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From the Chef Maria Anna Di Gregorio

Mazara red prawn carpaccio with vegan prawn Majonese, yuzu emulsion, almonds and citrus jelly,
Millefeuille of avocado and salmon and passion fruit,
Clam soup with toasted black bread,

Tuna tartare with yuzu gel, mango chili sauce and avocado mousse,
Scallops on celeriac cream, shitake mushrooms, capocollo chips and seaweed powder,
Shrimp and mango salad with fresh coriander.

Meat and Vegetables

Vegetable millefeuille on Sardinian pecorino cheese fondue, crispy bread wafer and beetroot chips,
Eggplant caponata with crunchy almonds,
Beef tartare with truffle scent,

Beef tartare craker with onion, fried egg yolk chicory and vegan mayonese, Caprese at the three tomatoes with pearls of balsamic vinegar, pesto sauce and crispy bread wafer,
Aubergine parmigiana, fondue and parmesan wafer, hot spicy emulsion and aubergine chips.


Risotto with red prawns from Mazara del Vallo, lime and pistachio powder, Maccheroncini with grouper, cherry tomatoes, basil and saffron cream of courgette flowers,
Bronze drawn spaghetti from Garagnano with mullet bottarga and clams, Linguine with mandarin mussels and tuna bottarga,

Risotto with citrus pesto and shrimp tartare Risotto creamed with shrimp and lime cream and shrimp carpaccio.

Meat and vegetables

Garganelli with Pistachio di Bronte pesto, ricotta cream, and confit cherry tomatoes,
Spaghetti alla chitarra with courgette flowers, burrata cheese stracciatella with basil scent,

Risotto with broad bean cream, drops of burrata and blueberry Pumpkin confit risotto,
Cannonu wine reduction and drops of Parmesan cream Licorice risotto and lavender honey,

Maltagliati pasta with asparagus cream and crispy bacon
Emmer (farro) with tomato mousse, buffalo stracciatella and parsley chlorophyll.



Crispy tuna cooked at low temperature with shallot crackers, tomato jelly and caper paté with parsley chlorophyll,
Tuna with two sesame on a bed of Mayonese with citrus fruits,
Sea bass in pink salt with vegetable pie, vegan turmeric mayonese and rosemary emulsion,

Octopus with vegetable cream on a bed of carasau bread,
Fillet of turbot, capers from Pantelleria, cherry tomatoes, thyme and black salt Sicilian stuffed squid,
Seared croaker with potato cream, pistachio and pumpkin paté drops,
Monkfish and grouper cooked in pots cooking with clams and mussels,
Swordfish rolls with citrus fruits.

Meat and vegetables

Beef fillet cooked at low temperature with potato pie and demiglace sauce and spinach chlorophyll,
Beef rolls with pistachios,
Beef fillet cooked at low temperature on a pea puree, balsamic vinegar reduction and vegetable pie,

Duck breast with orange with two chocolates,
Stew with ginger and vegetables,
Boiled meatballs on potato cream, green sauce and pepper sauce, Grilled vegetables with chickpea hummus and Moroccan spiced lentils, Eggplant rolls,
Poached egg on parmesan cream and crunchy bacon.


Sicilian cannolo decomposed,
Black chocolate and pear tart with vanilla ice cream quarrels, Tiramisu my way,
Semifreddo with crunchy and candied orange,
Semifreddo with almonds.

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