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Benedicte con proscioutto
Fried or scrambled bacon mushrooms
Poached with salmon and avocado cream
Scrambled with spinach and goat cheese
Greek omelette feta cheese basil tomato
Aegean omelette with Antiparian sausage and gruyere from Naxos

PANCAKES (whole grain flour with honey) Red fruits coulis
Maple syrup

ACAI bowl ( acai,mango,red fruits,almonds)
GRANOLA Homemade (with oat milk or greek yogurt and Aegean honey)


ABC (apple,beetroot,carrot,ginger)
Green( green apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, mint, ginger)
Red ( red fruits, honey, greek yogurt)
Choco Banana (banana, cocoa, oat milk, tahini, peanutbutter, honey)

Variety with local jams and cheeses
Wholegrain, multigrain, Zea’s (gluten free ) breads and croissants


1st day
L: Greek Salad( tomato, tomato cherries, xinomizithra Antiparian cheese,

cucumber, copper leaves, kritamo and glistrida local herbs, extra virgin oil, petimezi )

Bruschettas (with salty anchovies and herring ) Octopus with Fava cream from santorini

D: Spinach baby leafs salad with manoura local cheese , dried figs , almonds Baba Ganoush ( aubergine smoked with tahini )
Tagliatta Lamb with stamnagkathi herb from Crete

2nd day

L: Tabbouleh with quinoa
Tartare Red Mullet with radish,lime, xtra olive oil, coliander, tomato Stuffed peppers with raisins , trachana a greek version of cous-cous , mint

D: Carpaccio Seabass with avgotaracho greek roe and sea urchin Burrata with tomato cherries confit and basil
Chicken Carry with politico pilaf ( rise Constantinople style)

3rd day
L: Melon Salad with arseniko cheese , mint, green onion top on rocket

Lobster grilled with citrus fruits sauce

D: Marathopitakia herb small pies from Crete
Quinoa with mackerel salty fillet and orange sauce Grouper Fish soup veloute with fillet of the fish and leek

4th day
L: Ampelofasoula summer Beans with sea salt and vinegar Squid grilled with trachana and vegetables

D: Caesars Salad with egg yolk parmesan and anchovies Japan Rib eye Kobe with sweet potato poure

5th day
L: Ntakos with Kopanisti mykonian cheese Cretan salad with barley rusk tomato and xtra olive oil

Redmullet grilled with fried potatoes and hollandaize

D: Grilled Shrimps salad with cashews and ginger-orange dressing Red Tzatziki with walnuts
Tortillia Shrimps ceviche with avocado , salsa fresca, coliander

6th day
L: Steamed vegetables with yogurt-mint dressing Grilled Salmon with soya sause

D: Almyra steamed salad (Greek herb that grows near the sea ) Taramosalata (roe with xtra olive oil)

Lobster Gamopilafo Cretan style risotto

7th day
L: Ceviche seabass mango, coconut milk, coriander, avocado Seaweed Salad with baby spinach and miso vinegar

Grilled Squid with wasabi mayo
D: Green Salad with aged gruyere from Naxo

Steak sauce Espagnole with grilled asparagus

Halva with raisins and almonds

Greek yogurt with compote and cinnamon
Mousse chocolate
Skaltsounakia (Gretan small cheese pies ) with thyme honey and cinnamon Walnutcake with kaimaki icecream


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