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Mediterranean Yacht Charter by Sneed Charters

STARFISH Yacht Charters
Sneed Yacht Charters.

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We have both traditional masks/snorkels as well as the new full face snorkel masks on Starfish.

Sailing up the Drake Channel.

Kneeboarding! Even big kids get to have watersports fun! We also have a big tube, wakeboard, and skis for the adventurous.

Kayaking through turquoise blue waters in search of sea turtles off St. John. Does it get any better?

6 big comfy beanbags make riding on the trampoline while under sail a joy! Cocktails anyone?

Float party!

Let the FLOATING ISLAND shenanigans begin!


Good friends, good times.

Starfish guests enjoying the Michael Beans "Happy Arrrr" show at Leverick Bay. (And, yes, we have costumes!)

Sneed Yacht Charters.