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Bavarian Bliss SAMPLE MENU


Eggs bennidictine with bacon and hollandaise sauce served with roasted sweet potatoes and thyme

Smoked salmon and creme cheese sesame bagel topped with red pickled onions and capers served with fresh fruits

French crepes rolled in with ham, cheese and asparagus, drizzled with a Dijon bechamel sauce

Turkish poached eggs served over a garlicky yogurt and fresh herbs, finished with a warm spicy butter with warm naan bread

Breakfast sandwich with bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs with freshly made fruit salad

French toast served with brandy flamed wild berries topped with a vanilla chantilly creme with a coulis of maple syrop

Creamy avocado toast with curry mayo topped with over easy eggs served with a mango,tomato and cilantro salad with limy vinaigrette


Fish tacos served on corn tortilla with a mango, tomato and pineapple salsa topped with pickled red cabbage, spicy mayo and limy cilantro

Smooth ceviche with coconut milk and clementine served with plantain chips

Charred shrimp & pesto Buddha bowls served on a bed of arugula salad and quinoa with avocado and pinneaple

Beef and mango salad with roasted cashew and pistachio nuts, cilantro and Thai basil with a honey based vinaigrette

Greek beef burgers with and herb-feta sauce served with wedged thyme fries and harissa mayo

Tuna tartar with English cucumber and fried wonton, served with a green luscious salad


Watermelon, cucumber, feta and mint salad with balsamic reduction topped with sweet chili charred shrimps


Fattoush salad with lemony dressing

Yogourt marinated chicken breast, roasted peppers with basmati rice, homemade tzaziki sauce served with  crispy fried pita

Lemon cheese tart with a shot of limoncello 


Buratta salad with grilled peach, heirloom tomatoes, ribbon of cucumbers with a balsamic dressing

Beef carpaccio with fried capers, shaved parmesan, yellow beets and arugula, balsamic reduction with crispy garlic bread baguette

Chocolate lava cake served with a raspberry coulis and pistachio ice cream and an expresso


Kale Cesar salad, freshly grated parmesan, croutons and crispy bacon

Filet mignon served with roasted garlic fingerling potatoes, buttery green beans and a chimichurri sauce

Crème brûlée infused with rose water topped with wild berries paired with Poire Williams Prisonnière Pear Brandy


Classic savoury Bruschetta with Italian tomatoes and finely chopped chives

Osso buco with zesty gremolata and creamy garlic parsnip purée

Dutch oven blueberry pancake with vanilla whipped cream paired with a lemon drop lavender shot


Gazpacho made with Italian tomatoes, served with a sesame cheese bite

Gnocchis with wild mushroom creme sauce and crispy pancetta

Pana Cotta served with warm hot fudge sauce and fresh raspberries on top paired with an espresso martini


Fennel and citrus salad served with a lemon sweet honey vinaigrette

Seared Codd served on super green cavalo Nero sauce spaghetti topped with a crispy lemony kale and sourdough crumble

Japanese cake with fresh creme paired with a mint Tom Collins


Charcuterie board with local cured meats with a variety of cheeses, grapes and croutons

Paella with sweet chorizo, shrimp and chicken scented with safran

Classic Tiramissu paired with an amaretto shot

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