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Previously named OCULUS

CaptainMATÍAS JAVIER BÓVEDA Argentinian 0
ChefROMINA SOLONJA Argentinian 1979
Number of Crew: 3Languages: Spanish/ English/ Portuguese

Crew Profiles:

Matias originates from Argentina, where boating and water sports were part of his childhood. He learned how to sail with his father, with whom they built two sailboats with their own hands. Brave southern seas were the reason for his interest in cruising in the first place. After a year in Brazil Matias moved to Barcelona, where he broadened his expertise taking part in numerous regattas as a crew member and skipper.

His curiosity in how things work helped him develop a precise knowledge of every aspect of yacht operations. Matias has cruised extensively the Caribbean waters, as well as completed an Atlantic crossing. He is also a professional kite surfer, who loves to share his skills with others. True adventurer, he is always eager to deliver exciting local experiences to his charter guests.

His set of skills, friendly personality and professionalism ensure that your vacation is everything you expect. Matias looks forward to welcoming you on board ASCENSION and hopes to make your stay an unforgettable one.


Romina’s career in the yachting industry was a gradual progression from a Stewardess to a Chef. On her way to become an outstanding professional, she has worked on various types of vessels in in different areas in both Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Romina likes to break away from the conservative approach and enjoys surprising her guests with out of the box delicacies. She never stops to master her culinary skills and always thrives for perfection and creativity.

Apart from her passion for food, she is fond of activities such as crossfit, yoga, snorkelling and canoeing.
Passionate about new flavours, Romina will make sure that every meal includes nutritious fresh ingredients and that everyone on board gets exactly what they are craving for.

Deckhand - Galo Romero Argerich

Truly fond of sailing, Galo is a reliable and easy-going deckhand. Never running out of energy, he knows how to be attentive to guests’ needs. His priority is to make each moment unique and special, so guests have the best time on board. His experience on various boats allow him to share his passion for the sea and its wonders with knowledge and enthusiasm.



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