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CaptainJeremy HansbergerUSA1976USCG 100 Ton
Chef/First MateKylie KnibloeUSA1998
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Captain Jeremy Hansberger


-USCG 100 ton
-ASA Instructor 101-118
-PADI Staff Instructor/SSI Instructor
-STCW 10
-Food and Beverage Administrator

Jeremy was born in Sandusky, Ohio and grew up on the family farms. After high school, he started working with masonry and at 20 years old started his own company. He then joined to US Army a few years later to attend US Army diver course. Although he'd been on the water and islands of Lake Erie before joining the military, this was the point at which he knew he'd be on the water for a profession. After returning home, Jeremy moved to the Florida Keys to become a recreational dive instructor, spending over a decade boating and diving the keys. He next moved to Maui to continue to broaden his life experiences and professional aptitude becoming the director of dive operations at a large resort. Jeremy has continued to travel the world honing his skill set amassing over 5000 dives and multiple instructor level certifications. In addition to a thorough background in water sports and captaining, he also has 18 years in the restaurant and bar service industry. Jeremy's years of experience and wide range of skills have led him to become a well rounded charter captain with over 50 charters in the Leeward and Virgin Islands.

Kylie Knibloe


-STCW 10
-BS Marine Biology
-Kylie plans each of her menus around guest's likes, dislikes, and dietary requirements, so each week is a little bit different. Kylie loves using fresh ingredients, she grows her own herbs on board, and with the help of Jeremy, and the cooperation of the ocean, she prepares a fresh catch meal for every charter. Common fresh catch's include lobster, conch, and lion fish!

Kylie was born and raised in Buffalo, New York (GO BILLS!!!!!) Growing up Kylie always knew she wanted to be a Marine Biologist. In an effort to escape the chilly Buffalo winters and get closer to the ocean, she moved to Tampa, Florida.
Kylie enrolled in the University of South Florida and graduated in 2020 with her bachelor's degree in Marine Biology. Being that this was her first time ever living on her own, Kylie quickly realized she could not survive off scrambled eggs and box macaroni and cheese for long. This is when Kylie began to teach herself how to cook. It took some time, but Kylie is now a skilled, self-taught chef with a plethora of recipes she loves to share with family, friends, and charter guests!
While in school, Kylie worked as a bartender at some of the local restaurants where she had the opportunity to train with "Magic" Mike Warner, an iconic figure in the bartending community. During this time, she was nominated for the title of Best Bartender of the Bay by Creative Loafing. Now in the Virgin Islands, Kylie has found the perfect position that allows her to express her creativity through food and drinks all while being in the environment she loves most!

Crew are fully vaccinated

Jeremy Hansberg

Kylie Knibloe
Chef/First Mate

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