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CaptainSvetlin KaradzhovBulgarian1987
ChefMichail EnglezilisGreek1992Le Monde - Culinary Arts
Number of Crew: 3Languages: Greek, English, French, Russian, Bulgarian

Crew Profiles:
Captain - Svetlin Karadzhov

Svetlin was born in 1987 in Varna, Bulgaria. He holds a master's degree in Management and a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management. He has expertise in sales roles, but his favourite pastime is sailing.
Svetlin developed sailing experience through his participation in races and other sailing-related activities and events. As a result of this experience, he has gained the abilities necessary to handle difficult conditions. As a Captain, he has a whole new perspective on this field of yachting. He has sailed many different vessels over the years, is highly professional, competent and safety oriented. He has an outgoing, pleasant personally, always eager to assist! Svetlin has always focused on giving the best quality of care to his guests and ensuring they have the most memorable experience while sailing the Greek Waters!

Languages: Bulgarian, English, French, Russian.

Chef: Michail Englezilis

Michail was born in 1992 and grew up in a food-loving family, which inspired him to become a chef. He graduated from the Le Mond - Culinary arts in Athens in 2012 and then he decided to work with other chefs in his early career to gain experience in luxury restaurants. He has more than seven years of professional experience in the kitchen. His meals are gourmet recipes inspired by Greek and Italian cuisine. Michail wanted to broaden his horizons and try to merge his passion for cooking and his love of the sea after working as a chef in several restaurants in Greece such as Franzesca Bistro, Blue Cuisine, and in the United Kingdom in The Arts Club London.
Michail has spent the last few years working and thriving in the yachting industry, achieving the high expectations of his guests.
He is a really optimistic person who tries to satisfy every request.
When he is not in the kitchen, he enjoys reading, travelling or playing basketball.

Languages: Greek & English.

Deckhand/Stew: Dimos Papoutsakis

Dimos is a young, ambitious person, with a Motorboat license, who is extremely friendly and will look after you in a highly professional and courteous manner. He worked as a salesman and waiter before deciding to join the yachting industry. Dimos also has a Degree from the Merchant Marine Academy of Crete and he was on board merchant ships for a few months as a Probationary Engineer. His remarkable character makes him so likable and pleasant, while his attentive attitude will ensure you have everything you need. He speaks English and Greek and likes martial arts, reading, and travelling.

Svetlin Karadzhov

Michail Englezilis

Dimos Papoutsakis

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