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Coffee, Tea, yogurts, toast & jam, cereals, boiled eggs and a cheese platter are offered daily, accompanied by a tropical fruit platter

Omelettes Made To Order Served with an array of cheeses,
breakfast meats, and vegetables to choose from

Avocado toast with Bacon, tomato, lettuce sprouts and feta
cheese served with scrambled eggs and overnight oats

Shakshuka poached eggs with a tomato sauce topped with
feta cheese, served with sausage

French Toast with a fruit salad bowl, berry cream cheese
and turkey sliders

Hash brown potatoes topped with bacon, cheddar cheese
and parsley served with a fried egg and a yogurt parfait side

Overnight chia pudding with fruits and berries


Creamy mushroom linguine

Caesar salad with Blackened Chicken or Shrimp

Grilled tuna steak with mashed peas

Andalusian Salmorejo soup

Mediteranian Falafel balls over a crisp veggie salad, topped
with tzatziki sauce. Served with pita bread, hummus, and a
side of tahini sauce
 Lime and garlic grilled chicken served with rice and mango

 Pulled pork sliders with crunchy cabbage slaw


Charcuterie board with various cheeses, fruits, nuts and meats

Stuffed mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce

Grilled zucchini rollups

Veggie spring rolls with a sweet chili sauce

Brie and bacon or brie and apricot marmalade canapés

 Caprese salad fresh mozzarella cheese with sliced
tomatoes and basil served with baguettes
Baked catch of the day served with baked potatoes and
garnished with arugula and cherrie tomatoes

Pesto creamy Risotto garnished with pistachios and basil
with optional shrimp, smoked salmon or prosciutto

 Beef Filet mignon grilled with rosemary and butter served
with grilled brussel sprouts with parmesan cheese and a side
of butter parsley

BBQ Pork ribs served on a bed of couscous and a coleslaw
side salad

Beef stew over a bed of gnocchi

Greek style lamb burgers with grilled eggplant

Stuffed turkey breasts with pancetta, cheese, and swiss
chard with a creamy mushroom and leek risotto.
Cocoa dark brownie with chocolate chips served with
strawberries and vanilla ice cream

Passion fruit mousse garnished with chocolate

Banana cardamom sorbet with a crunchy almond praline
Fruit of the season crumble (pineapple, coconut, mango)
with vanilla ice cream


Mango Mousse with passion fruit coulis

Homemade berry sorbet

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