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31 AUG - 11 SEPT 2020
Amazing team! You made this an unforgettable trip! The best Borsh & Pelmeni ever! I will be dreaming of them on cold London nights! I wish you a pleasant next journey – wherever it will be and I hope we will meet again on our next cruise!
17 - 24 AUGUST 2019
Dear captain & crew,
We would like to thank you for your service and care, you gave us. We spent a great time this week! We really enjoyed it and saw many beautiful places! The food was really delicious and we are about to miss it ☹. Hope to see you again!! 😊
27 JUL - 07 AUG 2019
Thank you for such an incredible trip, these past 10 days have been so fun. The food was so delicious, and the company even better!! We wouldn’t trade this crew for anything!
02 - 09 JUNE 2019
An amazing experience aboard Sea Bliss!! The crew was amazing! Croatia was beautiful and so much fun. This was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much for everything.
22-29 JUNE 2019
Love the whole crew!
Alex is such a good captain!! He helped me have so much fun tubing. Keeping me safe. Straight savage!!

The whole crew was amazing and super nice. I hope that Alex keeps being amazing at this job! Food was so delicious!!!

This was the coolest boat I have ever been on. I had so much fun. Whole crew was really nice and helpful. The food was amazing. I don’t want to go home
Thank you so much for an amazing trip of a lifetime for our crazy crew. We loved our tour in Croatia, the food, fun and the yachts. You are a great crew and you made our trip so special! Thank you for everything!
I really appreciate how you took care of our family. You were very safe and in complete control. The food service and your hospitality was amazing. The restaurants you picked for us on shore were the best. Thank you and we hope to see you again!
10 - 17 JUNE 2019
We had an amazing time with you guys (Alexey, Alex and Olga). The kids had a blast and they cannot wait to do it again!!
01 - 08 JUNE 2019
We had a wonderful trip in Croatia! The crew Olga, Alexi and Alexander were absolutely wonderful and made us feel right at home! Olga cooked such amazing meals and always made sure that we had more than enough food. Alexi and Alexander were wonderful and took us to many beautiful places! We absolutely loved all the stops and getting to know the crew. We are so sad that our trip has come to an end. What an amazing and magical way to start the summer!! You all are the best! We love you all!!
09 – 16 SEPTEMBER 2018
To the Sea Bliss crew:
Thank you for a great week in Croatia! We had a great time exploring the islands, eating wonderful meals, sleeping 😊 and drinking a little too much! Thank you for taking care of us from down to dusk, again & again.
Hope to be back someday soon.
Thank you, the American & the Mexicans!
01 – 08 SEPTEMBER 2018
Great week aboard Sea Bliss with her crew. Saw a bit of everything-rain, wind, a lot of sun, lightning and though it all we had a fabulous week in Croatia which will stick long in the memories of all.
Crew did a great job all week, so we didn’t need to lift a finger for anything!
Hope some day we will be able to return and see some more of the Croatia Islands!
22 – 29 AUGUST 2018
Thank you for your hospitality. It was a pleasure… For me an experience cook on the boat… Anna is a special person!
Thank for all…

01 – 15 AUGUST 2018
Hi Alexey, Alexander and Anna
These 15 days were wonderful. We appreciate a lot what we did.
Alexey found lovely places where it was possible to fish.
With the delicious cooking prepared by Anna, we enjoyed the meals.
Except the last day, weather was pretty good and the crew excellent.
Again, Thank you a lot for everything.
With our best regards
16 – 28 JULY 2018
Dear Alexey, Alexander and Anna
We enjoyed this trip very much! Since our last experience, I am glad to note substantial improvement and very good maintenance of the catamaran. All your initiatives are to the point and have made the boat appearance and environment much better.
The service was very good and as usual the atmosphere very friendly.
The crew seems to be balanced and on friendly terms with each other.
We want to tell some special words to Anna, who is an excellent chef and very pleasant person.
We are fully satisfied and your service has been above our expectations!
Many Thanks!
07 – 14 JULY 2018
Dear Anna, Alexey and Alexander
Thank you for this amazing trip it was wonderful. Thank you Anna for your amazing meals. Thank you Alex for your beautiful and safe nots and thank you Captain for the safe trip. It was awesome. The rooms were so comfortable and wake boarding/ water skiing too. The bays where we stopped were soooo beautiful and the harbours were so interesting. We all hope to see you again on another cruise. Once again, many thanks!

23 – 30 JUNE 2018
Dear Alexey, Alexander and Anna
Thank you for the most amazing week. Croatia is spectacular! We had an awesome trip. Food was fantastic and who can forget Anna’s special salad. Thanks for everything.
16 – 19 JUNE 2018
Dear Alexey, Alexander and Anna
We embarked on Sea Bliss on 16 June 2018, a day after Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0 at the opening game of the world cup in Moscow and YOU and YOUR CATAMARAN defeated all other crews & boats out there in the sea.
It is our first time as a family to go on a trip like this and we must say we probably will never experience anything like it.
It was a special journey with memorable times from the food, scenery, waves, sun and even failed attempts at water skiing.
Thank you for showing us the beauty of the Adriatic islands.
We hope you visit us in Saudi Arabia and let us show you the beauty of the Arabian desert, dunes, palm trees and stars.
With love
19 – 26 MAY 2018
Sea Bliss gave us an amazing week. We felt in paradise!! We had so much fun, laughs, great moments and trips thanks to the best crew in the world. Thanks for everything, we will NEVER forget these incredible days on board. We are going to miss you and this beautiful country so much.
Was a very beautiful trip, with a great crew and very cozy boat, has been a wonderful week with my family. The best for the crew, a great team
11-18 September 2017
We had an amazing trip and the boat & crew exceeded our expectations. Croatia is a beautiful country and the Sea Bliss was the perfect way to explore it! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality! We hope to be back soon!
1-9 September 2017
Amazing trip in Croatia in the Sea Bliss! The crew was excellent and everything was perfect! We hope to come back soon we gonna miss it! Thank you for everything
13 – 20 August 2017
Amazing trip on the Sea Bliss! Best vacation ever! We never wanted it to end! The sea, food, journeys were all fabulous but the crew made it especially special for us. We will miss them and the beautiful country of Croatia.
24 June to 1 July 2017
As the days went by we became more relaxed and happy thanks to the wonderful boat and crew! This trip was meaningful to all of us in so many ways and we look forward to returning to Croatia very soon – the food and drinks on board were amazing and we felt very safe with Captain. Hvar and the nightclub scene were what my boy were looking for. Great paddle boarding for Greg and I and wakeboarding for George were the highlights. Thank you so much and if you are in California please look for us up.
17-21 June 2017
What a spectacular trip! First to Solta with nice little bays, great swimming’s and wonderful views! The crew was awesome! Serving drinks and great food! Then to Dubrovnik for more of the same. Then finishing up with the blue cave and Hvar - just beautiful!! Thanks for everything it was truly a great vacation!

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