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(paired with fresh bread, seasonal fruit, yoghurt, milk, coffee and tea)
Homemade granola
Detox breakfast ( açai smoothie bowl, quinoa pancakes, berry& chia porridge, grapefruit juice)
Baked bread and various doughs
Grandma’s “spanakopita”
Freshly squeezed juice and smoothies
Various kinds of eggs (poached, fried, omelettes, Benedict, shaksuka, scrambled, Mexican)
Cold cuts and cheese platters
Crepes with various fillings
Soufflé pancakes with fresh fruit
Banana bread


Pistachio crusted feta cheese with red pepper chutney
Steamed mussels in a wine and saffron flavoured broth
Fresh raviolone with spinach and a runny egg yolk in the middle
Eggplant bake with local cheese mix
Beetroot croquettes with creamy goat cheese
Greek summer rolls
Marinated octopus salad
Mojito grilled prawns
Amberjack carpaccio with mango
Ceviche ala mexicana



Greek salad
Cretan “dakos” salad and wild seaside herbs
Mint salad with feta cheese
Nicoise style salad with seared tuna
Grilled calamari green salad with tomato vinegraitte
Wild greens with lemon sauce
Beluga lentil salad
Baby spinach with grilled vegetables and honey mustard dressing
Heirloom tomato with burrata and balsamic caviar
Grilled pineapple with beetroot coleslaw
Green salad with strawberries, spring onions and goat cheese
Many colourful combinations of greens, vegetables, grains, fruit, cheese and dressings

Main Courses
Spaghetti alle vongole with bottarga in a white wine sauce
Squid ink risotto with a parmesan tuile and crispy squid tentacles
Salt crusted fresh large fish with ratatouille and aromatic greens
Mediterranean seared tuna steak with fragrant wild rice and marinated root vegetables
Grilled octopus with fava bean purée, caramelised onions and beetroot jam
Fusion seafood paella
Baked beef orzotto “Giouvetsi”
Herb crusted black Angus tenderloin with sweet potato puree and black garlic sauce
Authentic or vegetarian moussaka with spicy white cheese mousse
Crispy skin sea bass with pickled radishes and pea purée
Melt-in-your-mouth baked lamb with wild greek herbs
Free range chicken thighs with tahini sauce and black olives, accompanied by quinoa tabbouleh

Greek yoghurt mousse with a passion fruit coulis
Summer cheesecake
Cold mascarpone cream with honey and berries
Classic profiteroles
Lemon tart
Orange pie
Death by chocolate with rosemary infused chocolate sauce
Mastic and rosewater flavoured pannacotta
Traditional “galaktompoureko”
Chocolate souffle

Special Menu
Tuna Sashimi
Baja California fish tacos
Caribbean lobster with coconut rice
Crispy skin sea bream with fried garlic and mango salsa
Vietnamese summer rolls
Thai green curry with prawns


*Menu options alternate and change depending on guests’preferences and dietary needs

Sneed Yacht Charters.