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Homemade Yogurt, Granola and fresh fruits

Fresh Breads, spreadable homemade cheeses and jam selection.

Eggs and Bacon 

Banana Pancakes with syrup and berries 

Chia Pudding

Fresh Cinnamon Rolls and Bakes 

All breakfasts served with fruit platter, fresh juices, teas and coffee. 



Mexican Chicken or Vegetable Tacos with different sides and sauces

Argentinian Empanadas - meat, cheese, vegetables, blue cheese and nuts

Tarta of Cheese, ham, vegetables or caramelized onion and cheese.

Homemade Pizza served with side salads 

BBQ lobster with sides including salad, rice or coconut noodles

Fresh Burgers and fresh fried potatoes, sides and salad.

Freshly caught Fish and Salads

Couscous with garlic sauce, coloured salads and farofa



Starters selection :

Coconut Shrimp

Sweet Fried Chicken 

Bravas Patatas

Focaccia with homemade dips 

Shrimp Empanada

Mediterannean mini brochettes 

Acid Caju and Avocado Toast


Mains Selection :

Fresh Fish with Creamy potatoes and fresh local vegetables 

Beef Pork Hot and Sweet (Argentinian)

Polenta with bolognese sauce and gratin cheese

BBQ Lobster on the grill with local vegetable sides and potatoes

Thai Curry - hot, spicy or super spicy

Fresh Pasta with mushroom creamy sauce and ciboulette.

Sushi Selections 

Fresh Shrimp and Special Rice 

Homemade Gnocci with Bolognese Sauce

Fried freshly caught Fish with Asian rice 

BBQ Chicken with homemade fries and Vincy vegetables



Oven Fruits with Ice cream

Homemade Berry Cheesecake

Apple Crumble 

Homemade Chocolate Cake

Homemade Lime Pie

Homemade Brownie and cream

Super Nutella Bread

Day Time Snacks and Dips 

Capresse Cone 

Whipped Feta Dips

Avacado Salmorejo

Brie sprout sliders

Sweet potato snacks

Homemade Cookies 

Alfacjores Maizena (Argentina) or Alfacoco 



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