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Day One
Lunch menu / 3 Courses
White fish tartar with ginger, soy sauce, lemon zest and herbs
Mango salad
Garlicky herbed baguette
Fresh parpadelli pasta
Creamy pesto sauce
Sauteed cherry tomatoes
Lightly fired shaved pecorino 
Mini meringue lemon pie
Dinner Menu / 3 Courses
Confit zucchini carpaccio
Parma ham eclats
Fresh herbs cream
Crispy fried octopus tail
Roasted spicy carrots
Black olive sauce
Baby greens
Chard grilled pineapple squares
Caramalized cinnamon walnuts
Coconut ice cream
Day Two
Lunch Menu / 3 Courses
Goat cheese salad
Mix of greens
Seared figs
Smoked honey vinaigrette
Veggies stuffed pork loin
White beans puree
Green asparagus, diced bacon crispies
Almond crumble
Fresh berries
Chocolate caramel sauce
Dinner Menu / 3 Courses
Caponata brusquetta 
Shredded bufala mozzerella
Baby arugula
Grilled filet of beef
Ancienne mustard sauce
Sage mashed potatoes
Brown butter brussels sprouts
Passion fruit sponge cake
Grand Marnier flambe orange caramel 
Day Three
Lunch Menu / 3 Courses
Beetroot gravlax salmon
Pickled shallots
Fried capers
Mascarpone line cream
Mediteranean shrimp risotto
Peas soffritto
Crisp leeks
White chocolate basket
Raspberry mousse
Cocoa nibs
Dinner Menu / 3 Courses
Chickpeas croquettes filled with slowly cooked red meat Stracciatela sauce
Fresh parsley
Cashew nuts crusted lambchops
Romesco sauce
Roasted pumpkin
Mango tartelette
Creme patissier
Day Four
Lunch Menu / 3 Courses
Pan fried sea scallops with pink pepper
Kiwi vinaigrette
Picked purple carrots
Grilled lobster
Roasted cauliflower ravioli
Lobster bisque
Dark chocolate fudge cake with a rum sauce
Dinner Menu / 3 Courses
Endives, tzazki and anchovy salad
Greek flatbread
Sea salt baked whole fish
Small potatoes in heby olive oil
Sauteed broccoli with a lemon butter
Greek yogurt semifredo
Toasted pistachios
Salt caramel dates
Day Five
Lunch Menu / 3 Courses
Tuna tataki
Wasabi green apple, cucumber salad
Fried onions
Pan roasted duck magret
Magret jus
Creamy polenta
Roasted peppers
Fresh strawberries marinated with balsamic vinegar Mascarpone vanilla cream
Day Six
Lunch Menu / 3 Courses
Open crispy corn tortilla
Chicken in fresh black tomatoes and jalapeno
Guacamole sauce
Queso fresco
Beef tornado
Chanterelles mushrooms
White wine reduction
Zucchini flowers
Lavender creme brule

Day Seven
Lunch Menu / 3 Courses
Fried calamari rings
Dill and orange zest mayo
Fresh crunchy greens
Moules st frittes
Whole mussels in a white wine and parsley sauce
Fresh fries
Apple tarte tatin
Dinner / 3 Courses
Veggies terrine filled with feta cheese, almonds and dry apricots
Arugula pest sauce
Flambe bananas
Light and creamy caramel sauce
Torched marshmellows

Note: Menu plan to be adjusted for charter length, guest preferences and dietary restrictions

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