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CaptainIoannis Kourtis (Giannis) Greek 1985
ChefMatthaios Divanes Greek 1988
Number of Crew: 6Languages: Greek, English, French

Crew Profiles:
CAPTAIN – Ioannis Kourtis (Giannis)
Captain Giannis was born in 1985 in Athens, Greece. He is a graduate of the Maritime Academy of Aspropyrgos where he obtained a Captain Class B Certificate. He also holds skipper's and speedboat licenses. Before entering the yachting industry in 2013 he was 9 years onboard various passenger ferries. His previous experience onboard motor yachts and motor sailers was onboard M/S ERATO, M/S AEGEAN SCHATZ, M/S SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL, M/Y A.M.Z. He is very reliable, hard-working and really loves his job. Also, he has extensive knowledge of the Greek seas and he will cruise with the guests to unique bays. You can expect a truly safe and unforgettable holiday experience! When not working, he enjoys diving and fishing! He speaks Greek and English.

CHIEF ENGINEER - Ierotheos Bimas (Akis)
Akis was born in 1989 and graduated from Merchant Maritime Academy of Aspropyrgos in 2013 holding an Engineer Class C Certificate. Akis for the last three years was working onboard M/T ELIN POSEIDON. He was constantly participating and assisting to emergency and security drills, safety training and was responsible for the ship’s maintenance plan. Akis is a skilled engineer and he will make sure that the yacht’s engines always operate efficiently. When not working, he really loves sports such as snowboard, wakeboard, scuba diving and free diving. He speaks Greek and English.

CHEF – Matthaios Divanes
Chef Matthaios is 31 years old and is a graduate of the Vocational Training Institute of Athens. He holds an Executive Diploma in Culinary Arts and has attended a variety of seminars to expand his skills. His previous working experience was in restaurants in Athens and Mykonos and in 2017 he won the first place in the Greek Chef 2017 National Contest. He also won the 3rd place at the Chefs’ Competition, Category A’, at the 6th Mediterranean Yacht Show that took place in Nafplion, Greece, in May 2019! He specializes in the Mediterranean cuisine but has an extensive palette i.e Kosher cuisine, to cater all guests’ preferences. Chef Matthaios really enjoys preparing desserts and mini gateau! He is very excited about working onboard a charter yacht for the first time! He is hard-working, creative, enthusiastic and has great organizational skills. He speaks Greek and English.

STEWARDESS - Maria Margoni
Maria was born in 1987 and she is married. She has been working as a Stewardess onboard luxury charter yachts since 2016. Her last working experience was onboard M/Y DIVINE and before that onboard M/S AEGEAN SCHATZ and M/Y DREAM. Maria is a smiley person, child-friendly, has great enthusiasm and love for her job. In her free time, she enjoys reading and going to the gym. She speaks Greek, English and basic French.

STEWARDESS – Evangelia Venti
Evangelia was born in 1980 in Athens, Greece. For the past 14 years Evangelia has been working on private and charter luxury yachts as stewardess. Her last working experience was onboard M/Y TI AMO. She has also worked onboard M/Y LOULOU, M/Y APANEMIA, M/Y SAPPHIRE etc. Evangelia holds a certificate in dietetics and has attended GUEST courses (Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training) accredited by the Professional Yachting Association as well as STCW/78. She has strong organizational skills, gives exceptional attention to detail and takes excellent care of the guests. In her free time, she enjoys adventure sports and traveling. She speaks Greek and English.

DECKHAND/SAILOR – Michail Plakas
Michail was born in 1982 in Athens, Greece. His last working experience was onboard M/Y MI ALMA (ex TI AMO). He has also worked for M/Y ALBATROS and M/Y MEMORIES. Michail with his kind, hard-working and friendly personality will do his best to satisfy the guests onboard ANDREA! He speaks Greek and English.

Ioannis Kourtis (Giannis)

Ierotheos Bimas (Akis)
Chief Engineer

Matthaios Divanes

Maria Margoni

Evangelia Venti

Michail Plakas

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