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Juice may be requested. Breville Espresso machine to make proper espresso and frothed milk. We can also provide french pressed coffee decaf or regular.

=Cassava flour crepes
=Eggs Benedict with cured ham 
=Smoothie Bowls topped with granola
=Croissant egg sandwich 
=Superseed toast topped with cream cheese, onion, avocado, and pickle (Smoked fish when available)
=Turkish Poached Eggs. Garlic Yogurt topped with a poached egg and drizzled with red pepper flake infused olive oil and a side of naan. 
=Skillet Chorizo veggie hash and sunny side eggs 



=Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl
=Grouper Tacos with Cilantro Lime Carrot Slaw and Mango Sour Cream
=Pork and Chickpea Mocojumbie veggie Bowl 
=Blackened chicken caesar wraps  
=Chicken fajitas with Grilled Red Pepper and pineapple drizzle
=Date Burgers Topped with Roasted Garlic, goat cheese, and Blueberry Jam
=Chicken Cilantro and Rice Peruvian Soup



=Charcuterie board
=Home made hummus dip with veggies
=Raw veggie platter
=Roasted garlic bulb and crackers
=Cheese board 
=Homemade guac and Plantain Chips
=Grilled Veggies with Spicy Mayo


All dinners can be served with bread on request.

=Pork and beef lettuce wraps
=Steak chimichurri with side of glazed carrots
=Peppered pork loin, broccoli, and soft cashews topped with a poblano beurre blanc 
=Whole thirty meatballs stuffed with pesto served with a cento canned tomato simple red sauce over pasta (please feel free to bring your favorite imported pasta)
=Rosemary beef tenderloin served with a buttery, fennel, sweet potato, and leek hash
=Greek chicken thighs served with cucumber and feta salad
=Pork tenderloin served over parsnip carrot puree, miso ginger Potatoes



=Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies 
=Soursop (or local fruit of the week) lime tarts 
=Vegan Salted peanut butter church tort topped with ice cream and chocolate 
=Lava Brownies

Sneed Yacht Charters.