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CaptainTommy 0 RYA Yacht Master
Chef/First MateJess 0 STCW
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English

Crew Profiles:

Captain Tommy and Chef Jess

Chef Jess: Jess is a chef who brings her passion for cooking into the galley. She was trained as a chef at Johnson and Wales University, but her interest in cooking started long before that.

Jess was raised on the coast of Long Island in a large Sicilian family that revolves around the kitchen and traditional Italian cuisine. Before arriving in the Caribbean she worked in the kitchen at Rucula, a high end rustic Italian restaurant in the Boerum Hill Neighborhood of Brooklyn NY. She brings a lifetime of cooking experience to each dish she makes, leaning heavily on the local island produce and fresh seafood.

Jess loves skateboarding, swimming, hiking, photography, and is using training for her next marathon in her free time.

Captain Tommy and chef Jess look forward to welcoming you aboard Galaxsea

Chef/First Mate

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