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Breakfast Buffet

Oats and cereals, dairy, jam, fresh juice, croissants ( plain with butter, with chocolate filling) cheese and fruit platter, eggs and omelets based on your preference (scrambled fried, hardboiled, softboiled, benedict,etc...)
Toasted fresh bread with blanched spinach  cream cheese and eggs Benedict
Cornbread with baby arugula, avocado cream, and smoked salmon


Grilled peppers stuffed with cheese
Fava with caramelized onions and capers
Eggplant salad
Salad with beetroot, resin and coconut
Brussete with tomato and cream cheese
Roasted feta with cherry tomatoes and olives
Grilled vegetables
Mushrooms with balsamic cream
Freshly made zucchini-balls

Shrimp or crawfish Ceviche
(Diced cherry tomatoes, spicy peppers, orange flakes, garlic flakes, oil, and lime)
Crawfish Carpaccio with exotic fruits
Tuna tartar with spices, fresh chives, and caviar
Tuna tataki with citrus zest
Sashimi from fish freshly caught ( with lime, koum kouat flakes, orange flakes, cappuccino leaves, and citrus cream)
Tartar of freshly caught fish and peppers, cherry tomatoes, chives, herbs and spices, oil
Carpaccio from freshly caught fish, with citrus cream), flakes from fresh fruit and berries


Taliatella with steamed grouper
Grouper broth, handmade tomato sauce with peppers, lime juice, and zest, and fresh herbs
Giouvetsi with octopus, shrimp, parsley, cherry tomatoes, bay leaves, thyme
Roasted mullet stuffed with aniseed, parsley, spearmint, finocchio, and celery, served with wild fresh leaves( stamnagathi, vlita, ampelofasoula)
Fish soup (puréd): potato, carrot, finocchio, with sea bream cooked in baking paper with cherry tomatoes and thyme


Greek Mousaka with eggplants, potatoes, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, onions, minced beef-lamb and bechamel cream, kefalotiri (local cheese), and nutmeg
Greek Gemista -Bell peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice and herbs, served with roasted potatoes
Mussels cooked with white wine, garlic paste, and aniseed served with mussel saganaki with tomato sauce and feta
Mushroom risotto with parmesan and truffle oil


Chocolate mosaic with dried nuts
Pastafrola with exotic fruits
frozen yogurt with forest fruits





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