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Pura Vida

June 2019

What can't we say about this trip....
Stunning boat, visited beautiful places
With amazing architecture.
Looked after by Nina & Ratko and granted for nothing, food incredible! Great recommendations Ratko!
Thank you Nina & Ratko for an amazing holiday!
You are the best, have had so much!
See you maybe another time!
Thank you Nina & Ratko for going many extra miles that made a great trip fantastic!
Look us up if you're ever in our neck of words and we can can rustle up a meal for you.

Love Katie & Mark

Thank you for the best crew we could have ever asked for! The trip was absolutely amazing, fun, and very breathtaking! Hvala! Annie

Thank you so much Nina & Ratko,
The trip was something I think none of us will ever forget. The food was out of this world- Nina please write a cookbook! You could not have looked after us any better- especially Charlie! Thanks so much, Tilly

What a fantastic holiday, Nina & Ratko you made this all work so effortlessly, & truly unforgettable experience! Thank you, Brenda. Aka Red Nose!
Thank you Nina + Ratko for an amazing trip, I'll never forget it. Jessica

Nina + Ratko thanks for putting up with our annoying Australian accents.
- Lot of love Ella, LL

Just amazing... nothing else to say.
Thank you very much. Mank.

Forget about the boat- forget about the sea & stunning scenery: Nina & Ratko are two of the best human beings I could have had the pleasure to meet. People make holidays & they certainly made us brilliant. Thank you.
July 2019
Nina- Ratko
Wonderful people, fantastic trip- amazing days
We hope to return back next year for
Ten days many thanks
July 2019
Thanks for a wonderful trip.
The days were amazing.
We hope to see you next year.
Best regards,
August 219
Dear Nina and Ratko, we just want to say thank you for the trip we are now ending.
For memorable experience, we have had as a family together.
The Sailing, the spots, beautiful towns, restaurant...., everything so good, and the life in the boat you made us feel like home.
For sure we'll miss you a lot and hope to see you again.

Best Regards, Fernandez

Dear Nina + Ratko,

Thank you for such an amazing week.
We've been totally spoilt with Nina's Cooking ( please share your risotto recipe!),
Ratko's history lessons and all round first class hospitality that included a 4 am water taxi ride! Our cameras have been filled with stunning photos and our memories ever lasting. Thank you. Louise
I'd like to include that we've never been on a sailboat trip let alone a charter. You both made it really special. We'll always remember this trip.
Dear Ratko and Nina, I feel so lucky to be a guest on your boat. Croatia is such a beautiful country. Robert
Dear Ratko and Nina,
We all had such a wonderful trip thanks to you.
Nina, your meals were the best we had in Croatia! Ratko, thank you for picking us up super late and all your time and care. I will remember this trip forever! Lilla

Dear Nina & Ratko,

Thank you for an amazing week. Just loved all the places we went to.
Nina, your cooking was so good. You are so talented. Ratko, you were so helpful all the time. Thank you again. – Peter
Yes, thank you so much Ratko & Nina.
We had a marvelous time, you were both the perfect hosts.
See you in Adelaide.
Jenny & Terry

Thank you Nina and Ratko.
Great food, wine and swimming spots.
We have loved this holiday.
So nice to have someone drive us around.
Your country is still peaceful and beautiful as well.
Thanks again. Love Bob- Sue
August 2019
Dear Nina & Ratko,

Thank you for an amazing week. Just all the peace went to.
Nina, your cooking was so good. You are so talented. Ratko, you were so helpful all the time. Peter and Puret say thank you again.

Yes, thank you so much Ratko & Nina.
We had a marvelous time, you were both the perfect hosts.
See you in Adelaide.
Jerry & Terry

Thank you Nina and Ratko.
Great Food, wine and swimming Spots.
We have loved this holiday.
It is nice to have someone show us around.
Your country is still peaceful and beautiful as well.
Thanks again,

Bob and Sue
September 2019
Dear Nina and Ratko: thank you for a wonderful week abroad “Buena Vida “.
We enjoyed every day during our stay. We will never forget you and hope to come back. Sylia Carafi From Chile

Dear Nina + Ratko, many many thanks for a wonderful holiday. Nina your breakfast and lunch was excellent. Ratko is a skipper and a great captain, thanks for the lovely tours, bays, places, and much more you have taken us. We will remember our trip and hopefully come back soon… We will let you know.
Carmen and Peter
September 2019
This was our second visit with you.
First with your family, now with your friends.
During both trips:
- The weather was great
- The islands were great
- The food was great
And we can could go on….
But, what really made this trip special was both of you (Nina & Ratko)
You are both wonderful hosts who put love, passion & perfection in everything you do. Thank you!

With love, Gary
Thank you for an amazing week!!!
Our first voyage on a boat was awesome.
The food, sailing and weather was perfect.
The best part was Ratko & Nina, which set
An extremely high bar for us.
Thank you for making our first time on a Catamaran so special.

Bill & Emily

Nina & Ratko,

Our journey with you on Pura Vida was truthfully spectacular. Your incredible hospitality, amazing cuisine, attention to detail; Cleanliness is what made this trip incredible. Of course there was amazing Croatia! And the great weather and seas. But it was the two of you who made this a once in a life experience. Thank you!

September 2019
Ratko & Nina,

Wow! What an Experience!
The scenery and weather of course, were great. But the opportunity to experience the islands and culture of Croatia were unforgettable.
Best of all was our time together as friends with the islands, while getting to know the two of you.
So glad we were such an ''easy'' group for you- thanks to commander Dan's leadership.
Best of luck on the wedding. Best wishes for a wonderful time together following your wedding.
May all your wishes always come true.
Chris & Jessica
September 2019
Ratko & Nina,

Thank you for showing us around your beautiful country.
We loved our time on the Pura Vida! Everything was perfect-
The food, the weather, the lovely islands, and towns we visited.
Thank you for letting Dan help sail the boat- he loved every minute.
We wish you both all the best.
Enjoy your time off and congratulations on your marriage.
We are waiting for you in Atlanta, USA- look us up.

Do Videnja,
Stephanie & Joseph.
October 2019
Most importantly- thank you!!!
From the first sight of the historic boat festival to the beautiful city of Korcula with drinks on top of the castle, to '' Cork Fishing''. We did not know what to expect with this trip, but we had an incredible experience and you exceeded our expectations- thank you for the incredible sailing, for being such wonderful hosts, for teaching us about your wonderful country- and being special friends.

Dear Ratko + Nina,

Steph and I and the crew can't say enough about what a great time we had with you + Nina this week on Pura Vida! This was a trip of a lifetime and we couldn't have dreamed of having a better time.
I will think of you every time you wore my Cape Horn Jacket! We wish you + Nina a great life and may your travels take you where ever the wind may go!

Dan + Steph

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