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Number of Crew: 5Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek

Crew Profiles:
Captain: TBA

Chef: Ayram Gil Marin

Ayram is a young, dynamic chef from Venezuela. She has been working in the yachting industry already for the past 8 years, onboard private and charter yachts up to 25 meters in length. She is an extremely versatile chef and has absolute confidence adapting to various cultural cuisines such as Peruvian, Caribbean, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian, Latin, Arabic and American. She is also open to incorporating low fat, raw, vegan, gluten free and vegetarian elements into the regular menus. For her cooking is a true passion! She enjoys learning about new flavours and cuisines and continually strives to develop new skills. Her main priority is to keep both her guests and crew happy with her creations by giving 100% in every task. She is easy-going, smiley and a true professional on the yacht! She speaks Spanish and English.

Chief Stewardess: Kirsty Ravell

Kirsty was born in 1993 in South Africa. She is an experienced crew member who has worked as a stewardess/cook onboard a privately owned 70ft Power Catamaran for one year (summer and winter) in the Mediterranean. During her time on board, she has gained confidence in a range of duties. Prior to joining the yachting industry, Kirsty worked as a coach/trainer at an e-commerce company, providing her with immense experience in management and quality control duties. She also has experience in the hospitality industry as a front-of-house hostess. Having worked from a young age, Kirsty has developed strong life skills and learned how to thrive in any kind of situation. She has always had a very optimistic approach to life and has had many opportunities to expand her work ethic and relationship-building skills within the companies and yachts she has worked for. Kirsty believes that she can bring these skills to a crew and be a valuable team member on board to take the best care of their guests! She speaks English and Spanish.

Stewardess: Elizabeth Ravell
Elizabeth was born in 1996 in South Africa and currently resides in Palma, Spain. She has experience with a variety of yachting duties, including interior works, washdowns, line work, and tender driving, from her time as a personal trainer, deckhand, and stewardess. In addition to her maritime experience, Elizabeth has over three years of hospitality experience, which has given her the ability to pay attention to the smallest of details. She has a substantial interest in fitness, health, and nutrition, and she is a certified fitness instructor with knowledge and experience in the fitness industry. In addition, Elizabeth possesses a degree in Human Resource Management, which has equipped her with the ability to comprehend transparent communication, team dynamics, and dedication to the welfare of colleagues. Elizabeth is a team member, inventive thinker, enthusiastic, and diligent worker who will contribute 100% to the success of the crew on board Grayone. She speaks English and Spanish.

Deckhand: Jhonny Barreto

Jhonny was born in Spain. He has graduated from Polytechnical University of Catalunya. He has been working 29 years in teams of different nationalities. He has managed his nautical career and nautical job simultaneously. He is highly motivated, disciplined and with great attitude to achieve personal and professional objectives. Johnny is very active person, he likes running, mountain bike and snorkelling.

Kirsty Ravell
Chief Stewardess

Elizabeth Ravell

Jhonny Barreto

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