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Previously named G2 (Glad In It Two)


-avocado toast with egg, sprouts, & crispy bacon

-fluffy spinach and cheese omelet, buttered toast

-chia pudding

-banana nut bread

-acai fruit smoothie bowls, topped with coconut flakes, choc chips, sliced banana, nuts

-homemade tropical seeded granola

-“Big Bowl of Energy”, oats, flax, chia topped with walnuts, berries

-roasted cilantro mac nut pesto potatoes, chipotle aioli



-honey mustard grilled chicken sandwich/salad, sweet pickles, chips

-beer battered fish tacos with cilantro jalapeno aioli, bed of greens

-kale caser salad with grilled shrimp

-mango & coconut ceviche, jalapeno, red onion, tortilla chips, fresh lime

-Build Your Own sandwich / salad

-fried rice with extra veggies


Vegetarian Lunch

-black quinoa, roasted sweet potato, fried tofu/tempeh, garlic aioli, almonds

- lettuce wraps with ginger, cashews, mushrooms, peppers

- bean & cheese burritos, fire roasted salsa

- egg salad or “egg” salad with tofu, turmeric

- lentil burritos

- falafel, cucumber mint red onion salad, chipotle hummus, couscous/quinoa




- honey tarragon arugula salad with grapefruit, mac nuts, and local chevre

- grilled romaine Cesar salad, anchovies, parmesan cheese, black pepper, lemon juice

- roasted beets, goat cheese, mixed greens, lilikoi vinaigrette, toasted pecans

- papaya pecan coleslaw

- broccoli salad, raisins, cashews



-tri salsa- avocado, roasted tomato, burnt pineapple

- cut, chilled fruit

-jalapeno poppers wrapped with bacon

-coco shrimp with chili lime dipping sauce

-seared ahi wonton nachos, wasabi aioli, tobiko

-edamame hummus

-spring rolls, veggie or chilled shrimp

- sashimi



Vegetarian Snacks

- fried lumpia rolls with cabbage, carrots

- roasted eggplant tostadas

- cheese plate with candied pecans, sesame whole wheat crackers, homemade fruit jam




-Teriyaki marinated tenderloin, kabocha squash puree, lemon pepper asparagus

-juicy organic beef burger with bacon jam, provolone cheese, and homemade pickles. Served with regular and sweet potato fries

-Creamy cilantro and mac nut pesto seafood pasta, crusty bread, roasted broccoli

-Cochinita carne Taco night, Mexican rice, black beans

-Caldo de Res Sopa with toppings

- Slay N Filet Fresh Fish on the grill, lemon butter, tartar sauce

- Homemade breads- flax & chia whole wheat, cinnamon challah, caramelized onion focaccia

- crab cakes/ lobster cakes with saffron cream sauce, grilled veggies



Vegetarian Dinner

-poblano & cream cheese enchiladas

- rice noodles, snow peas, broccoli, peanuts, peanut sauce, mung beans sprouts

- beer battered avocado tacos

- stuffed bell peppers, rice, beans, mushrooms, garlic, cheese

- portabello mushroom burger, veggie kabobs

-lentil soup with carrots, potatoes

- green curry, kaffir leaf, white rice, bamboo sprouts, veggies


Super Healthy Add Ons

-milk kefir & water kefir

-sprouted mung beans

- kombucha




-assorted homemade ice creams- sweet potato, rose apple, vegan coconut choc chip, mango sorbet

- warm bananas fosters and whip cream

- mac nut brownies

- persimmon fruit crumble

-chess pie, chocolate pie

-strawberry cake

-pineapple upside down cake, cherries



-Empress Tonic, muddled cucumber, grapefruit and tonic, empress gin on top

- Rising Tide, jalapeno syrup, pineapple, tequila

- Mai Tai, pineapple orange guava juice, dark & light rum, almond orgeat

-Mojitos with a lilikoi twist

- Wine spritzers!!

- pina coladas with dark rum float

- strawberry infused reposado, chilled limoncello


Kids Meals

- Make your own Pizza with pepperoni, ham, pineapple

- simple Cesar salad with cheese and croutons

- shredded chicken tacos, add your own toppings

- guacamole

- rice cakes with PB, apples

- spaghetti & meatballs

- frozen banana smoothies

Sneed Yacht Charters.