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You Made It Absolutely Exceptional!
What a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience this was - you made it absolutely exceptional! The quiet solitude of the boat, snorkeling and peaceful journeys were just what we needed in celebrating our anniversary. The food was outstanding and you balanced our polar opposite tastes perfectly - no small feat!
Thank you for truly taking care of us - with 2 kids at home it's been awhile since we've been on that side of the dynamic and it was wonderful to have nothing to worry about except being together. We now have new favorite and comforting memories of 80's music.! Thank you for showing us some amazing snorkeling spots and for being so helpful - THIS WAS SPECTACULAR!
Unforgettable Trip
We really appreciated spending a few days with a couple with shared experiences! Your creativeness and attention to detail made the trip unforgettable! Thank you for sharing your "home" with us. The scenery and FOOD were first class! Thank you for everything. It would truly be our pleasure to cross paths with you again.
You Set The Bar Very High!
Our first adventure doing this and you both set the bar very high! Every attention to detail was addressed to perfection. Captain Mike accommodated every request immediately and made sure we all were safe. Julie, what you and Mike created in that small kitchen was nothing short of amazing! 5 Star restaurants can learn from you both. Every meal was unique in challenging us while absolutely delicious. I am pretty sure we all gained a few pounds. Thank you for making my 57th birthday very special and becoming part of our extended family. We will return for a longer trip soon.
Will Be Thinking Of This Vacation For Years!
This has been the best vacation of my whole life. We cannot thank you enough for the memories. I'm literally going to be thinking about the last few days for years to come...

Thank you Julie for your incredible cooking. You took such great care of us. Coming upstairs to that view with the smell of fresh bakes cookies in the air was just heaven. We definitely didn't deserve it.

Thank you for putting up with us and for the endless blue water, amazing snorkeling and candle light dinners to die for.

Big hugs and lots of love to you both.
Absolutely Amazing!
This week has been absolutely amazing! Yor hospitality has been phenomenal and the food was the best we have ever had on a boat!

We may have fought the weather more than usual but you helped us make the best of it.

Thank you so much for adapting and helping us fit all of our plans into our busy week and changing the course of the trip when needed!

We truly enjoyed meeting you both and wish you all the best in the future! We hope to request you on a future trip!
Wonderful Memories
Thank you so much for making such wonderful memories for our kids to remember forever. You both are such wonderful people and hosts. How fortunate we were to have our vacation plans change from the BVI's to the USVI's and to have you as our crew.
Until we meet again my friends, wishing you all the best.
Thank You From The bottom Of Our Hearts!
Thank you both for a wonderful week sailing the USVI. Your planning, leadership, guidance and friendship were key to a successful week. We wanted this to be a very special week for our family and we both feel like you became part of the family.

The trips to the bays, beaches and cays were fabulous and Julie your cooking was delicious. You exceeded our expectations in every way!

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
A Beautiful Place!
This has been the most amazing experience! I am forever grateful for your incredible hospitality. Julie, your meals were beyond delicious! Mike, you have been such a wonderful captain and snorkel guide! Thank you for guiding us around this beautiful place and taking such great care of us along the way!

It is tough to say goodbye.
Not Enough Thank Yous!
We could not have picked a better pair to help us cross one off our bucket list. the two of you work together like a well oiled machine, leaving no detail unattended and truly showed us the trip of a lifetime.

You catered to our every whim, and thanks to Julie's amazing cooking, we are going home fat and happy.

You might have to drag us off this beautiful boat and we HOPE to make this an annual trip with you.

Hope you will come to Miami so we can wait on you!
Not enough thank yous!
My husband has been talking about this trip for two years. He was reading for hours per day, planning this trip. I now know 100% he chose the most phenomenal crew in the USVI. You both work as a team to be sure everyone and everything on the boat is taken care of.

All of the meals were AMAZING! So many delicious and unexpected treats and eats.

The services you both provide made us feel at ease and such an absolute treat to feel so pampered. Every single drink and dish was prepared perfectly! Thank you for all your hard work, dedication to us and our friends, and especially thank you for making this a true TRIP OF A LIFETIME!!! One we will never forget!!!
We Will Never Forget.
I had high expectations for this trip and every one was exceeded beyond belief. From the time we stepped on the boat Mike and Julie treated our group like we were VIP's. They brought us to THE BEST spots in the USVI, prepared 5-Star meals and served THE BEST drinks! Rum punch and the painkillers were spot on.

Thanks for the trip of a lifetime and one that we will NEVER forget!
What An Unbelievable Trip!
What an unbelievable trip! From the moment we boarded the boat we knew we were in for the experience of a lifetime. Mike and Julie were great. The itinerary they put together was excellent - they introduced us to the most beautiful beaches around.

Superior meals prepared by Chef Julie!
5 Star service - 5 Star meals
Best Trip Of Our Lives!
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! For literally the absolute BEST trip of our lives. From the minute we met, you were welcoming and made us feel at home. You thought about everything - from suggesting on where to go and what to do, to accommodating our vast, not always easy food preferences. The meals and shakes were delicious and the places you shared with us were absolutely beautiful. If we are fortunate enough to do this again, I hope I can find you!
Many Memories!
From the very first moment we met at the dock, you made sure this experience would surpass all our expectations. Your dedication and attention to detail made us feel at home, while at the same time allowed us to discover the many sights that this wonderful part of the world has to offer.

The meals were all fantastic and in particular our 30th anniversary dinner was spectacular, thank you!!

We return with many memories and hope to return one day soon!
What Can I Say!
Mike and Julie What can I say! Amazing trip you created for us. My first sailing adventure, one I will always remember. From the meals you prepared for us and the comforntable wlecoming atmosphere. The sailing and trips to shore. I cant thank you enough for making our vacation a great one to remember. I feel like I've made two more friends in the world! May 2021 be a blessing to you both.
Cool Experience
Mike and Julie
Thanks for a very cool experience. The food was amaing and thank you for working with our crazy schedule of diving.
Chad & Katy
Best Week Of My Life!
Where do I start. I was beyond excited about this trip. Well, as I enjoy my last lunch here, I can honestly say this is at least equal to the greatest weeks of my life. Captain Mike and Chef Julie absolutely killed it. I DO NOT want to go back to real life. I might not go :). The locations were perfect, the food was excellent, and WE WILL BE DOING THIS AGAIN!

There seriously aren't enough words to describe how wonderful y'all have been at making this the most amazing vacation EVER! The beautiful places, awesome company and the phenomenal meals made by Julie! Everything has been the absolute best ever! Thank you so, so much for everything. We will absolutely be doing this again and wouldn't do it with anyone but you two! Y'all are the BEST! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Thank you for the experience that has been genuinely UNREAL. I wish we could freeze time and stay forever in this dream of a week, just snorkeling with turtles, enjoying five-star meals and hospitality, and soaking up the sun and the great company. This place in and of itself would be pretty incredible but experiencing it with y'all really took it to the next level. The itinerary, your on-point music, the impeccable service, the myriad of adventures - we really cannot thank you enough for the hospitality and patience and friendliness. And I'm not kidding when I say y’all should have a cookbook of all of the incredible meals!
One Of The Most Tremendous Trips We have Ever Taken.
Thank you so much for a truly memorable vacation! We felt pampered the whole time by your attention to all the little details of the trip. We were looking for a quiet vacation visiting out of the way locations and you absolutely delivered that for us. Julie is an AMAZING chef, and we enjoyed every meal!
We will miss the beautiful sunsets, watching the fish at night and the most gorgeous beaches we have ever seen.
Thanks for one of the most tremendous trips we have ever taken!
Exceeded Our Expectations.
You are in simple words, FANTASTIC!
This trip was planned a few months ago and our expectations grew with time.... Well, now that we are almost done (last night) I can easily say you have exceeded our expectations! From best food ever to safety, from great sailing places to perfect execution of itinerary. The places we visited were beautiful, a good variety of empty bays and crowded, blue water and white sandy beaches. Your service was wonderful, from coffee to dinner desserts. Julie is a 5 star chef.
In my deepest self I truly appreciate you being as wonderful to my family as you were.
What An Amazing Trip
What an amazing trip! We have just done our very first Charter! Captain Mike and his lovely wife, Chef Julie, were fantastic! Every day brought a new adventure with destinations catered to what we wanted to see. As a family of 4, with 2 teens – getting us all to agree upon an itinerary for days on end– is a monumental challenge, but they met and exceeded our hopes! As each day passed, we actively worked with Mike and Julie to tweak this or that – to fit our mood and energy level. Each port had its own unique flavor, and we each had our personal favorite – from white sand beaches, to swirling water pools – I don’t think any of us expected the variety contained in such a small patch of the world. Mike really seemed to be able to steer us to the best locations for us, while Julie kept us eating like royalty along the way. I do not exaggerate when I say that at least 2 family members (maybe more 😊 )were caught licking their desert plates. It was that good. Julie also helped us navigated some of the down times, bringing in fun activities (my kids are card sharks, who knew?) to get us to laugh and extend the fun way after sundown.

In summary: Everyone was smiling. Everyone had fun. Everyone loved the food. Basically ….. the best trip ever! Goodbye Cruises, Hello Chartering!
Need I Say More
We have recently returned from our awesome vacation on board with Mike and Julie. We expected it to be exceptional but were overjoyed as it was even better. Besides the gorgeous weather, warm sun and even warmer water, the first class treatment was a perfect topper.
Captain Mike tailored the itinerary to our daily preferences including snorkeling , island excursions , virgin beach swimming and sometimes simply hanging out onboard with a cold cocktail and good music.
Boat toys were great especially the floating mat which can provide hours of silly entertainment.
And the Meals.......WOW. Julie is an exceptional cheff. I am a food guy and Julie did not disappoint.
Breakfasts were amazing with Julie always combining fruit and fresh ingredients tailored to each guest’s portions. Lunches and dinners were spectacular with pastas, local seafood, steaks, ....etc. Resort style dinning on a boat. Need I say anymore.

Their knowledge of the area was very comforting and made our trip effortless.

I would highly recommend having a team like Mike and Julie to make a Virgin Island Catamaran tour complete and successful.
A Wonderful 40th Birthday
Thank you for a great week and for making my 40th birthday so special. We've always wanted to do this and for a while there we didn't think it would happen thanks to COVID. This was our highlight of the entire year! Julie's food is amazing. You should publish your recipes. We are definitely hooked on sailing now and hope to come back soon. The next time with our Kiddos though! Thank you again for great memories, hospitality, and one amazing vacation.
Be Prepared To Be Delighted
The scenery was breathtaking, around every corner and curve was another adventure. And while the peer fellowship was fantastic, one of the most consistently fabulous aspects about our trip was the meals. Julie did an absolutely outstanding job in meal variety and preparation. I went on this trip thinking I may actually push back and saw it as an opportunity to maybe even lose a little weight… what I found was myself looking for and wanting seconds, sometimes thirds every time we sat down at the table. Julie had pre-planned a week’s breakfasts and dinners. She prepared a variety of dishes that allowed me to try some foods I may not usually consider. She always served us timely, warm meals and adjusted easily to our slightly adventurous irregular schedule. Her selections looked fantastic, they were delicious; the aroma drew you in and she was prepared with sides and all the trimmings that enhanced the experience even more. It was such a wonderful way to begin and end our days. On a 1 to 10 scale I’d give Julie a 15+!! I highly recommend you letting her guide your culinary adventures, just sit back, relax and prepare to be delighted.

Sneed Yacht Charters.