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CaptainChristos Bairamis Greek 0
Number of Crew: 9Languages: Greek (native), English, Russian

Crew Profiles:
CAPTAIN: Christos Bairamis, Greek

Languages: English, Greek (native).

Captain Christos is one of the best and most experienced charter Mega Yacht Captains in the East Med. As the Captain of GRANDE AMORE since April 2021 and after having completed 14 very successful charter weeks in 2021, he and his fantastic Crew look forward to completing another succesful charter season.

During the last 21 years, he has been working as a Master on some of the most successful charter Mega Yachts.
From 1993 until 1999 he worked as Second Officer on passenger and cargo ships.

Besides being an expert as a Captain, he is a charming, polite and pleasant person with excellent evaluations from all clients and employers. He puts all his efforts to satisfy every guest need and loves to create the ideal tailor-made itineraries and to organize all kinds of activities on board and on shore, ensuring that all guests will enjoy the most unforgettable holidays on GRANDE AMORE.

What makes him exceptional is that he combines his immense experience and his excellent managerial skills with a calm character, succeeding in handling every situation in the best possible way.
He loves his job, he pays attention to every single detail and attracts much of respect by his Crew.

Captain Christos was born in Greece in 1970, holds a Captain’s class A’ degree for unlimited size of vessels and has attended various training courses.

Previous Yachts as a Master: m/y SERENITY (72 meters - charter), m/y CEDAR SEA (64 meters - charter), m/y ASPIRE (51 meters - charter), m/y ALEXANDRA (50 meters - charter), m/y IONIAN PRINCESS (46 meters – charter), m/y ALEXANDRA K (43 meters - charter), m/y ALTHEA (37 meters - charter), m/y PROTEUS (35 meters - charter), m/y ELISA (33 meters - charter), m/y LADY KK (30 meters - charter), m/y SAITA (24 meters - charter)


CHIEF OFFICER: Dimitris Roumanis, Greek

Languages: English, Greek (native)

Dimitris grew up in Elafonisos, a small exotic island in south Peloponese. He graduated from the Merchant Marine Highschool of Piraeus in 2000 and from the Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos in Athens, in 2010.

He started his career in the yachting industry in 2007 as an Able Seaman. After his graduation from the Merchant Marine Academy he worked as an Officer on yachts. He has more than 15 years of experience in the yachting industry and more than 60,000 n.miles of cruising and chartering in the Mediterranean & the Red Sea.

He is very experienced in tender driving, water sports and in all yacht maintenance jobs. In his free time he loves diving fishing, swimming, mountain biking and playing soccer.

Previous Experience as a Chief Officer: m/y SUERTE (70 meters - private), s/y CALLISTO (65 meters - charter), m/y ONEIRO (53 meters - charter)

Previous Experience as a 2nd Officer: m/y SUERTE (70 meters - private), m/y MAGNA GRECIA (64 meters - charter), m/y HARMONY V (55 meters - charter)

Previous Experience as an Able Seaman: m/y MAGNA GRECIA (64 meters - charter), m/y COCOON (50 meters - charter). m/y ENDLESS SUMMER (40 meters - charter), m/y DEFENDER (24 meters - charter).


CHIEF ENGINEER: Theodosis Gianniris - Greek

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Greek (native).

Theodosis is the Chief Engineer of GRANDE AMORE since April 2021 and a key asset to her success. He holds a Marine Engineer Class B' Diploma and has various other licenses and certificates, including: Speedboat Operator License, Sailing Yacht Operator License, Floating Crane Operator License etc.

His professional career started in 1991 and since then he has worked on various ships, in the RION-ANTIRRION Bridge construction sea bottom excavations (2000 - 2003), in THYSSEN KRUPP Submarine Division (2005 - 2007) and on a 140 meters Mega Yacht owned by a Saudi royal family (2017 - 2021).

Theodosis was born in Athens in 1970, he lives in Athens and is married with two kids.

Previous Yachts: m/y AL SALAMAH (140 meters - private)

Previous Professional Experience: Bulk Carriers, Ro-Ro Passenger Ships, Thyssen Krupp Submarine Division, Rion-Antirrion Bridge Sea Bottom Excavations


CHEF: Stelios Patelis, Greek

Languages: English Greek (native)

The GRANDE AMORE team is proud to have a Chef like Stelios on board, who has worked in some of the most prestigious Greek awarded restaurants, managed by some of the most famous Greek Chefs, such as Christoforos Peskias, Gkikas Xenakis, Chryssanthos Karamolegos, Pavlos Kyriakis, Panos Tziourtzoumis etc.

Stelios started his career in 2007 in the famous and awarded “Edodi” restaurant. His next step was the famous awarded “48” Restaurant. From 2009 until 2014 he worked as a Sous Chef in the popular and awarded “Cuccina Povera”.

In 2015 he acquired his first Chef de Cuisine position in the “Manna” restaurant in Hydra island. Then other Chef de Cuisine positions followed, such as in the Spilia Beach bar (Hydra), in the Mykonian Villa Collection in Mykonos (member of the leading 5* Hotels of the world) etc.

The list of famous restaurant experience includes also “Nammos” Restaurant in Courchevel (French Alps), the awarded “Aleria” (Athens), the awarded “Mikrasia” in Santorini island, the awarded “ManiMani” (Athens) “Lykovrysi” (Athens) and “Pathos” in Ios island.

During the last two years he has been working on luxury yachts.

Stelios has studied as a Chef in the European Center for Tourism Studies in Greece and has also a Diploma in Butcher Art.

Restaurant Experience: “Aleria”, Athens (Toques d’ Or Awards) - “Edodi”, Athens (Toques d’ Or Awards) - “48”, Athens (Toques d’ Or Awards) - “Cuccina Povera”, Athens (awarded), “ManiMani”, Athens (awarded) – “Mikrasia”, Santorini (awarded) - “Nammos Courchevel”, French Alps - “Manna”, Hydra - “Spilia” Beach bar, Hydra - Mykonian Villa Collection, Mykonos (member of the leading 5* Hotels of the world) - “King Prawn”, Zakynthos - “Lykovrysi”, Athens - “Pathos”, Ios.

Yacht Experience: m/y THIS IS MINE (27 meters – charter) – m/y HOPE (35 meters – private)


CHIEF STEWARDESS: Kateryna (Katya) Khliustova, Ukrainian

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian (native).

Katya started her career in the international Mega Yacht industry in 2015 and since then she has been working as a Stewardess on charter and private yachts of 32 up to 134 meters. Before joining the luxury yachting sector she had worked for two seasons on cruise ships, as a waitress.

She has excellent organizational skills, and passion for her job, motivates teamwork, and works well with everyone on board. She has talent in table decoration, great eye for detail and is always there to be sure that interior and service are immaculate. Katya, with her smile and positive attitude, makes guests' stay on “Grande Amore” unforgettable by creating a wonderful atmosphere and a memorable experience on board.

She has attended various seminars and holds various certificates, such as: Silver Service, Ship’s Waitress/Stewardess, Training for Personnel Serving on Passenger Ships, WSET LEVEL 1 Award in Wines, STCW, First-Aid, Security Awareness, Security Duties, Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats, Food Hygiene level 2, Biometric Passport, Seaman’s Book etc.

Katya was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1989 and lives there when she is not working on yachts.

Chief Stewardess Experience: m/y TACANUYA (57 meters - private)

Relief Chief Stewardess Experience: m/y ELEGANT (73 meters - private), m/y SUERTE (70 meters - private), m/y OLMYDA (50 meters - private)

2nd and Service Stewardess Experience: m/y MOONLIGHT (92 meters - private), m/y ELEGANT 007 (73 meters - private) m/y SERENITY (72 meters - charter), m/y SUERTE (70 meters - charter), m/y OMYDA (50 meters - private), m/y HATTAY (32 meters - private).

Bartender - Stewardess Experience: s/y ROYAL CLIPPER (134 meters - charter), m/y HARMONY G (54 meters - charter).

Cruise Ships Waitress Experience: AEGEAN PARADISE (174 meters), GOLDEN IRIS (164 meters)


2nd STEWARDESS: Anna Chemisova, Ukrainian

Languages: English, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian (native)

Anna has more than 10 years of experience as a Stewardess on Greek charter mega yachts, making her one of the most experienced in this sector in Greece. She works on GRANDE AMORE since the middle of 2021 and is a key factor for ensuring excellent service on board.

She was born in Ukraine but lives in Greece with her family during the last 15 years.

Previous Yachts: ALEXANDRA (50 meters - charter), IONIAN PRINCESS (46 meters - charter)


STEWARDESS: Lada Zaykova, Ukrainian

Languages: English, Greek, Russian (native)

Lada is 44 years old, was born in Russia and during the last years she lives in Athens, Greece.

Before joining GRANDE AMORE on April 2021, she had worked for 4 seasons as a stewardess on charter and private yachts in Greece and Turkey. She has also worked for 2 years as a stewardess on a passenger ship in Greece. From 2010 to 2014 she worked in a restaurant on the Greek island of Crete.

She has studied for 3 years at the Technical School of Quality Control in Lipestik, Russia, and has also taken cooking courses. In 2018 she was trained in Basic Safety Training of Merchant Shipping Regulations and on Security Awareness Training on Merchant Shipping Regulations.

Lada is a true team player. She is very willing and hard-working and the same time she has a very pleasant personality.

Previous Yachts: m/s MATINA (38 meters - charter), m/y MONTE CARLO (30 meters - charter), m/s AYSE (30 meters - private).


STEWARD/ DECKHAND: Periandros (Perry) Bakagiannis, Greek

Languages: English, Italian, Greek(native)

Periandros works on GRANDE AMORE since the beginning of the 2021 season and has also worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Greece, such the famous Aspiro in Paros and Albyon in Athens.

Before joining GRANDE AMORE on May 2021 Perry had worked as a service manager and waiter in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Greece, such the famous Aspro in Paros and Albyon in Athens.

He is a real team player and he is always willing with a smile in his face to offer his best, both in service and as a deckhand.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Oriental and African Languages and Cultures from the University of Naples L' Orientale, in Italy. And an Open Sea Skipper Licence from YCG.

He was born in 1998, he is single and lives in Athens, Greece. In his free time he enjoys water sports, cooking, travelling, cinema and basket.

Previous Service Experience: Aspro Sea Side Restaurant (Paros, Greece), Giacomo Restaurant (Paros, Greece), Albyon Restaurant (Athens, Greece)


BOSUN: Dimitris Levantis, Greek

Languages: English, Greek (native).

Dimitris is one of the most experienced Bosuns, with more than 30 years of professional experience on ships and on Mega Yachts in Greece and all over the world, including yachts of royal families.

He works on GRANDE AMORE since the beginning of 2021 and he is very committed to ensuring both the comfort and security of GRANDE AMORE's guests. With his experience and determination, he is a key factor for her perfect maintenance and smooth operation of all deck procedures.

Dimitris has studied Information Systems, he hold a Speedboat Operator's License, is married and during the last years he lives in Athens, Greece.

Previous Yachts: m/y AL' ALMAS (110 meter - private - Spain), m/y ALEXANDER (110 meter - charter - Med), m/y HAYA (60 meter - private - Med), m/y AWAEL, (60 meter - private - Bahrein), M/Y PARIS (50 meter - charter - East Med), m/y JAMMEL (50 meter - private - Bahrein), AWAL (48 meter - private - Bahrein), m/y ACTIVE MYRINE (32 meter - private - Med), m/y VOX (38 meter - private - Greece), m/y WHY NOT (38 meter - private - Greece), m/y ANNA MARIA (25 meter - charter - Greece)

2nd BOSUN: Stavros Ilias, Greek

Languages: English, Greek (native).

Stavros is one of the most experienced mariners in Greece, having worked on charter and private Mega Yachts as a Bosun and as a Sailor, continuously since 2002. Before joining the yachting sector he had worked on ships for 11 years, as a Sailor and as an Engine Room Attendant.

Stavros was born in Greece in 1969 and lives in Piraeus. He has graduated from the School of Damage Inspection of The Hellenic Navy and from the School of the Non-Commissioned Officers of The Hellenic Navy. He also holds a Speedboat Operator's License.

Bosun Positions: m/y CHAKRA (80 meters - charter), INSIGNIA (68 meters - charter), LADY ELLEN II (50 meters - charter), ALEXANDRA K (43 meters - charter), GALATEA (38 meters - private), ION-FEDRA (35 meters - private), VEGA (35 meters - private), OLYMPIA S (32 meters - private),

Sailor & Engine Room Attendant Positions: LADY HAYA (67 meters - private), MIA RAMA (54 meters - charter), NALANI (31 meters - private), Various ships


Management Team GRANDE AMORE is managed all year round 24/7 by a very qualified permanent General & Technical Manager, who along with his team and the fantastic Crew, guarantees the highest level of maintenance, service and client satisfaction during every charter.

Christos Bairamis

Dimitris Roumanis
Chief Officer

Theodosis Gianniris
Chief Engineer

Stylianos Patelis

Kateryna Khliustova
Chief Stewardess

Anna Chemisova

Lada Zaykova

Periandros Bakagiannis

Dimitris Levantis

Stavros Ilias
2nd Bosun

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