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Couples retreat
Jake & Stef,
Thank you for helping us feel so welcomed from the moment we met. Stef's cooking was amazing! Also, thank you for going the extra mile to take care of our special diet needs. We are both so glad we got to do our first ocean adventure with you on board Dreamcatcher. Thank you to Jake for sharing your knowledge and humor!
Thank you very much for giving us an outstanding vacation! All the best to you! Luke & Ginny
Kent Family
Dear Jake & Stef,
Thank you for a wonderful vacation full of laughs and wonderful memories. Truly we all felt welcomed into your home. All the knowledge, amazing cooking and great stories we all share will stay with us for a lifetime. We cannot wait to sail again with you both on the beautiful Dreamcatcher!
Until we meet again,
Tom, Kristina & girls
Great Family trip
Jake & Stef,
Thank you for a memorable trip. Our crew had an excellent time exploring, snorkeling and fishing. Also, we enjoyed the great food. Thank you for the green memories that will last a lifetime. You guys were awesome.
All the best,
Mike, Maddox & Michele
Awesome family memories!
Jake, Stef, Daisy & Parker,
Thank you so much for welcoming us to your home and providing an unforgettable week! We've loved learning all about sailing and life at sea. :)
Stef, thank you the AMAZING meals!
Jake, thank you for teaching us to free dive and taking us on the sub-wing!
Daisy, thank you for saving that lost bag of chips :)
Parker, thank you for snuggling us and wrestling with us!
Thank you guys for everything!
Crazy start, AMAZING finish!
Jake and Stef, (Parker & Daisy too)
Thank you so much for opening your home to us for our Caribbean adventure. You have been so willing to accommodate us and the craziness that has surrounded our trip from needing to pick us up in St Croix due to flight cancellations to having to drop two off early. You have been such gracious hosts, and we are already planning our next trip with you! We thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful food, diving and just hanging out. We are definitely leaving feeling like family; and maybe one day, you can be like family at one of our houses, either on the Florida coast or the lake. We would love to have you! Good luck with your adventures in South Africa and with the future 5th wheel. It's so nice to see two people enjoying each other and their adventures together. You have made the start of our family vacation one we will never forget with such amazing memories. Thank you all so much! Good bless you!
Love, Bev, Craig Anna, Abby & Megan
Thank you for a dream come true
Having cruised the USVI/BVI numerous times, I know the work it takes to create a seamless, happy experience for guests. You two are an amazing example. So amazing that anyone cruising with you for the first time might be tempted to think all cruises are this way, they will be sorely disappointed if they book a 2nd trip with anyone else.
May you see the way wherever your journey's take you. May you always remember the compass that points True North. May you always hear the music in the waves, see designs in the stars.
You have friends in Puerto Rico, well, when we're there.
By the way, do you know where pirates get their hook?
Frank & Penny
We will never forget all the memories made on the sea!
"Captain Jake & Chef Stef,
Thank you for sharing your home and your love and knowledge of this beautiful place with us for the past 7 days. It has been a once in a lifetime trip for our family!
From snorkeling in water so blue it looks like it can't be real, to amazing sunsets, to delicious meals and smooth sails - it has been the perfect adventure for us.
Thank you for staying up until we've all turned in, and then getting up before us each morning to ensure we are taken care of. You guys are amazing!
Love, The Hallier's
P.S. Extra pets for Daisy & Parker!"
The McKinley's & Daniel
"We had a marvelous time and you made a lot of Father's dreams come true, sailing, fixing whatever was broken with Captain and using his headlamp. :)We loved diving, the food, the sailing, the only marginal sea-sickness and the snorkeling and sightseeing. 
This vacation won't be topped for a long time. Thanks for sitting around and playing cards with us, we hope we taught you a few new ones! Thanks for letting us love on Parker and Daisy. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world with us. We definitely hope to come back and spend time with you guys again. 
Thank you!"
Second time even better than the first!
A year ago our charter with you was an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity filled with laughter, adventure and friendship. So many times when a trip ends, friendships fade and everything becomes distant memories.
After another year and you sharing your home and lives on Dreamcatcher with us again, I am confident that these friendships will not fade and actually continue to grow.
We are so blessed to have you in our lives and are looking forward to making many more memories!
Until next time...All our Love
Dave & Shana
Introduction to chartering
Bonds Family (furry & not),
Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. We couldn't have picked a better way to introduce our girls to chartering. They are already begging to know when they can see you again. The experiences, memories & weight gain from Stef's food will last a lifetime. Thank you for your patience & love with the girls (and Chad...). Daisy & Parker were great & made it so much fun. The diving was incredible & sprat point is Abby's new happy place in life. Call us if you're ever in Utah & we promise a meal worthy of Chef Stef. We look forward to our next trip with you!
The Griffiths
Trip of a lifetime
Captain Jake & Chef Stef,
Thank you (Parker & Daisy too) for providing us the trip of a lifetime. We loved snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, & sailing with you. The food & drinks were amazing & we're lucky to be leaving with great memories & four new friends. Your home is beautiful & we'd love to return the favor when you're on Charlotte next.
Jeff, Kate, Tyler & Abby
Perfect Vacation
How do we even begin to thank you for such a fabulous week. It was the perfect vacation time for us- sun, water, great food, great food and DOGS! We loved every minute. It is obvious that you enjoy what you do - and you are such excellent hosts!
Thank you for it all!
You might need to check Sydney's suitcase before we leave to make sure she isn't smuggling Parker back to North Carolina!
Love, Doug, Sandi & Sydney
Learned so much
Captain Jake & Chef Stef,
Thank you is much for an amazing vacation. We learned so much from you and are excited to continue our sailing adventures. You are truly great hosts and we could not have asked for better people to give us our first "big" boat experience. We will keep in touch and hopefully be cruising in our own boat in the future. If you ever want a snowy vacation our home is always open to you. :)
Megan & Brant & James & Lucy
We got to swim with WILD DOLPHINS
Dear Stef & Jake,
Thank you so much for making this a spring break I'll never forget. Every day was better than the last and I can't wait to scuba dive again. You guys are the best.
P.S. Take care of Snickers and Twix (wild dolphins)!
Easily the best trip ever
Dear Jake & Stef,
Thank you for an amazing cruise. It was beyond our expectations, all was perfect. Your crew mates, Daisy & Parker were a wonderful addition.
Jake, thank you for answering all my questions. You are very knowledgeable, patient man.
Stef, enjoyed our conversations and of course the meals! We will see you next year!
Safe Travels,

Parker & Daisy,
I loved your company! Your humans were cool too! - Gil
Jake & Stef,
Thank yo so much for such a fabulous vacation! Could not have asked for better! Everything was amazing - the food, the company, the weather!! You guys are amazing hosts & totally made the experience perfect.
Thank you again for all the laughs, fun etc! You guys are the best!!
Brent & Angie
50th Birthday Celebration
I'm not even sure where to begin! This has been such a fabulous experience! In just a few short days we have made good friends and even better memories. I can't say enough about the hospitality. You guys made us feel like family.
The food was fabulous too! It's good, often better, then we've had in gourmet restaurants. This has certainly been a dream come true!
You pulled out all the stops. Tonya will remember her 50th for sure! Good friends, awesome views, amazing hosts. It just doesn't get any better than this. We can't wait to come back! Until then- happy sailing and may the sun always set on happy souls! James & Teresa
Exactly what we needed!
Jake & Stephanie,
This week was exactly what we needed! Thank you for making it happen!
I will keep it clean but will always have the memories of belly laughs over Mexican Train and wrestling on the lily pad. And of course, celebrating 30 years of marriage! Can't wait to start planning our next adventure together.
Until then, watch out for the 8 ball at Lovango!
Love, Carrie & Mischa
The Gray Christmas Vacation
Dear Stef & Jake,
This was hands down the best vacation I've ever been on, and I'm sure it will be tough to beat, unless we come back. We were welcomed into your home and guests, but I feel like you guys were long-lost family. I've never had so much fun and made so many memories in one trip. All of the activities were amazing. From the diving to eating, I'm leaving more spoiled than ever. There were beautiful sights everywhere I looked while diving, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, relaxing & hiking.
Stef, the food was some of the best I've ever had! And the fact that it was all home made?! Amazing!
Jake, you are a great Captain but an even better dive instructor. I'm always going to remember those dives and my tiny Lionfish kill.
Daisy & Parker were the best behaved (and cutest) dogs I've ever been around, and they deserve all my love. I hope that you guys will remember us. I will always remember this incredible experience.
Until our next adventure, Gretchen Gray
Best Crew
Thanks to the best crew we could have hoped for! We knew from the phone call that you two were going to be so much fun and accommodating. It was so nice swapping stores and jokes with you! The food was worthy of appearing in Bon Appetite and any other food magazine. Your leadership and expertise in handling Dreamcatcher left nothing lacking. “Hanging” with Daisy and Parker gave me a new appreciation for dogs I never experienced with my grand-dogs.
Thank you!
Experience of a lifetime
No truer words “ come as guests, leave as family” we will miss you so much!

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime! The dolphin, the sharks, the awesome dives, the amazing food! So much love goes into all you two do. This wont be the last time you see us! XOXO

Now how will I sneak Parker off the boat and take him home with me?!
Real shark week
Thanks so much for sharing your home with us. It was by far one of the best vacations we have ever done. The kids really loved learning about marine life by being in it. We enjoyed shark week by swimming with actual sharks! The highlights were seeing 2 spotted eagle rays, reef and nurse sharks, and all of the turtles and fish. We will miss Parker and Daisy and cannot wait to book again. Until next time, practice your Euchre and catch at least one sharknado!
Adventure and vacation of a lifetime
I don’t even know how to start or come up with a better word than AMAZING!!

It is rare that you can meet strangers & then just 5 days later leave as family.

Jake, your patience & wit was the perfect combination to keep Nick engaged and in line!

Stef, your kindness and generosity is only surpassed by your food creations and your sunny disposition.

Daisy & Parker - come home with us!! Thanks for your kisses & Snuggles.

This was the adventure and vacation of a lifetime. I am leaving a much happier and balanced person.

Cannot wait for the next week on Dreamcatcher!
Dreams Come True Recipient 2
We are so grateful for your generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness. Jake, you’re a kind and patient captain. Stef, you are an amazing chef. Your food is absolutely delicious and beautiful.

I don’t know how to thank you both for your once in a lifetime vacation for Hope, Aysia, Todd and me. It couldn’t have come at a better time for us. It’s been an emotional time for our family since my cancer diagnosis. I am so thankful for the week if fab us the sun, games, laugher but most if all- meeting new friends.
How do we thank you for such and amazing week? Your description is spot on, because we really do feel like y’all are part of the family now. Thank you for a week of ridiculous food. My children would never eat those items for me.  Quote of the week, “Stef has better spices”. I’m not kidding when I say you should write a cookbook! I would buy your first copy. I hope my kiddos will continue to eat well at home. I’m inspired!
You all created so many wonderful memories for us, with the bioluminescence, chair drop, games and sweet, sweet dogs.
My children have always loved the water and wanted to care for it, but I think they are leaving as true conservationists. They will take home what they have learned from you.
Thanks for building their confidence in the water. I never imagined Robert diving down to pick up something from the bottom.
Swimming with the dolphin was crazy! I couldn’t imagine doing that.
You really figured out the different personalities super quick and treated them each as individuals - playing to their strengths and making them comfortable. I’m so thankful you were able to be their dive instructor! That just made it more special.
Thanks for an incredible week.
Week away from this crazy world
We barely survived the rain gods, the deadly welks, and the beast lobster. I cannot count the memories created this week. We will cherish them all. I feel refreshed and inspired at the same time. We loved every minute of it.
Cousin’s Vacay
Where do I even begin... Before we even entered Dreamcatcher you were literally already accommodating us. :) We are all so thankful and blessed to have crossed paths, no one better to show us the ropes around the USVI. We will be talking about this forever.
Next time you see me (because there WILL be a next!) I will pass the 40’.
Stef, I’m going some stuffed. Seriously, food was not only good but beautiful to look at. BEST TRIP EVER!
Until next time my friends!
Birthday bash blast!
You two are the kindest, generous, and most patient people that we have ever met. There are not enough “thank you’s” out there to express how truly grateful we feel to have shared this past week with you in your home. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate a birthday, especially when there is such a beautiful and delicious cake to go with it!
We are so sad that our time with you must come to an end. Hopefully this is not the last time our paths will cross.
Thank you so much for spoiling us, feeding us amazing food and teaching us about boat life!
1st Open water dive students
Thank you so much for sharing part of your life with us. The memories will stay deep in my heart forever. I love your saltwater life!
Jake, you’re one amazing guy and talented. Thank you for everything you did for us.
Dreams Come True Recipient 1
Thanks for having my family aboard your wonderful home. Thanks for opening your doors and making us a part of your family. I enjoyed every minute, every second, every meal, every laugh, every hug... I had a great time, thank you for it all.
There are NO words
Thank you both for this great week of vacation for us. Jake, thanks for the spectacular diving & Stef, the food, drink & everything else which, was like I said, too good for words. We loved everything. The dogs, bioluminescent algae, it was all just fantastic. It is also wonderful to watch you both work together. Your relationship is a model for all f us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I sure hope we cross paths again down island some day.
A Blast!
Jake and Stephanie were a blast.   We were really looking for a boat that was going to be a dive boat and the focus wasn't about partying......Though a few cocktails might have been consumed.   The food was over the top.    The pics that I sent showed that we caught lobster and we had those for more than one meal!!!!!!!!   

Roscoe, Daisy and Parker (their dogs) were a blast.    They were well behaved, and it was great to have them along on the trip.   We dove most days and had some really great dives.   

Jake showed us quite a few cool spots to dive and we took full advantage of that opportunity.    When at anchor the kids did a ton of snorkeling and almost every time Jake or Stephanie would join us all and we would go out on a group snorkel.   We saw sting rays, turtles and so much more.   
Then after a good snorkel Jake would take the kids to shore and let them make sand castles.    The kids just had a blast.   They were great with the kids and I felt they went out of their way to make sure the kids had a great time.    

In the afternoons we would play games as a group.   Mostly Mexican dominos but sometimes a card game.

One evening we went to shore for dinner, and it was Stephanie's birthday.    Jake had flowers at the table and had one of his friends bring a cake to the restaurant for desert.    It was cool to be part of her birthday celebration.    Good times for sure.   

Every night at sunset we would have a conch blow to end the day.    First my kids would try and then Jake would let out a long and loud conch blow and that was super cool.    

They were super cool and great hosts for sure.   Me and Jake are very similar in many ways and that made it easy for us to hang out.   I also mentioned early on that we were looking to buy a boat in the next few years and wanted to learn as much as possible about boats and the lifestyle.    They really went out of their way to explain the lifestyle and show us how everything worked.   It was great fun and they were more than willing to talk about boats, sailing, life on the boat, ect.    We learned a ton.

They made a video of our experience too.    Before we went to bed the last night we got to watch the video and it was a recap of the entire we on the boat.    It was super cool, and some great memories were created.       

I would highly recommend this boat and crew if you are looking for the type of experience that we had.    

The Most Fantastic Time
Family from Delaware, Jan 9-15, 2021:

We had the most fantastic time aboard Dreamcatcher from the moment we stepped on until the day we had to leave! We were treated like royalty for the entire week. Jake was an amazing captain who was very willing to share his sailing experience with us and teach us how to prepare for day long sail across open ocean waters. Every one of Chef Stef's meals was not only elegantly plated but absolutely delicious! Our favorite was the surf and turf meal that she prepared early in our journey that included a lobster that they caught that morning on an early dive! I kid you not, the lobster was so big that it didn't fit entirely on the grill!!! The lobster fed 6 of us (all adults) with leftovers. She cooked the filet mignons perfectly to each of our tastes. Captain Jake, ever watchful over our entire family, made sure we were all safe and as one of our children swam a little too far from the boat, he went after her with the dinghy to bring her back! Both Capt Jake and Chef Stef were eager to teach us about life aboard a boat as we are looking to embark upon the same type of lifestyle as soon as we find the right boat for us! They allowed us to help put up the sails, pull the anchor and taught us how to catch a mooring ball. This was exactly what we were looking for during this vacation! But don't worry, we also found more than enough time to relax, take a nap, swim with sea turtles and rays, and enjoy a different cocktail prepared by Stef each night! We taught Jake and Stef how to play the card game "99" and they taught us how to play Mexican train dominoes! We waited a long time for this vacation and had to make several adjustments due to circumstances beyond our control but this trip was well worth the wait and certainly worth every penny we paid! It was truly all inclusive and we wanted for nothing while we were aboard. I would charter aboard Dreamcatcher again in a heartbeat.
Merry Christmas!
"We appreciate your hospitality and kindness after a year of COVID lockdown & no vacation. You made social distancing vaca style AMAZING!
Thank you for the most relaxing vacation ever. We wish you years of success and lots of sea miles and smiles. Cheers to you and yours~ Lucas, Heather, Ashlyn, Kellyn, Braylon

Captain Jake and Chef Stef,
Thank you for the amazing trip and amazing food. Braylon says "thank you for letting me taxi the pups!"
We absolutely LOVED spending Christmas with you and Daisy and Roscoe! Snorkeling with your guidance and laughing over endless games of Uno was so much fun!
We will miss you both and the pups so much. Have a wonderful New Year!!
Love, Braylon, Ashlynn & Kellyn"
Just what we needed!
Thank you so much for our amazing vacation! It was exactly what we needed!!! It was such a pleasure getting to know you and hear about your families and adventures.
We so appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness, from the amazing stops, food, games, video, Ohio State Game and who could forget the Gooey Butter Cake!!
We feel like we have made some new friends and look forward to more adventures with you in the future! Thank you for treating us like royalty- if you are ever in Dallas - LOOK US UP- we would love to have you!
All the best to you!
Tom, Linda, Andrew & Alex
Outstanding time!
We had an OUTSTANDING time exploring the USVI with you aboard Dreamcatcher! There were so many highlights it is difficult to choose a favorite! Snorkeling with turtles in Brewer's Bay was amazing! The natural beauty we experienced snorkeling around Buck Island and Christmas Cove was also incredible! This experience was the perfect blend of romantic and great for the kids. William and Maggie both had a blast swimming and paddle boarding. The food was incredible- hats off to Chef Stef! We intend to return and do more snarling and exploring with you!
Hope to see you soon for more adventures! Jason, Elena, Margaret and William
New First Mate
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip! We had such an amazing time! Orin was thrilled to be the "first mate" and help sail the boat and dingy. I know he'll be talking about you both for years to come!
Stephanie- your cooking and hospitality was wonderful! Ayla and Orin both loved you. Which is saying a lot that Ayla would love to be with you, even around bed time! :)
We will also miss Daisy and Roscoe... they were also great with the kids and awesome pups!
Thank you again for everything! We hope to see you soon! Let us know if you are ever in the New England area!
Wonderful week with family
Dear Stephanie and Jake,
Thank you so much for a wonderful week with my family. Your provided the perfect setting for lots of fun & laughter. Your food skills are nothing short of AMAZING.
Jake, your easy going way of sailing us from island to island left me feeling completely at ease - we were in the hands of professionals (don't try this at home!)
I will tell everyone I meet, "For anyone who is feeling a little cynical about the state of the world, come spend time with Jake & Stephanie!" Your warmth, your stories from your time in the islands & your love for one another inspire optimism & a full heart. I smiled all the way home to Charlotte!
If you are ever in NC look me up, I'd love the chance to return the hospitality.
Charter: Feb 11-16, 2020
Jake and Stephanie are the best host and hostess . Jake is an amazing captain, and Stephanie is an incredible chef. This trip is a trip to remember…

The trip with Captain Jake and Stephanie was over the top. They are extremely professional and amazing. Each meal was delicious. They provided to everything we wanted. They know the area very well. Each location they took us to was perfect. The main point that really stands out is their knowledge of sailing. We hit a strong storm (45 knots). We never felt unsafe because they worked together as a team. I HIGHLY recommend this crew.

You will be hearing from us again as our hope is to repeat this same trip next year and extending it for a full week. Overall this was a fabulous vacation.
60th Birthday and 35th Anniversary
"Stef & Jake,
From the moment we met you guys, we knew it was going to be a fun, adventurous, and mostly amazing trip. Thank you for sharing your home & your love of the water with us.
Steph, you are an amazing hostess and cook. Your sweetness made me feel so at home.
Jake, your knowledge of the sea and boating allowed us to have a better understanding and appreciation of the water.
Your choice of moorings and travel allowed us to experience true sailing. The two of you are just totally at the top with all you do! This made our vacation even more fun. We could not have planned a vacation like this without you guys.
Amazing from start to finish. Love it! Thank you for a memorable 60th b-day and 35th anniversary."
New Years Charter
Comments from Dad:
"The experience was fantastic for the family and me. Stephanie and Jake were extremely gracious hosts and it was a pleasure getting to know them and have them show us around the islands."

"Stephanie is a gourmet as what she generated out of the galley was nothing short of fantastic"

"They had their yacht ready for guests and plenty of provisions. We were never in want of anything. Interesting folks to talk with on a wide variety of topics. Captain Jake indulged my many questions with a wealth of knowledge regarding sailing and boat systems."

We had the best time with this group! Can't wait for them to come back again!!
22-25 December, 2019 - Last Minute Christmas Charter
Note from Broker and client:
I am very happy we could actually book Peggy on this charter and with Steph, Jake and the pups, this was a true perfect match:

Lela, I just wanted to say thank you for approaching my last minute, challenging situation with such a wonderful, positive, can do attitude. I don’t know if I would have followed through on this otherwise. My daughters and I are so happy here with Steph and Jake. Plus we left our snugly dog Paisley behind and Sarah loves Rosco. We haven’t been this calm and peaceful in a couple of years. This is our first vacation together, just the 3 of us girls, and lying outside on the trampolines tonight looking at the stars with them both so happy is what I was hoping for. They are so excited to see what tomorrow brings after our first day of snorkeling, sailing, great food and a late night bio-luminescence swim. Thank you again. Peggy
I am so happy that we were able to help this family and this text above made my xmas.
June 6-12, 2019 - Food for the Soul!
Dear Jake & Stephanie & Roscoe & Daisy,

First of all... your couple name of course should be “steaks”. Just thought of that now, lol. If I didn’t start this letter off with a corny joke, it wouldn’t be me now would it? Right now I’m sitting in the cockpit of Dreamcatcher reflecting on exactly how many things I’d like to thank you for from this week. To start with, I knew I would love you guys the first night we piled in the dingy and headed to Lagoonies... laughing at each other through torrential downpour of rain. Then there was the buffoon heckling Jakes body language, and the lovely French woman declaring, “he’s a barbarian!!” Then Martin played songs by Jack Johnson and we all quietly sang along as we watched the locals mingle and dance in the muggy night. One can’t usually enter a space like that with as much chameleon grace as a first timer to a new country...
Thank you for being our guides and making this so much deeper than a tourist experience. We loved listening to the stories you readily shared - about truth or dare and lessons learned and pranks played... the love you have for your kids is evident, touching and heartwarming.
Stephanie made fantastic foods, gave me honest and perspective filled advice on boat life and always made us feel as if we really belonged here. Thank you. We loved that you welcomed us to a heart dinner and rousing game of dominoes while Patrick loudly complained about the beach music. Then there was the all you can eat candy buffet Jake bestowed upon us or last night here where he patiently listened to us tell a rambling array of stories from our own journeys. (And thank you Jake for listening with compassion and for sharing the perspective you’ve gained from your experience to give me a compass in my concern for my better that will always mean so much to me.)

Em and I have the opportunity a few nights before we left to sit on the trampolines and talk about so many things that had been on lockdown since the whirlwind of our recent move... things like astronomy and travel, friendship, spirituality and reminiscing about our past enough to recognize new areas of our own growth... food for the soul.
The lapping water and retired volcanoes dotted through with gentle lights created by what I call a “moment made eternity” something that will always stay with me no matter where I go.
You see, for years now, I’ve had a distant link in my mind between the view of masts disappearing into the night sky and the word “home”. I hope that someday this will be literal as well as spiritual, but either way... I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your mast- and your home with me. Much love to you both and to the boat dogs... Lydia and Em
April 18-22, 2019 - This is what Happiness Looks Like!
Capt. Jake & Stephanie,
This morning, Jonathas showed me a video he took while I was sleeping. It was a solid two minutes of hearty, motor (or engine) like snoring. Although I probably need a C-Pap now, I have not been this rested in so long. I was wondering if it were the fresh air, or the warmth of your company, or the blue of the ocean I have no vocabulary for, a gentle rock of Dreamcatcher’s hull. Or all of them.
Now that I’ve waxed poetic, I’d like to thank you for opening your life to us and giving us a glimpse at what happiness looks like.
We hope to be back, snore a little bit more, live a bit more.
Miles & Jonathas
April 7-17, 2019 - Loved Every Minute of It!
We absolutely loved every minute of our vacation and stay with the two of you! Thank you Jake for sharing your special birthday week with us! Big 50!! That lobster dinner was one of the best I’ve ever eaten. We are sad we no longer have you in the states but are so excited to be a part of your new adventure! Thank you for inviting us into your home and taking such good care of us while we were here. Can’t wait to start planning our next trip!
Cassandra, Robert and Blakleigh
March 16-22, 2019 - Creating memories with people we love!
A trip filled with adventure, games, delicious meals, hiking, swimming, yoga, wine, booze, laughs, sand, salt, stories, turtles, octopus, goats, birds, crabs and dogs. (The best island dogs- Daisy and Roscoe). Dingy rides, sun bathing, paddle boarding, art making, reading, music (introducing you to Rob Ricardo) back flips, salt water baths, and most of all creating memories with people we love. Thank you for hosting Lexi, Aaron, Jonah and I. Until next time, Sarah.
Thank you Stake and Jeff for providing this lovely trip for me and my fam. I had such a wonderful time exploring beaches, roaming around town and playing games with you guys! I wouldn’t want to spend my spring break and other way (duh). I never want to leave! But unfortunately everything good must come to and end.
Love you guys both,
March 1-6, 2019 - Totally Pampered!
We have been pampered in the best way! Enough activity to keep us entertained as well as enough down time so we go home rested! Stephanie is a wonderful cook and Jake was willing to take us wherever we wanted to go! - Charlotte
Thank you for being a part of our lives. This vacation was very much a coming home. Leaving will mark the beginning of coming back.
Charlotte and Joe
Charter fun on Dreamcatcher
Guests catching their dreams on Dreamcatcher
Treats from the Galley
Enjoy Stephanie's delicious cuisine

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