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The Mediterranean is host of different events during the year. The best way to attend is by yacht. We can help you with your corporate entertainment. Seminars, meetings, lodging and celebrations can be held onboard.>Our speciality for events like  Monaco Grand prix Cannes Film Festival MIDEM, MIPIN, MIPCOM and others are to provide luxury yacht charters suitable for your group.

Cannes Film Festival yacht charter
Cannes Film Festival yacht charter

The yacht will provide all necessary elements for the success of your company presentation. The vessel can be branded with company logo or name as well with decoration with your theme. This will be a high standard profile during the events

The yacht can act as a meeting, conference and office during the day. Close to the main event allow you to bring customers for presentation or sale speech. Onboard the food drinks and service will be provided it by the crew. Late in the afternoon the crew could prepare cocktail parties. In the night, nice dinners prepare for the yacht exclusive chef. To be in a luxury yacht will be better than any five star hotels. The following are the festivals and events where we can provide yacht charter corporate services: