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Breakfast Choices

Coffee, Tea, Fruit salad,

Orange juice, Eggs/omelette, Toast, ham, cheese,

Greek Yogurt with honey, Marmalade, Corn flakes, Greek pies.   

Salads choices

Traditional Greek salad / Hearts of lettuce with olive oil & Balsamico /

Chicken salad / Shrimps salad / Tuna salad  

Greek Starters

Assorted cold cuts / Tzatziki / Olives / Saganaki (fried cheese) /

Smoked salmon / Grilled mushrooms & vegetables / Octopus in vinegar

sauce / Smoked fish / Rusk with white cheese tomato ring / Grilled feta

cheese / Taramosalada 

First courses choices 

Penne (pasta) in tomato-Basil / Spaghetti in olive oil garlic sauce /

Linguini in tuna sauce / Spaghetti alla carbonara / Tomato soup /

Crepes with ham & cheese / Crepes with spinach / Mushrooms ala


Main courses choices

Musaka (traditional Greek dish baked with eggplant, zucchini, potatoes,

béchamel) / Stuffed tomatoes with rice / Stifado (traditional Greek dish

with fresh meat cooked in tomato sauce & onions / Baked Chicken with

potatoes / Oven roasted Fillet Steaks / Lamp chops / Roasted Fresh fish

/ Roasted shrimps 

Desserts Choices:

Variety of traditional Greek pastries with honey / Yogurt with fruits –

honey / Fruit salad / coffee / tea

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