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Lettouli III

CaptainSpyros Papaioannou Greek 1976
Number of Crew: 3Languages: Greek English Russian

Crew Profiles:
Captain Papaioannou Spiros (Greek)
Captain Spiros, born in 1976, is of Greek nationality, married and a father of two children. After graduating from the Greek Merchant Marine Academy, Spiros obtained the Certificate for Captain Class B’ after the required period of service on merchant ships .He furthermore holds Certificates for: Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Fire Fighting and Medical First Aid, RORO/Passengers, ARPA, GO/GMDSS, Ship Security Officer, Hazmat, Helicopter Landing Officer, Diploma for Offshore Sailing, and Speed Boat operator’s license. Spiros has been serving at sea since 1998 and on board the M/Y LETTOULI III since 2007. Captain Spiros has a long experience onboard various motor yachts. He speaks English and for a hobby he enjoys fishing and water sports. He has a very considerate and responsible personality inspiring trust to everyone around him and he speaks English and Greek.

Cook/Hostess Katerina Ionina (Russian)
Katerina has many years of working experience in hotels and restaurants in Greece and in Russia, while she has been working on board M/Y LETTOULI III since 2018. She is a Law Graduate from Saint Petersburg University and she speaks fluently English, Russian and Greek. Katerina is very pleasant, attentive and dedicated in providing great service on board. She was born in 1983 in Russia and she is married.

Deckhand Ioannis Bizos (Greek)
Ioannis has been working on board M/Y LETTOULI III since 2018; he is a graduate of Professional High School (EPAL) Direction of Seafaring Professions and holds certificates of SSO A+B Security, Ro-Ro, Saving and fire-fighting equipment Α.Ε.Ν. as well as speed boat license, while he has attended many maritime seminars. Ioannis has developed quality skills in sailing and offers proven accomplishments, focusing on service quality and customer satisfaction. You will immediately feel at home... He will be happy by instructing guests to a safe use of the water sport equipment. Ioannis is hard-working, dedicated, pleasant and keeping a low profile on board. He was born in 1990, he speaks English and Greek and he is not married.

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