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Start Date End Date Details
May 27, 2022Jun 05, 2022Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Jun 10, 2022Jun 17, 2022Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Jun 19, 2022Jun 26, 2022Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Jun 28, 2022Jul 05, 2022Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Jul 08, 2022Jul 13, 2022Hold/Option Taken: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Jul 20, 2022Jul 27, 2022Booked: Staniel Cay, Bahamas* to Staniel Cay, Bahamas*
Jul 30, 2022Aug 06, 2022Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Aug 08, 2022Oct 28, 2022Unavailable: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Nov 09, 2022Nov 16, 2022Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Jan 17, 2023Jan 22, 2023Hold/Option Taken: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Mar 06, 2023Mar 13, 2023Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to Staniel Cay, Bahamas*
Mar 17, 2023Mar 24, 2023Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to Nassau, Bahamas*
Oct 25, 2023Nov 01, 2023Booked: Nassau, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
High Rate:
34,000 USD per week
Low Rate:
30,700 USD per week
MCA Compliant: MCA Compliant
Rates are Inclusive
Taxes, re-location fees, cruising permits and licenses may be extra. Please verify with clearing house.
Cruising Permit: Paid by Client  Licenses: Paid by Client
Seasonal/Individual Rates
 CurrencyTerms2 Pax3 Pax4 Pax5 Pax6 Pax7 Pax8 Pax
Summer 2022US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$31,000$31,500$32,000$32,500$33,000$33,500$34,000
Winter 2022/2023US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$31,000$31,500$32,000$32,500$33,000$33,500$34,000
Summer 2023US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$31,000$31,500$32,000$32,500$33,000$33,500$34,000

Additional Rate Details:

For 6 night charters, divide weekly rate by 7 nights X 6 nights. For 5 nights or less, divide weekly rate by 6 nights X number of nights.

RATES ARE PLUS 4% TAX (not subject to commission)

Yacht will only relocate for charters 6 nights or longer. Please inquire for availability.
Relocation fees are + 4% tax and not subject to commission.
Nassau -
No relocation fee
Staniel Cay
- $700 one-way - $1,500 round-trip
- $700 one-way - $1,500 round-trip
Marsh Harbor -
$700 one-way - $1,500 round-trip

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE TIMES: Yacht offers a 3pm arrival and departure option. From Nassau especially, the later start works well for a short sail from the marina to a close island for a following morning start on the longer sail. On return, a later departure enables the crew to have a more leisure morning with the guests before departing on the return sail from the Exumas to Nassau. The yacht will provide lunch on the day of departure if they opt to leave at 3pm. They offer standard noon-noon arrival/departure time if preferred.

SLEEP ABOARD: Sleep aboard the night before charter dates. Available for $300 per cabin, with a 3 cabin minimum.
Includes boarding after 4pm, welcome cocktail and canapes plus a light breakfast the next morning. Dinner is to be taken ashore at client expense.

HALF-BOARD: Includes: 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches & 3 dinners. Requires 3 lunches & 4 dinners ashore at client expense.
2/$30,700 3/$31,050 4/$31,400 5/$31,750 6/$32,100 7/$32,450 8/$32,800

LOCAL FARE MEAL PLAN: Includes: 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches & 6 dinners. Requires 2 lunches and 1 dinner ashore at client expense.
2/$30,850 3/$31,275 4/$31,700 5/$32,125 6/$32,550 7/$32,975 8/$33,400

CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS: 7 night minimum
CHRISTMAS: 1-8 guests @ $40,800 - charter must end by12/26/22
NEW YEARS: 1-8 guests @ $44,200 - charter may not start prior to 12/27/22 

Summer Base Port: Bahamas
Summer Operating Area: Bahamas
Winter Base Port: Bahamas
Winter Operating Area: Bahamas
Location Details:

Sneed Yacht Charters.