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CaptainConan Tremblay Canadian 0
Chef/HostessJulie Sirois Canadian 0
Number of Crew: 2Languages: French, English, Spanish

Crew Profiles:
Captain: Conan Tremblay

Coming from a family of boat builders, Captain Conan has been sailing the world since he was very young, on various vessels. With more than 25,000 nautical miles under his belt, he now perpetuates his family tradition of sailing and puts his extensive experience on the sea to good use, for the pleasure of his guests. In addition to being a captain, Conan is a professional marine engineer, a formidable lobster fisherman and a magnet for Mahi Mahi! He will make you discover the unique beauty of the Bahamas in a safe and authentic atmosphere.

Chef/Hostess: Julie Sirois

Therapist by profession, Julie is a true sea addict and a passionate cook. Sailing the seas for 15 years with dedication onboard numerous motor and sailing boats, she has navigated the United States, Canada and Caribbean. Versatile and resourceful, she feels confident preparing exquisite cuisine and taking care of the guests. Her priority is to offer an excellent service to the guests, by being very attentive, adapting to their needs, and delighting them with exceptional flavors.

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