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ADRIATIC TIGER (Lagoon 620) Yacht Charters
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Experience gastronomic and enological excellence aboard ADRIATIC TIGER tailored to your tastes and desires.




    • Buffet style breakfast: spread of fresh products from local market
    • Fresh Bread and Rolls, homemade protein bread and Mediteranian bread
    • Cereals (Crunchy Muesli, Corn Flakes, Oats, Granola)
    • Oatmeal various types, overnight oats
    • Chia puddings
    • Breakfast cups
    • Dairy Products (Milk, Butter, Yogurt, Cheese Spread, Cottage Cheese)
    • Eggs (Frittata, Sunny Side Up, Poached, Scrambled, Boiled, Over Easy/Medium/Done)
    • Cold Cuts Platter
    • Pancakes (pumpkin, protein, chocolate or blueberry american style pancakes)
    • Fresh Fruit Platter (or Fruit Salad)
    • Fresh juices, Smoothies, Smoothie bowls
    • Coffee, Tea





    • Mediteranian zucchini rolls with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese
    • Beetroot hummus on protein bread
    • Mini focaccia with figs and prosciutto
    • Tuna pate in sesame tartlets
    • Mediteranian fresh figs and prosciutto salad
    • Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil bruschetta
    • Cream of carrot & coconut soup with mint oil
    • Smoked salmon & dill crepes rolls
    • Cheese platter
    • Salata Caprese
    • Fish soup with zucchini and rice
    • Burrata with fermented pears and smoked salmon
    • Tuna & beans salad served in tortilla cup
    • Marinated mozzarella trio
    • Raw cucumber mediteranian style bruschetta
    • Marinated anchovy salad with orange and pomegranate





    • Black risotto with wine gel and parmiggiano
    • Grilled fish filets with warm potato dill salad
    • Warm octopus salad with potato, arugula and cherry tomatoes
    • Traditional fish casserole with parsley, white wine and tomatoes
    • Squid stew with polenta
    • Baked white fish fillets with baby potatoes, asparagus and veloute sauce
    • Scampi “buzara” style with grilled polenta
    • Rich Niçoise salad with tuna, olives, baby potatoes and tomatoes
    • Tagliatelle with prawns & zucchini with dill sauce
    • Tuna steak with cubed potato & beetroot, served on swiss chard puree
    • Mediterranean fish “en papillote” with julienne style vegetables
    • Grilled swordfish steaks in caper sauce with vegetables
    • Spaghetti with prawns in orange & saffron sauce





    • Beef tagliata with arugula, cherry tomatoes, Grana Padano shavings and aceto reduction
    • Chicken “bonbon” rolls with basil infusion sauce and sweet potato puree
    • Parmesan chicken with light greek yoghurt sauce and potato wedges
    • Sweet and sour chicken nuggets with rice
    • Pork medallions with glazed carrots and cherry tomatoes and broccoli
    • Asian style chicken with vegetables and noodles
    • Chicken baked in cornflakes with salad
    • Veal steaks with gravy, cauliflower puree and grilled vegetables
    • Apricots & chicken risotto
    • Mushrooms and pancetta gnocchi with arugula and parmigiano





    • Mushroom and broccoli quiche
    • Buddha bowl with veggies and tofu in peanut butter sauce
    • Roasted pumpkin, bell peppers and chickpeas salad with sun-dried tomato dressing
    • Baked sweet potato bites with vegetables bolognese and mozzarella
    • Fit avocado, carrot, chickpeas and pesto salad
    • Sweet potato, tofu and pesto lasagna
    • Pumpkin, carrot, lentils and coconut milk curry with rice
    • Vegan Caesar salad with cashew cream cheese
    • Sweet potato burger
    • Asian style salad with tofu, orange and carrot puree
    • Meaty mushroom and veggies wrap
    • Eggplant & zucchini parmigiana
    • Tofu and grilled veggies skewers with quinoa salad and lime sauce





    • Melba peaches - peaches cooked in wine, with raspberry puree and vanilla ice cream
    • Moist gluten-free orange cake with wild berries coulis
    • Freshly baked wild fruits strudel
    • Chocolate mousse with blueberry coulis and peaches
    • Amazing chia pudding in 3-layers
    • Chocolate avocado brownie  
    • Raspberry semifreddo
    • Banana & peanut butter cake
    • Healthy vegan chocolate delicacy 
    • Raw raspberry cheesecake
    • Chocolate ganache tart with mascarpone and fresh fruits
    • Tiramisu modification
    • Super Healthy Raw Superfood bars
    • Carrot cake with white chocolate cream
    • Grilled figs with goat cheese and rosemary honey
    • Vanilla & strawberry cream cups

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