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CaptainToni Koceić Croatian 0
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Crew Profiles:
After finishing his studies he had to choose between being a civil engineer or life at sea. Going for a second option was one of the best decisions in his life. He enjoys spending time at sea, sailing and meeting new people. His goal is to fulfil your holiday with a good memories and experiences while taking care of the safety of the boat and crew on- board. Toni has been active in regattas since his early age, and holds a Yacht Master certificate.
He is fluent in English and has a great nautical and yachting knowledge always ready to share it with guests on board.YOUR CHEF
Mladen Dragojlovic was born in 1982 in Pozega, Croatia. After graduating from Faculty of Civil Engineering, he founded his own company. He was involved in various projects connected with rural tourism, such as designing and supervision of accomodation facilities for Zlatni Lug near his hometown. Raised in a family which nurtures and shares passion for food, enabled him to develop his own taste for cooking. Cooking was always his interest and he decided to translate it from a hobby to profession. That led him to finish a culinary ''chef on board''training by professional and respected chef. With creative cooking and open-minded personality his goal is to make your holiday the best you ever had.
WHAT MAKES HIM HAPPY BESIDES HIS WORK, SEA & BOATS: He also enjoys sports, music, discovering foreign cuisines, spending time in the countryside; caring for his planted forest and vegetable garden.

Paula is experienced chef with creative, flexible and friendly personality. She enjoys working as a yacht chef because she loves cooking, sailing and meeting new people from all over the world. She discovered her love for cooking since she was a child, and since then enjoys in endless possibilities of creativity in kitchen. She is enthusiastic in presenting local and mediterranean food specialties to her guests, creating unique gastronomic experience for them.
Paula takes care in providing the best local and quality ingredients. She also likes to play with fusions of mediterranean and other world cuisines, adjusting her menus to preferences of each group. The best moment in her job is when plates come back empty. That makes her happy and motivated in doing her best.

Marita was born in Smokvica, small village on the beautiful island of Korčula. She has plenty of experience in being a stewardess on board. She is fluent in English and Italian language, and she knows the basics of German and Spanish as well.

Toni Koceić
Yacht Captain

Paula Markovina
Yacht Chef

Marita Radovanović
Yacht Stewardess

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