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Barbara Jane
Previously named Sunshine Baby
Barbara Jane SAMPLE MENU


Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon, caramelized onions and capers

Coconut French Toast Bake

Breakfast burritos or bowl (scrambled eggs, black beans, avocado, tomato, onion, salsa)

Savory Breakfast Strata 

Crepes with fruit and jams (can be made savory with meat, eggs, tofu, avocado)

Sausage and summer squash hash with fried egg

Spanish Tortilla Omelet with fresh salsa

Options: yogurt and fresh fruit, granola, oatmeal, Avocado Toast, Bagel and Cream Cheese

Option: Tofu scramble with peppers and onions

All breakfast is served with local fresh fruit and a Lemon-Ginger Yogurt Dip


Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich

Caprese (sandwich or salad)

Fish tacos with a lightly spiced tri-color slaw

Seafood Cobb Salad with house-made dressing

Canadian Bacon and Cheese bread served with fresh arugula and tomato

Build your own Foccacia

Burger – build your own with cole slaw

Pulled pork sandwiches

Tuna salad

Sliced turkey Wraps

Fresh veggies available: carrots, celery, cucumber, radishes

Eat out option: Lime Out - Floating taco bar


Tapenade with savory party bread

Charcuterie Board

Seafood Cakes with house-made remoulade sauce

Bang Bang Shrimp

Smoked Salmon and dill deviled eggs

Baked brie with cranberry, pecan, bacon crumble served with toast points

Pesto-Mozzarella Twists

Toasted Raviolli with marinara sauce

Steamed mussels with toast points

Caribbean lobster dip stuffed mini sweet peppers 

Baked sweet potato boats with goat cheese and balsamic drizzle

Fresh veggies available: carrots, celery, cucumber, radishes


Grilled blackened Fresh Fish over a bed of spinach with tri-colored Quinoa. Served with a Mediterranean salad of tomato, cucumber and red onion

Fresh Seafood Pasta in a pink vodka sauce served with fresh garlic toast. Served with Caesar Salad romaine boats with shaved parmesan, anchovies and croutons

 Seafood Risotto 

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Shrimp Mojo de Ajo (garlic) with cilantro lime rice. Served with Cucumber Jicama Salad

Louisiana-style crawfish (or shrimp) boil with potatoes, sausage and corn

Jerk Chicken with coconut “Rice and peas” Served with a Pear-adice Salad

Bleu Steak – BBQ steak with garlic mushrooms and crumbled bleu cheese with a side of roasted red potatoes. Served with Spinach salad with hard-boiled egg, bacon crumbles, mandarin oranges and green onion

Chicken Marbella with Garlic Mashed potatoes. Served with a simple green salad with chopped tomatoes and cucumbers in a light vinaigrette

Fish or Chicken Caponata with brown rice. Served with Arugula, avocado, pine nut Salad in a light vinaigrette

Eat out option: Pizza Pi night, Yachthaven

Quinoa and rice can be substituted with riced cauliflower

A selection of Fresh steamed veggies can be substituted for any of the salads or collard greens.


Brownie Brittle with fresh whipped cream and strawberries

Coconut Chia seed pudding with vanilla ice cream and berries

Eclairs with fresh mixed berries

Key Lime Pie with a scoop of sorbet

Plantains Foster with vanilla ice cream

Caribbean Coconut Rum Cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh pineapple

Fresh Fruit Smoothie Bowls with selection of toppings 

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