have made it a VERY SPECIAL PLACE. Hope we can do this again.
Kelli & Eric (Rick)
Friday January 20th 2017
New Years 2016-2017 (previous yacht Viking Dream)
From the first day until the last minute spent with you (Mark and Sally), we enjoyed every minute & could not have imagined how much FUN we could have jam packed all in one week. The catamaran was always kept clean, the cabins were spacious and cosy, the food top notch gourmet; and Sally & Mark you were THE MOST WONDERFUL HOSTS!
Some of our favouites.
Viking Games Barb
Trivia of the Day Rick
Drink of the Day All!!
Marks Boat skills and getting us to the front of the line ALWAYS All
Bar in the Water All
Snorkeling All
Gourmet Food All

We truly THANK YOU for making everything so special
Barb, Rick, Cassie, Nick, Meagan & Mitch Swabby!
December 2015 (previous yacht Viking Dream)
Dear Mark and Sally
Thank you so much for sharing your Dream and islands with our family!
You are both totally awesome!
Sally in the Galleys gourmet creations in that small space are nothing short of miraculous!
Whenever Ben refuses to eat his greens, we will remind him of him eating Sallys.

Mark, thank you for your patience in entertaining the boys out on the water. You finally managed to tire out an 11 and 13 year old!

Thank you for making this a dream Vacation. We hope to be soon Living the Dream again.

Thank you Marjorie, Gaston, Andrew & Ben
December 2016 (previous yacht Viking Dream)
"Just back from another tremendous vacation on Viking Dream. The difference was this was our first trip with other couples, sans children, making the Captian's poison of the day even more enjoyable and the nights under the stars romantic (trampolines are fun). Mark and Sally's knowledge of bays meant that we not only had a fabulous lunch at Deadman's Beach with a steel drum band one day, a few nights later they found a secluded bay with just one other boat (during the peak of the charter season). We found so many different fish, coral, and fans, all with incredible colors, at the snorkeling spots they took us too we spent cocktail hour going through the books and talking about what we'd seen. I've always loved Sally's cooking and it was particularly delicous not having to limit for child's preferences. I love taking the helm of Viking Dream as we cruise down the channel, all enjoying the spectacular views. A truly enjoyable vacation."
- Andrew Z. Dec. 2016

November 2016, Multi repeat guests the Ditges wrote a fabulous poem! (previous yacht Viking Dream)
here once was a yacht named Viking
In which Mark and Sally took a liking.
They escaped from the Swan to the Boat we are on.

One day we went sailing, when the winds were prevailing;
The spinnaker was raised, to all awe and praise!
At nine knots we were cruising, no one got a bruising, as we were all boozing!

Captain Mark led us on snorkelling excursions, often in places with real Fat Virgins.
Saw lots of coral & pretty fish, however Turtles were amiss.

On Saba Rock what a disgrace, when the Tarpon splashed Lauras face.
Back to the boat we went,
Viking Vibrations were spent!

Our palates were teased with all meals we were pleased.
Captains poison by Mark, includes stormy and dark.
The Admiral in the galley, creating dishes by Sally.

The Dreams been visited by Tom and Pete, and other guests that often repeat.
Who all try not to spill wine on the seat.
The red all soaked in not sure whether Cab or Zin,
But Tom and Petes napkins held it all in!:)

Pirate jokes were told they never get old!
The Trivia flies, Captain Mark is so wise.
We remember not one, so when we are back for more fun, booze and sun,
Repeating questions will fool everyone!

Sally won twice at the game of dice.
Captain called foul, saying it wasnt nice.

We were all the crew with nothing to do,
But to try hard to drink all of the brew.

All hail to the Queen,
This trip was a DREAM!
If you are reading this you know what we mean!!

An original poem by:
Laura, Jeff, Robin, and Bill
June 2016 (previous yacht Viking Dream)
We had a great time on Viking Dream. The boat was immaculate at all times. Sally's meals were delicious and beautifully plated. Mark was great both in educating all of us with his daily trivia questions and mapping out our daily journey, as well as carting the kids around endlessly for water sports. My mom enjoyed every second of the trip.

Thank you for all your help,
April 2016 (previous yacht Viking Dream)
April 23 2016
Its difficult to describe on a page how incredible the experience was that you provided us this week. The boat was beautiful and spotless and extremely cozy and comfortable.
The food was so delicious that we cannot fathom how you could create it in a galley.
The sights and activities were so much fun that we cant decide what our favourites were.The nature walk with Mark? The Hot Dog? Snorkelling? Cow Wreck Beach?
With your indepth knowledge of the area, history, nature and sailing; every experience was that much more meaningful and FUN.
Meeting the two of you, and hearing your stories was also a joy. Not only did we feel spoiled beyond words, we also felt incredible safe in your well organised, thoughtful and careful hands.

Thank you so very much for everything and please do visit us in Rhode Island
Marian, Beatrice, Victoria, Vivenne and Emma
November 2015 (previous yacht Viking Dream)
21st NOVEMBER 2015

If possible, our second visit with you was even better than our first. Cant wait for our next visit. Hopefully not so long between trips!

Lots of love Rick

Thank you for the great time! Cant wait until our next trip and all the fun we will have.

Lots of love.
DJ & Jim

Time of my life! You are wonderful hosts. Best time ever and hope to return again some day soon!

Thanks for everything.

Thank you for the best holiday we have had. The food and company were amazing. You offer the best charter in the BVI.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Brian & Baby Kyle
November 2015 (previous yacht Viking Dream)

Thank you for giving us a very memorable trip. From the time we stepped on board you created a wonderful, fun and family like experience. You led us to the best spots to snorkel, best for overnight and best for seeing the beautiful islands.

We cant imagine doing this with any other boat. We cant thank you enough for our wonderful vacation. We wont have another Rum Punch, Painkiller or even a touch of rum without these memories!

Kelly & Mark
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Wonderful sailing, snorkeling and friendship in between 3 gourmet meals a day. Plus appetizers that we often mistook for the meal itself!

Just a perfect week. We hope to see Captain Cocktail and Admiral Sally next year for another adventure. That gives us about 12 months to work off the excess!

Vacations don't get any better than this! We will miss you Mark & Sally.

Hank & Ruth
Florida, USA
March 2021
What a fantastic vacation with you all! Best crew ever! Every meal A+! Hate to leave y'all. Will be thinking of you all on your upcoming special day. Best, Bill & Kim Mercer
The Zennas
Britt and Mike,
We had a great time and a memorable week that we will never forget. We wish you both he best in life and always follow your heart. Congrats on your engagement. The Zennas

M and B
Thank you guys so much. You made our first sail a memorable one. Everything was perfect. Patricia and Lance
January 2021
Thank you both very much for the great first experience. It was very memorable and we look forward to our next trip with you both soon. Don't forget to send that weeding invite - LOL! Thanks and much love to you both. - The Jacksons.
January 2021
Britt & Mike,

Thank you for everything! We have had a great time and a memorable week that we will never forget. We wish you both the best in life and always follow your heart! Congrats on your engagement!

Sneed Yacht Charters.