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CaptainSylvio LeBlanc Canadian 0
Chef/First MateAnne Marie Lindell 0
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Sylvio was truly blessed, growing up on the shores of the Northumberland Strait, located on the Atlantic Coast of Canada, where most activities revolve around the sea in some manner. As a kid he learned to sail at his local sailing school and did so for 9 consecutive years, where he liked to race dinghies but most of all he just loved to sail. Ever since he's been a young man, there is something about the salty Atlantic air that awakens a sixth sense in him. Sailing answers and satisfies many things for him.

After a career as an entrepreneur and seeing his boys off to college, he decided to plot a new course in life and tacked towards a career in professional yachting. After earning his Captain RYA Yachtmaster Certification and all other prerequisite tickets, he's never looked back.

He is a kind and generous Captain and host, who respectfully engages with his guests with a relaxed and calm demeanor. He enjoys collaborating with the charter guests to create a customized Charter Plan, as per their wish list. Whether it’s cruising to a secluded beach paradise or visiting the Islands must see spots or anything in-between, you're the boss. Simply point the way and Syl will assure you're making the most of living in the moment while you're making life's unforgettable memories.

Chef/First Mate Anne Marie Lindell:

Anne-Marie was born with a passion for travel and adventure. Throughout her life she has traveled extensively seeking to experience different cultures and their cuisines.

Her greatest success in life was raising her kids on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Canada. While doing so, she fell in love with all things nautical, and once the timing was right, she decided to pivot to professional yachting and has never looked back.

Having a wealth of experience in hospitality, customer service, and being an enthusiastic foodie has allowed her to seamlessly transition aboard Interlude. Her culinary styles are Mediterranean / Caribbean / Asian with an affinity for fresh local ingredients.

Anne-Marie is a very outgoing and generous host who serves her guests in a calm and respectful style; her goal is to surpass guests’ expectations.

Sylvio LeBlanc

Anne Marie

Sylvio LeBlanc

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