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July 9 - 16, 2019
From the moment we stepped onboard OCEAN VIEW, it was clear we were in capable hands. Walking up the aft steps, it was immediately obvious that the yacht was immaculately maintained. The crew, all beautifully presented, greeted us with warm smiles, a glass of champagne for the ladies, cold beers for the gents and fresh coconuts for the kids….along with a platter of beautifully presented hor d'oeuvres.
We soon realized that this was just a glimpse of the week to come. Krystyna the chef, rivals the best of any we’ve come across in over 15 years in the yachting industry. We were immediately sold on Kystyna's philosophy on food - fresh, nutritious and tasty meals. Krystyna delivered day after day – always with something new, creative and bursting with flavour. Krystyna made everything from scratch including fresh baking, homemade sauces, soft taco breads for Mexican, pitas for kebabs and homemade pasta. Her meals were complimented with spices, pickled vegetables, delectable salsas and plenty of fresh herbs. For a group who aren’t real ‘sweet-tooths’, Krystyna also did an excellent job of tempting us night after night with everything from Tarte Tartan to Crème Brulee and home-made ice-cream. The kids were taken care of, day and night with almost any request from fresh smoothies to freshly baked muffins but most impressive was on the last day, when my 5 year old announced she’d like hummus with lunch, just as we were sitting down to eat. “Give me 5 minutes”, said Krystyna as she disappeared back into the galley and low and behold, freshly made hommus appeared.
Whilst Krystyna took care of our every culinary whim, Captain Maciej (known as Matt) and the deckhand Marek took care of the rest. Matt did an excellent job of communicating daily to discuss itinerary options, weather forecasts and suggestions. He was knowledgeable about the area and as a Captain, very competent. But what won our hearts, was the attention and patience Matt had with the kids (aged 4 and 5). He was happy to involve and include them and really get down on their level. By the end of the week, he and our 4 year old son had created an entire army of ‘lego alien robots’. Some of the dress-up creations they came up with out of paper, pens and sticky-tape were also hilarious and mighty impressive!
When we booked this charter, we had some reservations as this was the first ‘real’ sailing adventure the children had been on and we weren’t sure how they’d go being onboard all day. They were still not competent swimmers nor ‘still’ sleepers and those beds are quite high! Matt pre-empted our concerns by building a wooden barrier that fit around the bottom and sides of the bunk to keep them safe. When we swam out the back, he’d always throw out the life buoy attached to the boat for extra support and either he or Marek, were always watching us…just in case the kids got into trouble. I could go on and on but will simply summarize by saying Maciej and Krystyna are a dynamic couple who really excel in what they’re doing. The food and service on OCEAN VIEW rival any good superyacht, but in a far more intimate environment.
Then there is Marek. What a charming, happy, easy person to be around. Working diligently from early morning to late in the evening, Marek seemed tireless! He views yachting as a great way for him to pursue his passions for travel writing and photography and as you can see from the aerial photos, he put his new drone to good use. Marek was truly grateful to be there - it was evident in his attitude and ready smile. He did an incredible job of keeping the boat spotless and supporting Maciej and Krystyna in providing what can only be described as, an amazing family holiday.
French Polynesia, it goes without saying, is a truly magnificent destination and the perfect location for a family charter. The people are friendly, the lagoons are protected and safe for swimming, there are lovely beaches, great snorkeling and short distances between islands. The landscape is simply magnificent, and we enjoyed reveling in the tranquility and beauty, day after day. With a crew this good, we rarely felt the need to leave the boat for long and thoroughly look forward to re-joining the crew again on a future leg of their worldwide adventure.

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