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Sample menu by Karlo MANDIC

Beef carpaccio with toasted hazelnut - tuna tartar (focaccia)
Crab donuts with caviar - gratin scallops - 3 way’s celery
Uramaki/nigiri - sea bass pate

Day 1
Breakfast : smoked salmon, avocado toast, scrambled eggs with prawns and fruits
Lunch : lamb chops with roasted potatoes/lentils and greek salad
Dinner : sea bass filets with kale, green pieces/wasabi espuma and mussels foam
Dessert : parfaits white chocolate with strawberry coulis

Day 2
Breakfast : spinach pancakes, prosciutto, melon, greek yogurt
Lunch : brodetto squid/grilled shrimp
Dinner : duck breast, glazed carrot, parsnip puree, red wine sauce
Dessert : panna cotta with seasonal fruit

Day 3
Breakfast : omelette (frittata) zucchini, local sausages
Lunch : parmigiana/chicken drumstick marinated in oranges juice and soya sauce
Dinner : cioppino/fried smelt fish
Dessert : apple pie reconstruction

Day 4
Breakfast : eggs benedict
Lunch : artichokes salad with parmesan and vinaigrette
Dinner : lobster tail with veggie terrine and bisque
Dessert : sorbeto lemon

Day 5
Breakfast : almond butter toast, fruit, club sandwich
Lunch : filet mignon, asparagus, broccoli, green pepper sauce
Dinner : tagliatelle al tartufo
Dessert : strawberry tiramisu

Day 6
Breakfast : quiche, oatmeal with banana peanut butter, smoothie
Lunch : pesce al forno / fresh cherry tomato salad
Dinner : veggie spring rolls
Dessert : lemon tart

Day 7
Breakfast : tuna tataki/cucumber salad, cheese and meat snack
Lunch : rib eye, mille-feuilles, fermented rye, demi glace sauce

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