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Plate with cheese variety, eggs (fried, boiled, poached, scrabbled, omelet), cold cuts, bacon, sausages, cherry tomatoes, and avocado salad, smoked salmon with caper, tuna salad with burned onion

Croissants, pancakes, crepes, platter with summer fruits, Greek yogurt, thyme honey, marmalades, whole grain tahini, praline spread, dried fruits, granola, oats, cereals

All types of coffee - tea, smoothies, fresh orange juice, infused water

Day 1


Black garlic crostini with sea bass tartar

Escarole – Radicchio - Valerian salad with citrus fruits and almond fillets

Monkfish skewers with zucchini and red peppers served with celery root purée


Grilled mastelo and halloumi cheese with fresh thyme and lime

Spinach – rocket salad with caramelized peach, walnuts, and goat cheese

Lamb with rosemary and garlic pockets, served with baby potatoes

Day 2


Tomatoes mariné with basil pesto and spring onion Feta cheese with extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano Greek ratatouille


Black olive pâté crostini with filleted anchovies and cherry tomatoes Caprese salad

Salmon sauté with black linguine and truffle oil

Day 3


Greek creation with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring and dried onion, kritamo herb, and grilled manouri cheese Kodosuvli (big skewers of marinated pork or chicken) with tzatziki and pita bread


Tuna carpaccio with capers and rosé wine Baby potatoes salad with shrimps and truffle Seabass fricassee with tarragon and artichoke

Day 4


Cretan rusks with chopped tomatoes and feta cheese

French fries

Stuffed vegetables with summer flavorings


Chèvre cheese bruschetta with crunchy muesli and blueberry marmalade

Coleslaw salad with celery, walnuts, and pomegranate pearls

Coq au vin (Greek style) with Limniona wine and traditional pasta

Day 5


Gazpacho soup with spring mint and mozzarella Tabbouleh salad with quinoa

Lemon hummus with crispy pitas

Shrimps sautéed with lime, garlic, and chives


Pumpkin soup with orange and cardamom

Raw beetroot salad with carrot, green apple, and aioli sauce

Beef steak tagliata with potato purée

Day 6


Salad with tomato, boiled egg, and avocado

Grilled corn

Chicken ballotine stuffed with dried tomato and peppers served with baby potatoes and chimichurri sauce


(Greek meze night)

Variety of boiled beans with smoked trout Taramas salad

Octopus braised in vinegar Grilled squid with fresh herbs

Shrimps saganaki with ouzo, tomato sauce, and feta cheese

Day 7


Eggplant rolls with feta

Rocket salad with fig, prosciutto, and vinaigrette

Coquille big pasta stuffed with Bolognese sauce in the oven with parmesan mozzarella and basil


Steamed mussels sauté in Robola wine with fresh herbs and lime breeze

Vegetable banquet with parmesan flakes and balsamic vinegar

Fish of the day en papillote with fava beans

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