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CaptainReinhardt 0 RYA Yacht Master
Chef/First MateCara 0 STCW
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Meet the crew for season 2022/23!

Captain Reinhardt and chef Cara

Captain Reinhardt is a certified 200t Master of Yachts with a large amount of knowledge on all things boating and water toys related.
Growing up in South Africa, Reinhardt has grown to love the outdoors and all the fun activities it has to offer. He has spent the last couple of years pursuing his passion of the ocean and the outdoors. From sailing countless miles across the Mediterranean and the red sea as crew and as Captain on boats of all shapes and sizes, hiking and mountain biking through many mountain ranges and single tracks all over South Africa, to skydiving in Dubai.

Reinhardt is a well rounded adventurer and with his knowledge of the ocean and his calm and friendly personality, you are sure to have a great charter vacation with Reinhardt as your Captain.

Chef Cara is a happy person who loves life! She was born in South Africa and grew up in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. Cara has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia over the past 10 years. These opportunities allowed her to eat at some of the finest establishments around the world.

Good food and good wine is something Cara enjoys and is at her most happiest when she is cooking at home with her Dad. The family loves entertaining and Cara found her flair for hospitality and hosting at a young age. Cara worked at local restaurants in South Africa and after her schooling, pursued a career working on super yachts in France, Italy and Monaco before joining a new yacht company in the USA.

Her favourite past times include reading, shopping, fashion and being a “sun child’ and all outdoors activities!
Cara’s message to guests would be along the lines of “mi casa es su casa”- my house is your house, and she looks forward to hosting you onboard together with Captain Reinhardt!


Chef/First mate

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